Armored Warfare || Endgame Content Soon?!

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Source: Devient Kage

Can’t wait for a !


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  1. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thanks for information mate 🙂


  3. By endgame do they mean it finally gets out of beta? I could give a crap about rankings, I play for the fun of it.

    • This comment & the 1 by @Hugin Starkstrom are spot on!
      This concept you have for push forward & I believe this & that @ all cost is stupid !
      No They should Not do anything like that :
      1. Get the issues fixed, &
      2. Advertise or do something productive & try to get Numbers Up first!
      ” They have already tried to change numbers in PvP & GOps by forcing players to do those aspects through the BS Storyline 4 & we can see how that has worked out for them – It Hasn’t”

      Once the game has A deeper player-base then they can look to challenge players or groups with this type of thing OMG even WoT waited years before trying it. There is nothing stopping them from developing the idea and pre writing code but OMG Get More Players!

    • The issue is lack of vision and clueless development. Armored warfare was cooking way too long as it is. Developers needed to stop adding content after beta and to get balance and all systems in their game completely right and then to release game properly and only then to add content patches.

      Game was fine for years now, all that they need is marketing campaign and to stop messing around. They are developing useless stuff instead of merely working on that is needed.

  4. another game mode that brings back the Players…like GLOPS? I think another mode will just split the Queues even more and make the wait longer.

  5. 4:38
    *Mission Failed, We’ll get em next time!*

  6. Too little too late; it is to be remembered that the folks populating the NA server were WoT refugees and they wanted some sort of competitive mode. When it didn’t show up in a timely fashion they left.

  7. I wish they had just pushed GLOPS harder. That had such potential

  8. The problem with this, and this is from the original article, is that ranked battles will be a separate mode. The population, as it stands, cannot support this as well as we all know. Why not integrate it into normal PvP?

  9. can you please make a video about the c 1 arete mbt please

  10. endgame? was that it? waaau, they didnt even get the roar of the LEO1 right. I realy hope I misunderstood the “endgame” thing

  11. I can barely get into a PvP match. I think they need to focus on getting new players not keeping the old ones. I know this is harsh but this game needs a playerbase more than another game mode that will split the community even more

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