Armored Warfare – Epic Fail

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Murphy’s Law of Combat #13 – When your is going really well, it’s an ambush.

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  2. Szabolcs Csizmadia

    7 views? man I’m early

  3. 15th view

  4. only 59 views?!

  5. Oh dear it’s the other bloody Tank game, again XD

  6. Fuck yeah jingles!

  7. Love the new notification alerts!

  8. saturday night video…

  9. Nice

  10. club under 300 JAJ

  11. 232 views. I made it!

  12. is this video gonna be like the “full retard” video?

  13. Omg so early? hello from New Zealand Jingles!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. under 300
    damn Im fast

  15. Ever considered a video on Heroes and Generals?

  16. khaenn35 ForTheDerp?

    HOORAY FOR JINGLES! Welcome your lazy arse back to YouTube!

  17. 298 wuhu!
    We love u jingles”

  18. Sorry sir but your comment is nonsense

    hello from the Netherlands Jingles and you’re welcome for the 40th like :)

  19. morning!!!!

  20. is it just me or is AW completely overrated?

    adding to that: i really miss the good old tank reviews, they always have
    and always will be the most interestign and entertaining videos to watch
    (Su-100Y review anyone?)
    Also most of the reviews are long outdated and need another look. and all
    those new games like Gayjins warthunder thingy and Obsidians ArmoredWarfare
    don’t make that much better.
    To be fair there is not ar much of that warThunder shown ( thank god)

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    : : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

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  23. Jingels is a clicker noob *Kappa*

    I hope you read this message!! You will not even believe how happy and
    grateful I will be if you are able to commentate on it. This will be my
    greatest birthday present in the world. My Bday is tomorrow but this will
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    are able to read this or not!! I sent an email to the one listed on your
    youtube channel with more information :)

  25. Jonas Van den Broeck

    hi jingles, wanna come to the opening of a tankmuseum where i work? we have
    leopards, centurion 6, conquerer, chieftain, m46-47-48, Pershing, amx 13t
    and more, it s on the place gunfire in Brasschaat in Belgium on the 8th of
    may, could you please prenounce it in mingles (sorry for my Englisch) i
    watch you over a year now and my etire garage is based of your favorite

  26. Jingles converting to the clicker master race? Oh brother. Another one
    bites the dust I suppose. Smh

  27. you cant call a video ” epic fail” and then make it 38mins long wtf…or
    the whole video is the epic fail ^^

  28. On Scorpio, the first enemy artillery always spawns in the same spot. For
    now, anyway. You can proactively hit it before it hits you, and have a few
    minutes of uninterrupted fun.

  29. Lol 666 views

  30. Pve vids are boring as fuck to watch, pls stop

  31. Does AW record replays?

  32. Jingles how can i get these damage panels /incoming and outgoing dmg/ ?

  33. not that bloody tank game…

  34. FirstMetalHamster

    Ehm actually the paladin uses 155mm ammunition, not 152mm.

  35. TheOneAndOnly Gamer

    197th view

  36. Come on, Jingles, where’s that bloody ship game?

  37. question for mingles with jingles!why did the British in southeast asia
    fail to defend any of the countries in WW2?

  38. Sorry if i missed something but why does Jingles only play PvE in AW?

  39. thanks for pointing out how bad this game is

  40. I loved the description. it says everything xD

  41. jingles, no the Paladin can’t one shot artillery. nothing can one shot
    anything, barring a fire, ammo rack etc. it’s hard coded into the game, a
    vehicle on full health cannot lose more than 90% HP in a single shot.
    That’s why the tier 4 Sheridan with the 152mm in easy mode still has to
    fire twice even with heat.

  42. you are playing against AI, Jingles! Why are people enjoying this no-skill
    noobfest so much? The vehicles spawn the same places, drive the same stupid
    place, and act the same stupid way taking no evasive action. Its pointless

  43. At the beginning of the video, you said the m109a6 has a 152mm gun (“152 mm
    high explosive”), but it has a 155mm gun.

  44. anybody know what mod/xvm type thing he has going because i would really
    like to have it thank you :)

  45. rly jingles? panzer h 2000? pzh stands for panzerhaubitze not panzer h ^^
    if i heard it wrong and you said P Z H 2000 then sorry but otherwise i
    think you got that wrong and i would love to hear what a brit makes out of
    panzerhaubitze… native english speakers always come up with amazing
    nicknames for german tanks :)

  46. spotted vehicles is the reason why payouts are retarded

  47. “Panzer-H 2000”? It’s PanzerHaubitze!

  48. the problem with operation perseus is that most light tanks think “oh look,
    secondary objective!!!” and run towards the SW end of the map

    (also they really need to optimize operation red opossum with the damn

  49. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    Didn’t kill him but did some damage

  50. This game has PVE? oh shit, that’s awesome!

  51. make a video with the mighty abrams

  52. You can see which Operation is up in PvE? Damn. Never noticed that. :)

  53. AW arty seems more annoying than in WoT.

  54. Can’t wait for the next mingles with jingles to hear about the future of

  55. Uhm, Jingles. You do know there is a mechanic in armored warfare that makes
    oneshotting enemies impossible right?

  56. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    it wasnt the stingray to go wrong, it was the stingray AND the ERC who go
    wrong, the erc died basicly next to the stingray, going there to try to the
    secondary mission!

  57. On operation Perseus, you could have used your repair kit, thus not been
    set on fire and repaired your track at the same time.

  58. No that’s not a Leopard, that’s an Abrams. No that’s not an Abrams that’s a
    Challenger… do you really have to work with that puny screen size?

