Armored Warfare – EPIC Armored Action In a MASSIVE Beast! (Armored Warfare Gameplay Ad)

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Source: eNtaK

Welcome Armored Warfare!


Armored Warfare Game Overview:
Engage in tank action using the latest armored vehicles.
Choose cooperative missions, PvP battles or our exclusive hybrid battle mode. Theaters ranging from desolate urban, and crush your enemies on the modern.

In Armored Warfare, you a commander expanding your private fleet of military vehicles, taking on missions and dealing with opponents with a vast array of war machines at your disposal.

Play Armored Warfare for free now and charge into action with 100+ vehicles spread over multiple classes! Raid over a dozen PvP for competitive play and take part in a wide range of cooperative missions, teaming up with your friends around the world. From scorching African deserts, through the mountains of China, Russian tundra.



  1. Hope you have A Nice day

  2. sup eNtaK

  3. Alex Rice wakeboader

    Remember me (What the Health
    2017 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 37m)

  4. Back in some Armored Warfare action today and here are my questions for you:
    1. Have you played AW in the past?
    2. Did you like your experience, if so, what did you like?
    3. Do you still play?

    • 1. Yes, I’ve played.
      2. I liked the co-op mode, the graphics and that there are modern tanks.
      3. I still play, but not daily like I used to.

    • i’m french , the crab is french . i am a crab

    • i play and love the game i play on ps4 not ranked to high yet but i enjoy the game play. its way better then world of tanks. the objectives is what makes this game so gook on top of having killer graphics. the the rank on tanks are the same but the damage is so different angels as well as vulnerability areas on tanks, plus different ammo types for armor and angels. if you can tell i like tank battle games and this one is one top.

    • 1. Yes, started from EA days with a potato computer.
      2. I play the game solely for PVE, the missions are fun and engaging. Plus, it’s modern vehicular combat.
      3. Sometimes… probably like twice a week. Needs more PVE stuff…

      Bot ATGM spam is frustrating in PVE, but it’s slightly nerfed now. Still waiting for the AMX Leclerc to arrive to the game…

    • eNtaK Love the game and still play very regularly! Up to teir 5 and 6 on a few trees

  5. is this world of tank ?

  6. This game is so dead RIP

  7. Call of Duty vs Battlefield
    armored warfare vs world of tanks

  8. Gschwin Game Jumper

    i love your vids
    i added you in crossout my gamertag is Zen_Deztroyer

  9. I think world of tanks is better 🙂

  10. would play if the game wasnt dead

  11. That was your tank

  12. That sound at the beginning was the gas turbine engine starting up on the Abrams. It’s a lovely sound that I have heard so mucb

    hook up with blitz or baron and make a HORIZONTAL Arty build They rek house ( check Gromek’s channel if you need inspiration)

  14. Wish they would push for advertising in the na region.

  15. Terminators are weak in the back on the motor wheel of the track and in front just above the track where the armor begins, but that depends on the angle 😉

  16. When you see the ‘Spotted’ icon pop up, that means that YOU have been spotted by the enemy. It’s like a Sixth Sense perk on your tank, but unlike WoT, it’s already default for all your tanks. The total time to complete the main objective is at the top center of your screen. Secondary Objective time limit is next to it’s label on your top right (Blue bar), you missed some pinpoint shots at turret rings because your gun was damaged and you didn’t use your repair kit. Damaged modules are not as effective, and broken modules will not work at all. The largest repair kit can be used five times, with a cooldown between uses. Swap to HEAT rounds when you know your opponent has weak armor (TD’s, AFV’s, Artillery units). The White squares on your minimap are your Secondary targets, like the third one you drove right by on the back railroad tracks. Also, in this game, angling does work (point a corner at your target to increase the effective thickness of your armor), and you get spotted and you’re in a sketchy position. HE rounds can do damage without penetration, though it’s usually very little, and best used for uncapping or hammering those nasty artillery. This game had great things going for it, but when the original developers left, it lost it’s way, and since the publishers just wanted a piece of the WoT pie and changed it’s original direction, the game also lost it’s main player base. Queue times are longer, and sometimes only see a couple dozen players in queue on prime gaming times. My clan of over 50 players will sometimes see one person on.

  17. How could the autocannon have 1100mm pen? Lol
    This stat is about missiles, the autocannon has 125mm if I remember correctly

  18. That start up noice was the turbine engine of the Abrams. I love AW, greetings from the Netherlands

  19. Bring back arty on PVP then we’ll talk.. otherwise AW can rot in hell.

  20. This game looks boring and lame. You’re better than this Entak : (

  21. i started play AW in 2016 i did like the experience it has made alots of improvements since then and i just love the types of tanks in the game from SPGs to MBT to AFV and i still do play time to time

  22. 2:20 thats the M1’s turbine engine starting up….

  23. Ikarosz The Horrorist

    I like different crew languages 🙂 I want 😀

  24. armord warfare XD

  25. Oh my god! Are there any players in this game?

  26. i am curently playing it

  27. xm1a3s engine is a turbine thats the sound

  28. not trying to be mean but aim for the hull on the terminators where u can do full dmg

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