  59. arty on red oposum challenge accepted :)

  60. 2,079 Veiws lol

  61. You probably should’ve gotten in cover and just focus on resetting the cap

  62. bless jingles, he always finds a reason as to why he’s to blame, ‘what if I
    had done this’ ‘only if I had this’ so polite 😛 too polite sometimes
    perhaps? don’t be afraid to blame everybody else :’D hahah

  63. arty fags

  64. lol arty hits every time in this game :D

  65. I love playing arty on Himmelsdorf 😀 People have no idea how punishing
    arty can be on that map :D

  66. @Throki Yes sir you can.

  67. @BreakneckJack It’s fun as hell to

  68. Not this bloody tank game again.

  69. Thanks Jingles! Wonderful Vid as usual. Man that Chally tho….I can’t wait
    to get her.

  70. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    cool beans Jingles

  71. i laugh so hard at that last game :D

  72. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    That Wiesel in the first replay was certainly useless.. When I’m in my
    Wiesel, I’m far more aggressive. I love to be bottom tier, because AFVs
    feast on top tier MBTs. Nothing is more satisfying than shearing off 2000hp
    of a top tier MBT by flanking it.

  73. The Paladin is the same tier as the PzH2000?
    One is 1960s technology and one is a modern version meant to replace it.
    And other than in some cases in World Of Tanks, you can’t even justify it
    by saying “It is older, but it has a bigger gun.”, because the PzH2000 uses
    a bigger, longer version of the same gun as the Paladin, on top of being
    younger, more modern and having a higher rate of fire, mobility and better

  74. Jingles’s laugh actually makes me lose my shit more than these replays

  75. christopher tucker

    thanks jingles. your soothing voice while playing ranked in my fuso led me
    to 4 straight wins and up to rank 15!

  76. operation oposum…GO CENTER, and get 1 tank to cover you..

    3 main spawns, WHERE YOU WENT, center and East..1 spawn in near
    I hate that Mobile arty cant shoot at higher DROP a shot on

  77. Stefan- Andrej Bilbija

    Jingles why dont you play against players not AI? Do you believe that you
    are not up to challenge? With all due respect your content is good but is
    boring when you play against AI. And why do you feature more and more low
    tier games in WoT that arent particulary amazing? I am not trying to hate
    or something like that but your old way of making content was better. I
    watch your videos but that is because i am old fan of you. If i werent that
    i probably would watch Quickys videos only. I think players who play WoT
    longer agree with me.

  78. Well I think you can count the last match as an Epic Survival. :D

  79. i dont get why many people who like wot automaticly have to hate on aw…
    especially when whats shown is pve and has absolutly nothing to do with

    thats like comparing “battlefield 4” with “euro truck simulator” just
    because both have trucks in them…

  80. jingles is going to forget about world of warships in the same way as war
    thunder… :(

  81. That stingray fucked you, sorry jingles.

  82. So Jingles, any New Years resolutions?

    Heck, to the people of the Internet, what’s your resolution this year?

  83. btw challenge accepted :D

  84. Jingles, how do you make credits on this game ? I have multiple tier Vs
    unlocked and not enough money(credits) to buy at least one of them ! (I
    don’t run a premium account)

  85. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  86. That Stingray didn’t do a John Wayne.

  87. Where was the epic part? First time I ever dislike one of your videos in 5

  88. is there really no sound on modern tank guns? You only hear reload

  89. armored warfare is a great game, buuuuuut…. for some reason it feels like
    its missing something to me that should be there :/

  90. Are you able to drive to the end of the pier on Operation Red Opossum?
    Maybe you can park your arty there.

  91. If Craptauro was half as good as ERC, it would’ve carried on it’s own.
    Just saying.

  92. Operation red opossum needs more tree cover or something.

  93. Jingles, as soon as replays are implemented, I foresee a massive number of
    people trying to one-up you in artillery on bad maps. I also foresee you
    finding some of those replays and putting them up for the world to see. A
    Mingles with Jingles question here. Should Armoured Warfare enable Hard
    Mode PvE for lower tiers than they currently do, like Tiers 3 and 4?

  94. Paladin, like all other western high-caliber artillery is 155mm (NATO
    standard). 152mm is the equivalent Russian caliber (Not to be confused with
    the ill-fated 152mm gun-launcher on the Sheridan, Starship and a variant
    thereof on the MBT-70)

  95. In fact I think PvE mode doesn’t allow player to one shot kill AI tanks.
    Players always need at least two shots to kill an enemy in PvE. If the AI
    tank doesn’t have enough health to take one shot and survive, then the
    first shot it receives will simply roll a extra low damage and leave the AI
    on a fixed small percentage of its full health, I think it’s something like

  96. thank you Jingles for your video of AW…play it for a month and still
    better that WOT

  97. So I just logged into AW and there’s a Type 59 legend in my garage… can
    anybody explain?

  98. Jingles the dirty arty clicker…

  99. Pretty sure the Stingray was trying for the bonus objective on Perseus.
    Sadly he didn’t realize that pushing for the final one to the south is high
    risk as fuck.

  100. Alright Jingles, challenge accepted. We should dub this the Jingles Arti

  101. hi all! whanna learn how to play the VK 36.01 H in world of tanks? heres my
    ace tanker replay ^.^

  102. challange accepted

  103. he jingles are you going to play war thunder or not

  104. How the hell you got 37k exp out of that last arty match? oO

  105. What’s the thumbnail photo? Is it real?

  106. Who doesn’t love the mighty Chally’s armor. Had a similar situation in
    Perseus once, was left myself and a Palmaria I think it was. I backed my
    Chally into a little crevice near the last cap point and sat there taking
    fire from 12+ vehicles while the Palmaria kept resetting (couldn’t target
    60% of the cap area due to the rock I was using for cover).

    After it ended, gotta say I was surprised at the damage mitigated xD

  107. any modern tank enthusiast here?

  108. first

  109. hi Jingles, do you enjoy the missions more than pvp? never really see any
    pvp vids from this game on your channel, also, for someone who is
    considering to try this game but is not overly fond of the WoT style PvP,
    is the missions a viable source of XP and credits?

  110. that thing that the stingray did is a surprisingly common move i have
    realized. Then when they get overrun by higher tier mbt’s they whine and
    bitch about how the team was too busy defending the current objective to
    rescue the damsel in distress.

  111. Say it with me Jingles, “Panzer-Haub-itzer zwei thousand” Not that
    difficult, right? :P

  112. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    Why is your name Henriksen and not Jingles? I at least have my thoughts
    that you weren’t the player.

  113. I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to get into AW and play more than
    1-2 games. I can see it’s well made and they’re still improving it and I
    like the newer tanks, but it just doesn’t stick. The same with WoWs ,
    though there there’s so much to think about to play well that I just don’t

  114. Niccoló Pasquale

    A nasty sound at 1:00 D:

  115. love your work jingles, sadly cant concentrate just saw star wars, loved
    98% percent of it.

  116. Hey Jingles, did you know that you can provide cover for yourself in
    artillery. When firing a smoke shell infront of your tank or agenst a
    object close to you?

  117. Jingles, in Acacia accent goes on second a not on i.

  118. Jingles: Loved the last match– your laughing at the predicament you caused
    for yourself left me laughing as I watched. No piss & moan, just good old
    trench humour “This is going rather well, dontcha think?” as shells whistle
    in from 360. Having a horrid day, and needed the laughs.

  119. stop doing so much armored warfare jingles i know its your channel but u
    havent uploaded a warthunder vid like an realistic air battle for i dont
    know how long

  120. Is there no auto bounce mechanic in Armored Warfare? If there isn’t, then
    that’s probably why sidescraping doesn’t work as well as it does compared
    to World of Tanks

  121. Last time i came this early, i had to pay child support >:(

  122. The Mighty Noob strikes again 😛 You’re not alone mate, done that mistake
    before both in WoT and AW. Best thing to do I’ve found is to act as a
    psuedo TD. And yes, I will certainly get city maps whenever I take
    artiellry out for a spin. First map is nearly 100% certain to be
    Himmelsdorf or another city map.

  123. Lithuainian Eagle

    For Jingles every mbt is a Leo. 2

  124. Jingles’ commentary on the last replay– absolute panic mode on

  125. Is this a steam game?

  126. omg jingles playing arty !!!! shame!!!!

  127. PVP please

  128. Doesnt Jingles enjoy pvp battles?

  129. In perseus on the second cap zone you have to rush to other side of the
    river and hide by one of the structures there are great hulldown positions
    ALSO automatic extinguisher is much better for its prize then normal one

  130. You still doing WoWs at all?! ;(

  131. Martin “Shifty” Watson

    “if I can just get my tracks back up”

    REPAIR KIT. use it jingles! ;-;

  132. Sherlockholmes91100 (LupoVGC)

    Howdy @The Mighty Jingles , whats the difference between WORLD OF TANKS and
    I see they’re similar but what is the major difference between them? Is it
    going to be just a copy?
    With your almighty power, could you explain me a little bit? Thank you!

  133. btw did any of u guys did any research on secondary rewards?seems most of
    them do give like 1500 credits in total reward what a joke thats why i
    never even bother do them.

  134. 16:42 M1A2 is a Leopard 2 now? Oookay!

  135. I wouldn’t call the first replay an epic fail at all. It was a well fought
    and intense game that you lost. Happens all the time. Sure it sucks to lose
    when you do a metric ass-ton of damage, that I do get.

  136. Oh Jingles, you so lucky. :)

  137. Is the grind in Armored Warfare “better” than the one of Wot ?

  138. What Jingles playing artillery, hell must have froze over.

  139. Only 2 hours late. xD

    Thanks for the video Jingles.

  140. jingles this video was so entertaining to watch XD but sad to say i cant
    wait to do the jingles challenge ;D

  141. Just started with the game.
    What’s worth the grind more:
    The T64 or the Chieftain?

  142. I REALLY want to get into Armoured Warfare, but every time I try to open
    the game or the launcher it tells me I’m missing the DevIL.dll file…
    Can’t even properly uninstall the game because I get the same error.

    Damn my luck.

  143. arty in himmelsdorf isnt that bad if you know how to position tbh jingles
    :P..and no im not an arty driver xD, im TD xD…jagdpanzer e-100 is still
    the death star in my mind ;)

  144. artillery, stronk scout, good spotter

  145. sub for sub it is real

  146. Friendly Fire Gaming

    That T-72 had a very fitting name for that situation around 7-8 min

  147. challenge accepted

  148. 36:13 Jingles issues another daring Challenge people!

  149. Jingles, what are your thoughts on the fact that it’s impossible to
    one-shot AI tanks in pve, even if your minimum damage exceeds their full

  150. Let’s just make it simple and call the BMP-3, the MP-3

  151. Actualy jingles, its not “Panzer-H” its “Panzerhaubitze” where is your
    proper german words butchering skill?

  152. This game is so fucking good. I can’t stop playing it. It’s like you take
    wot and make it a lot better

  153. my dillema: Leo 1A5 vs M60A3 vs T-72 vs Chieftain
    what to buy first?

  154. Sorry, but pve games borring to watch

  155. Jingles once you get your leopard 2 can do a review because that tank is

  156. I will start playing this game if they have an update where they bring my
    favorite tanks

  157. Arty spotting :)

  158. Sigh, I wish AW’s arty for WoT so much…..for BOTH sides of the gun.
    Getting oneshot is not fun for anyone, dont care who you are. At the same
    time on the flipside, landing a 1200 damage high explosive shell right NEXT
    to a tank for 0 damage, not even critical damage to tracks. Is also NOT
    FUN. AW has it down right and Wargaming really needs to catch up.

  159. can we get another epic fail video besides armored warfare? I love you Epic
    Fail videos. Cheers

  160. I hate it when my allies shoot paper tanks, because I love HE penetrations

  161. Isn’t the M109 Paladin armed With a 155mm gun and not a 152mm?

  162. PVE again….sigh.

  163. Jingles i feel your frustration on being the last tank alive and completely
    out flanked. i had a similar one, difference being that i was down at tier
    3 and i ran out of ammo with no resupply consumable lol

  164. The Scorpion went after the secondary objectives. Which in the past version
    might have been fine, kill the trucks and gain the reputation and credit
    bonus for finishing them. But the current version they are in places that
    spawn enemy, and you can die. So in hard I say if they are hard to get to,
    leave them. Would rather not get them and , than lose.

  165. Firstly, thanks for the excellent Armored Warfare content, really enjoying

    As for the Stingray in the second replay. As far as I can see he is
    actually going for the secondaries. The issue with this map is that if you
    wait any longer then when the third and final area triggers the main spawn
    points located near those secondaries flood the area with enemy tanks. This
    means those far secondaries are next to impossible to get with no arty on
    the team. Not a great move with only one MBT on the team I grant you, but
    I’m certain that is what he is doing.

  166. Против Глобал

    I like watching your AW videos more than playing AW! More AW videos,

  167. Love my chal one i don’t carry hesh

  168. but but jingles you said the tog is the most fun you can have with your
    pants on

  169. Против Глобал

    Too much western bias in AW. Russian tanks get penetrated from the front no
    problem, while western tanks don’t even have weakspots (pixels don’t

  170. High Tier games in Armored Warfare its for winners :D

  171. Challenge Accepted

  172. Not this fake WOT game again… :(

  173. smile put on face 😀 couldn’t thumbs up this video enough :D

  174. Jingles you are aware that lately HUGE WEAKSPOT for challanger 1 was found
    in game that devs claim to be “working as intended”?
    Right now there is big spot on front of challanger that if you hit
    repeatadly, you will put challanger on fire. You do not even have to
    penetrate that spot. There are secondary gas tank module there that can be
    cripled and put on fire that act as external module

  175. Hahahah jingles challenge accepted


  177. Your damage or your tank have nothing to do with it. Not even the tier of
    the battle.
    Yes, its harder for a T72A to do alot of damage than it would be for a T80
    or T90.
    But even if you only have same tier tanks all over the team, lets say
    tier6, its alot harder than tier8, just by itself. Because even at tier5,
    you get Leo2(or even higher) spawns. They just have more HP when a tier8
    player is around.

    So to win a PvE battle, everyone has to pull his weight. There is a bot HP
    pool you gotta reduce to 0. Even more so in cap missions (yesterday i won a
    cap mission by killing the last, time wouldnt have been enough to cap and
    capping would not have been possible with multiple spawns around the cap)
    and it wasnt the T72A fault. Not even the centaurs fault, even tho 4k is a
    joke, even with higher tier TDs relative penetration going down, he should
    do more.

    Its AWs fault mostly, because solo queue mid tier (5-7) PvE is brutal on
    hard difficulty if you dont have at least 2 MBTs who know how to not take
    too much damage, but keep the enemy bots guns pointed at them, while other
    classes do their damage.
    Its gets alot easier the higher you get, because the server can only up the
    HP pool, but there is no tier10 tanks yet, and you face T8-9 MBTs in lower
    tiers anyway. So relatively speaking it becomes alot easier. But still, in
    some missions you just fail because you lack the dpm if 1 or 2 in your team
    YOLO rush in and trade shots with 5+ bots. Afterall, its not a race for the
    highest damage, its a team game.

    Also maps are way too small for PvE, most of the light tanks dont get good
    spots for unseen flanking fire, because view range is so huge (bots view
    range is not the same as for “real” tanks (PvP)) But at 200m, even a bot
    will see you inside a bush. And you cant just camp at the back because then
    bots will look at your MBTs but also look at you, which makes it hard for
    those little cannons.
    And once you found a good bush on a side, they will spawn all around you
    and you have to relocate more often that you should.
    I wouldnt see a problem with 80% of the normal PvP maps open for PvE, like
    some already have (Umbrella comes to mind)
    If 5 idots flee to different map corners, not supporting eachother, its
    their fault, not AWs

  178. Love Arty in AW sooo much better than WoT

  179. Thunder1177 Weekly

    LIES TOG II platoons are the most fun you can have with your pants on

  180. You epic fail better than me for sure. I would have just died.

  181. how much did they pay you to play AW? come back to WoT jingles. there are
    retards ready to be in your videos.

  182. Am I the only one here who doesn’t play PVP?

  183. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    Jingles it’s not that bad in artillery on that map :)

  184. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    You laugh like my grandpaps during his first game of battlefield XD

  185. why didnt you use your repair kit on the challanger?

  186. I didnt know about red opossum until the day i wanted to upgrade my
    gvosdika. NEVER. AGAIN.

  187. Ahoy Jingles…have you ever tried to drive out on the jetty/breakwater to
    where the tanker is? If it can be done, that would be a nice spot to be a
    self-propelled howitzer. ;-)

  188. second battle… sometime you just can’t do enough

  189. ” Hi I’m Jingles in artillery on operation red opossum and your watching
    jackass ” * intro music*

  190. I do believe the Paladin is a 155mm howitzer. You said 152mm at about 1:26
    ish. Just saying.

  191. Idiots on his team in the second game screwed jingles over

  192. hey jingles, equip a pve kit, you can heal yourself and get new ammo with

  193. sorry Jingles… I pulled this stunt a couple of times… and it went well!

  194. Nemanja nene Mirosavljev


  195. I was not listening very well but I heard that Jingles wants me to play
    artillery on operation red Possum

  196. Jingles turns to the dark side. I blame Rita :)

  197. Hey Jingles, how’s Naval Action doing?

  198. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Arty Hard Mode. I’ve done this map in the Pal at t6, its not fun but its
    not the worst map for arty in PVE. No that honor goes to Rolling Thunder
    for 2 reasons. 1)the starting spawn is right by where most of the enemy
    vehicles spawn making your arty vehicle extremely vulnerable and 2)the
    secondary objective can quickly lead to isolation and death for whomever
    tries it, which leaves you in an even worse spot.



    I play arty too in AW

  200. Possum. It’s pronounced “possum”. possum. it’s possum. It’s spelled
    opossum. it’s pronounced possum. oh dear R-N-Gezzus my brain hurts every
    time someone mispronounces that word. Possum!

  201. I always repair my fuel tank as soon as it get hit on the challenger 1 that
    were the fire comes from in the first place you get your fuel tank damage
    then the next hit to the fuel tank set you on fire…I carry Auto Fire Ext
    and 2 repair kits….I would rather not take Fire damage in the first place
    so that what the 2 Repair kits are for.

  202. It’s that bloody WoT clone again.

  203. Doesn’t Murphy’s Law of Combat 13 end with or you’re American?

  204. Evil Turnip Gaming

    Jingles, I am very disappointied in you. You think PVE is worthy of
    youtube? The fact that you even play PVE is bad enough, but then you upload
    it here without shame. Now that its clear what type of gamer you are,
    perhaps I could recommend some other games you might like. You should try
    Barbie Horse Adventure, or perhaps Karate Panda.

  205. i did the same thing as you did in the last game in my abbot yesterday
    because i had forgotten what map it was and thought it was another map

  206. Well admit it Jingles you are a good player that have battle averness and
    as you say “I don’t go for easy kill” !Regards !

  207. Daniel “Danspy501st” Jensen

    Ohm, Jingles, a tip on the Scropio map, their arty will always start up
    near the cap as where you found it in this video. That can give you a
    chance to give the first shoot out on it

  208. Seems like it would be very frustrating to only be able to do so little
    damage most of the time. Why do people enjoy playing arty in AW?

  209. Wait, I’m not supposed to queue up for Red Opossum in arty?

  210. Heart breaking moments, but still it was a lot of fun to watch. I hope that
    doesn’t make me a bad person :P. Thank you for our daily dose of Jingles.
    At the end I have to say one more thing – two top tier vehicles and they
    are both artys? Bad Jingles, dirty Jingles :).

  211. PANZERHAUBITZE 2000 !!!

  212. Nice, M 109 and PzH2000 … at least Things i use to know in real in a Game

  213. DutchGamerBrothers

    I am busy for the arriete and the leopard 2a5

  214. ha ha clicker noob!

  215. can you drive onto that ship on the last map over the bridge in the water
    or not?

  216. Arty in this game requires zero skill

  217. sefhyro space pirate

    lol playing arty like a troll

  218. Ray Maelstrom Archdrake

    I wanna see that video jingles XD I wanna see you screaming and running
    from hard cover to hard cover

  219. If playing the VBL is the most fun you can have with your pants on, how
    much fun is it to play the VBL with your pants off?

  220. the reason jingles only plays PvE in AW is because the problem with oniline
    games is other people that play without any notion to play as a team or
    help and when the enemy see him they all focus him and he cant get a good
    game played, if people just played the game a didnt bother trolling then
    surely we would see some PvP in AW from jingles, even in this video, the
    2nd game the stingray went all on thier own and lost the game for the whole
    team and thats PvE.

  221. Wooow World of Tanks rocks!
    This, however, is like you shooting from Lockheed AC-130! This crap for
    arti mechanics, or WoT RNG mess? I would always choose WoT! Yeah i will
    miss few times, but that one good hit, that brings you smile on ur face.
    This is actually just boring! And i am not fan of artillery BTW!

  222. Any modders out there? I want to hear jingle’s dirty laughter every time I
    kill an enemy :P

  223. sigh… pve only, arty is highest tier…. where is the real jingles and
    what have you done with him????????

  224. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Jingles, btw, you killed an unspotted T-90 at 11:36 by firing at the
    spotted BMPT lol :D


  226. that’s it, Jingles has become a scumbag! :P

  227. So now you’re the Mighty Henriksen?

  228. m109 went around on the oil field map shotgunning tanks left, right and in
    front of me got 8 kills out of it i think

  229. Couldnt help but think “if i panned around that much as artillery in WoT,
    the reticle would never be smaller than the screen”

  230. Spawning in PVE still needs A LOT of work :|

  231. Excellent Vid. I’ve had those matches too. AW is shaping up to be a really
    good game. Gotta love the Chally 1.

  232. AW needs a game mode similar to the way Tank Companies used to work in WoT.
    Watching this, there’s a great multiplayer pvp tournament gameplay

  233. I´d like to allege a desire: Dear Jingles, please make audiobooks! Even if
    it may seem a difficult task i – and i think i am not the only one – would
    love to hear your enthusiastic voice reading the works of David Fletcher
    MBE. This, of course, may be considered a brainfart of tremendous
    proportions but still i think it actually could work (… i know,
    copyrights, effort and so on… but the basic idea is somehow great 😉 )

  234. How big is the challenger 1’s gun?

  235. burn the stingray tank burn it all

  236. Ok jingles. Challenge accepted :)! I will go out and now record a match to
    play on that map with arty :)! You shouldn’t have shown me that cus now I
    MUST beat it :)!

  237. what is the function of a starshell?

  238. Its something new_ish anyways, so it will be overrated for a short period,
    everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, always makes the comparison between WoT and
    AW. Being the “new kid on the block” AW has better artillery mechanics than
    WoT. Other than that I prefer WoT. Both have their own pro’s and con’s, but
    I prefer playing the WWII tanks that either existed in real life or on
    paper. War Thunder is way better than both AW and WoT in both aspects of
    artillery mechanics, map design,tanks, and you get to fly a freaking

  239. A Jingles video with him playing arty wow…….

  240. This video made my day lol.

  241. youre missing the K on the end of NOTHINCK like other brits

  242. 16:43 M1A2 Leopard 2 is probably my mostests favoritests tank ever

  243. 16:44 “I can pen the side of that leopard 2″~The MightyJingles 2016 when
    dose an Abrams ever look like a Leopard..?

  244. Do you ever play PVPs? Or it’s too challenging..hehe

  245. Just an opinion Mr Jingles BUT!
    I downloaded Armored Warfare hoping it would fix my WOT disgust. It did the
    opposite. I cannot explain it but the game bored me and I dumped it after a
    few days and made me miss WOT even though that game has deteriorated in the
    last 2 years. Thank GOD for WOWS which is despite imperfections a fantastic
    I am depressed every time I see an Armored warfare video on your channel.
    Because it is such a bore to play AND a depressing bore to watch! Any of
    your other vids are great. *Not Armored Warfare which like Star Wars
    Battlefield is all hype and no fun!*

  246. Dont forget Jingles that you can smoke yourself if you get unlucky and,
    say, a T-90MS spawns on your ass. Doesn’t always work, but it certainly
    helps. Just lob one at your treads and book it.

  247. Main battle tank drivers are so bad in this game. You can’t rely on them in

  248. I think Jingles needs a hug… Hahahahah

  249. On Challenger I and fire, take the armor retrofit that increases engine hit
    points. I’ve never had to put out a fire since.

    On artillery and Red Opossum, it used to be easier. Now enemy spawns are
    scattered everywhere, and there’s a lot of locations to learn. Totally
    worth it once you know where to go, doing more damage on it in arty than
    the rest of your team. But when you die, it’s still your fault.

  250. I dont see why you like PVE so much PVP is better but world of tanks does
    have PVP more maps more tanks so I have tried both and still like wot more

  251. America has never been too keen on using mechanical loaders for its
    equipment outside of auto cannons, most of the time a human loader if well
    trained can out load a mechanical one. But the Paladin does have the
    advantage of Damage per shot I have found when being hit by AI Paladins
    they can do if it hits and pens over 500 hp.

  252. LOL Jingles has turned into his own worst enemy

  253. Love the Alpha insignia. No one knows what it is, or how we got them.

  254. When you get the retro slots unlocked try retros that decrease aim time and
    reload such as gyros and mag actuators these will decrease your aim time
    and one decreases reload but that is what I would put on a Paladin if I had

  255. Challenge accepted >:D

  256. eww a challenger. Could you feature the superior abrams at some point?

  257. xurworstnightmare1x

    I can just imagine over team speak (if AW has that mechanic) Jingles
    screaming and blabbering about how terrifying it is and a MBT just sits
    there watching him scuttle from cover to cover. Lol

  258. So, just in the off chance that you actually read this jingles. You seem
    like a eprson who enjoys a lot of different simulator type of games. I
    mean, any tank simulator does, any ship simulator seems to do too. At least
    you play war thunder for a flight simulator.

    What about mechs? There’s hawken and there’s mechwarrior online. Don’t you
    like any of those? I think it would be entertaining to watch you play any
    of those, especially mech warrior.

  259. Panzer H like u call it is the Panzer Haubize 2000. A german beauty with an
    automatical loading system, soware based on windows 2000 and the german
    acuracy. Sorry for eery spelling mistake and grammatical error i did, im a
    german not a brish guy. But I love the way you talk and i still dream to
    have a pronounciation like you got.

  260. I had a event that I queued up for operation Anvil with my Palmaria which
    operation Anvil is pretty good for arty but in the time it took for it to
    put me in a match it changed to operation Dire Wolf which is another map
    you do not want to be playing arty in but I apologized to the team saying
    that I queued up for operation Anvil and to my surprise they where very
    kind about it there are too many times I got verbally abused for playing
    arty in PVE but without me being in arty on most of the ops it would of
    been allot harder for the teams to win. I tried my best to help the team
    and ended up doing allot for the team there where some crazy situations
    where tanks where spotted behind me so I had to clamor for cover but I
    ended up killing the AI arty and doing allot of damage for a teir 6 arty on
    a inferior map for them.

  261. what? jingles want us to play arty on red opossum? well if he said so..

  262. 5k damage in Arty on Dead Possum?
    Not bad.
    That mission must be the worst situation for SPG in any tank game south of
    the north pole…

  263. The heartbreak… :(

  264. Am I the only one who wants to see Obsidian make an air battles
    expansion/seperate game but still in the armored warfare universe? I think
    it would be really cool to finally have an online MMO where you can fly
    f-15’s and PAK FA’s

  265. Epic fail, looks like you did a great job for with what you had to work

  266. is that a Merkava in the thumbnail?

  267. it funny that middle battle you had there. I had the same thing happen when
    I was in a LAV-300. Someone set off the 3rd spawn and I had to keep
    shooting and shooting. We won only because we had a arty. I died but I had
    my first 10k+ match. So no matter easy PVE looks it some times can be realy
    hard but fun as hell.

  268. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    There needs to be a video on how bad the starship is.

  269. 19:00 The Stingray was obviously going for the secondaries. It is VERY hard
    to get the secondaries on this map now, especially if you wait until the
    third defense point lights up.

    He probably should have waited for help though.

  270. Jingles, protip, you can right click vehicles in the garage and service
    them without actively selecting them. You can even do it while you’re in
    queue, it’ll help you avoid more embarrassing situations like that last

  271. I guarantee that trying to go for those bonus objectives on Operation
    Perseus has ended more PvE missions than anything else.

  272. Illuminati IS REAL

    so if I’m reading between the lines correctly, jingles wants to get in our
    arties, and play operation red storm to see how much fun we can have,

  273. Jingles why have you gotten me into fallout 4? ive never been a fallout
    player and 4 is really good.

  274. Scumbag! :)

  275. is that a mod for showing dmg?

  276. That stingray was trying to get the last secondary which is always
    annoyingly put in behind an enemy spawn on the other side of the hill

  277. PzH2000 is read Panzer Haubitze Zweitausend (2000)

  278. Do a terminator afv video plz jingles

  279. This frustrates me as well. Why do games insist on doing this? Why is it
    such a difficult concept to make it easier for enemy tanks to kill you?
    Nope, to increase the difficulty in PVE, we’re going to add 4 more
    artillery to each map, and increase the number of tanks that spawn DIRECTLY
    behind you. Armored Warfare isn’t a bad game, but this really does detract
    from the game.

  280. Jingles, where did you get the incoming/outgoing damage panels?

  281. The heck happened to world of tanks? its been like a week probably

  282. Hey, Jingles. You remember that WoWs when you mentioned BBs going down the
    channel in Two Brothers. Well, yeah. Have a replay with a New York doing
    just that and actually not eating a full wave of torps and salvos. (Not
    that he had any chances to do too many things(as far as I remember) apart
    from keeping his friends alive for a little longer. Do you want to see

  283. what is that damage log , how do you gst iy?

  284. We need more AW videos XD

  285. Hope this was not your “secret” account Jingles :)

  286. Hate to be this guy Jingles, but the word opossum’s “o” is silent :)

  287. Hey jingles! Do you think armored warfare welcome to console?

  288. Do someone know what mod is that where you can see how much damage you’ve
    done during a match?

  289. the last battle described with 2 words: “bigger off!”

  290. I had a run-in with enemy arty while playing my new Palmaria in Operation:
    Anvil. I was on the road in a good spot for arty, and was happily blowing
    up enemy tanks, when I heard the “tank spotted” chirp so glanced at
    mini-map and saw a red dot sitting beside my blue dot! I backed out of
    sniper mode and looked around wildly to see an enemy M109 sitting beside
    me! I backpedaled away from him and planted one of my HERA shells in his
    side plates. His turret begins to turn toward me v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y so I
    scurried (In a Palmaria. Scurry. Riiiiight.) behind him staying away from
    his s-l-o-w-l-y turning gun, and planted another one into his other side
    plates and that killed him. That is not a good place to stay if you are
    playing arty.

  291. why do all these bots keep giving you their side armor the moment you aim
    at them? there’s no challenge here whatsoever, just easymode your armor in
    their general direction and hold down mouse 1. it looked like you had more
    fun in that arty game at the end than the “right” tank on the right map.

  292. Tanks in aw are so expensive already 123k for a tier 5 0_0 u get a tier 8
    for that in wot

  293. Jingles! Please make a wiesel review!!

  294. Bring Back Jingles-Thunder!!!

    Let’s just see some fun arcade plane matches instead of the VERY occasional
    RB/SB stuff.


  295. you can turn off chat censoring, you know

  296. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    win the match with only artillery!

  297. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Bundeswehr

    Jingles Challenge = Excepted in Panzer 2000. (:

  298. Why don’t you take a PvE Resupply kit? It repairs some damage and replenish
    your ammo. I always have one on my Tanks. I also queued up once on
    Operation: Red Opossum in a M109 when i was focusing on unlocking Freja for
    my MBTs. I actually held out and got a few kills before i went down
    fighting in the end.

  299. Challenge Accepted

  300. This is not an epic fail video… It is an average fail or everyday fail

  301. I think playing arty on red oposium is like playing arty in a tier 10 game
    on Mittengard.

  302. MrTimebomb12Music

    my father was the driver in a paladin

  303. I love it when I’m playing war thunder realistic and half my team drops alt
    just to go try and kill the bomber that’s below and they all end up having
    to go back to the air field to get repairs 

  304. i like AW, but i see no reason for the PvE to have a 4 tier spread, now
    before so many go to argue, what i mean is you get a 2 tier difference on
    your team and the top tier on your team can see 2 tiers above him, so if
    you are bottom tier, say tier 5 and you have 1 tier 7 he can see tier 9s on
    the AI side, i see no need for this, make the 5 man player side a 0 or 1
    tier spread, 0 would of course be best

  305. Another PvE match!? wow. Try PvP makes it a little more exciting…
    Mindless AI killing just seems lame.


  307. That happened to me on the night PvE mission called Sapphire. I rushed over
    to the far objective (in my Warrior AFV) and triggered several spawns. The
    map was like a sea of red (I do not exaggerate) and the whole team was
    vaporised in about two mins.

  308. “I have been the Mighty Jingles”
    Because sometimes he’s just Jingles.

  309. I had a pretty good game earlier today. Played a hard match on Operation
    Umbrella, and MM had a bit of a derp moment and our lineup consisted of 4
    M2 Bradley AFVs and one Centauro TD. We won the match and didn’t lose a
    single vehicle. Some of us were in double-digits health-wise, but we all
    survived and won. It was pretty special. The abundant view range really
    helped on a map like Op Umbrella, I don’t think we would’ve done as well if
    it was on a different map.

  310. Big Smile from me jingles

  311. 23k damage on a loss? Ha! Try 35k damage on a loss!

  312. I like these videos where you show fails (including your own) and analyze
    just what went wrong *without* berating whoever made the mistake.

    You should call this series ‘Jingle Fails’ and play Jingle Bells music in
    the background =P

  313. Jingles: Please guys don’t take this as a challenge


  314. jingles you say the only place you can pen on the terminator is the side
    armor or the drivers hatch but you can ALWAYS shoot the turret for
    guaranteed damage

  315. you had a freaking repair kit…. normally no, I wouldnt use it on tracks,
    but at the end of that challi match, THAT was a time to use it….

  316. I was the driver and then later a gunner for the M109A6 in the Army. Seeing
    your howitzer brought back a lot of memories XD

  317. JINGLES USERNAME IN AM IS HENRIKSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. it wasn t even funny… :(

  319. Thank you Jingles for the Armored Warfare content :)

  320. You lost the second match because the Stingray and whomever else followed
    him rushed the secondary objective that spawned there. So that’s something
    else to tell Obsidian should be fixed: PvE Secondary Objective spawn

  321. Someone probably said it already. It is not Panzer H 2000. It is the
    Panzerhaubitze 2000 (literally Tankhowitzer 2000) ;-). sorry for being a

  322. Too late Jingles I’ve played Arty on Red Opposum and I had fun in it :P

  323. Remember kids – If you choose artillery for Red Opossum, you’re a

  324. “AAAHH TEAM!”

    Had to pause the video to laugh ? xD

  325. T-72 hanging on by the skin of his teeth

  326. Sad to say Stingray in second part was from my clan…he will be getting a
    Gump Award which states “This medal is given to a member who demonstrated
    the consistent ability to team kill their teammates, and in doing so
    jeopardized the success of the attack or strategy – this is an award that
    you do not want to earn!” and he may get another for Jingles seeing him do

  327. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)

    I don’t play armoured warfare but love your vids keep it up!!!

  328. armored warfare is definitely an epic fail.

  329. Ultimate TimeTraveler

    Armored Warfare Went Out of business in 2022
    Jingles suffered Heart attack in 2021

  330. “Epic fail”…The only epic thing i’ll ever get :/

  331. Dear jingles pls make a tank review on the panther/m10 this would be great
    of you, thank you

  332. JINGLES! You selected the wrong tank the last time you played this with

  333. to be fair: “if it’s stupid, but it works…”
    yes, you queued up as arty for op opossum, but it was absolutely epic to

  334. This M109A6 Paladin looks like a modern day Ferdinand

  335. well i guess Jingles wished he would have taken the last game as a

  336. *Panzerhaubitze 2000 =PzH 2000. It’s not the Panzer H 2000. Trust me
    Jingles. So again: Panzer – Haubitze – 2000. It stands for tank howitzer

  337. Sorry if its already been asked but are you using mods and if so what are
    they? i refer to the incoming/outgoing damage.

  338. Your commentary on the last replay was hilarious Jingles ? id love to see
    more of this kind of video for armoured warfare!

  339. Shoots at Terminator, kills T-90.

  340. Quote from the video:
    “Jingles wants you to go out there, in artillery, queuing up for operation
    red oppossum”

  341. Playing arty on Red Opossum: “The Jingles challenge”. :P

  342. Hey Jingles, do you plan to do videos from the console versions of World of
    Tanks and War Thunder if people supplied the clips?

  343. PzH 2000 is a pretty simple german word, especially if you can pronounce
    Aufklarungspanzer: “Pahn-zer-how-bit-zerr zwei-tau-sand”

  344. This arty looks way more fun!

  345. oh its this bloody tank game again

  346. A little trick I found useful on occasion while playing artillery: Those
    smoke grenades you can shoot across the map? Nothing preventing you from
    popping them right in front/back of you.

  347. Been wondering why I get pen’d when I try to angle. Thanks, Mr. Charlton.

  348. Scumbag jingles :P

  349. PlLease Mr Jingles, some tank reviews for AW. I learned all of my basic
    skills from you for WoT. I even recall the turning point with your M109
    review when I stopped sucking major ass in that game.

  350. american tankdestroyer

    jingles this is not related to armoured warfare but i thing you should know
    it does not matter what you tank your looking at in the wot american tech
    tree if it has m at the start it means manufactured
    and t for test
    i did not know if you knew

  351. Dennis “Fox” Fang

    Arty scum, Die die die!!! (jk) keep the AW contents coming plz!

  352. doomsturtle stenger

    are u going to world of tanks

  353. My best damage i stop with my Challenger1 was 33k in PVE,

  354. I think both tanks games do arty wrong, arty here is low damage and still a
    lot of negatives with not doing a lot of damage you should remain hidden
    from the other team I think arty such as in world o fly tanks with a lot of
    damage should be spotted when fired

  355. Well Jingles if you dont like the BMPT hope that they never implement the
    ST 55.

  356. Whats better jingles world of tanks or armored warfare im trying to chose
    which one to get

  357. All I heard was “Jingles wants you to go out there, in artillery,
    queuing up for Operation Red Impossum (no idea if I spelt that right), just
    to see how much fun you can have before your inevitable defeat”. Challenge
    accepted…. except for the fact that I don’t play Armored Warfare…
    You’re lucky that I don’t =3

  358. I wonder if war gaming will add PVE missions.

  359. will armored warfare or warthunder ever come to xbox one?

  360. Jingles, tip for fighting the really heavily armored MBTs like the
    challenger 1 from the front: Fire at the fuel sponsons right over the
    tracks. A couple of hits there will set them on fire very reliably. Works
    on the Leo 2 also. It will show a green pen marker, but your shots there
    won’t do hit point damage.

  361. JINGLES HELP!!!! .. It seems in AW(PVE) there is a lot of players that do
    not know you can actually finish the match with out having to completely
    cap out. I am sure YOU know what I am talking about. When all bots are
    found and killed and the match ends. Lately i am seeing more and more
    players are capping out with 5+ minutes left in the match. It frustrates me
    to no end to see all that REP and credits being wasted especially when
    Grinding them big price tags on the next tier of tanks. Sure would love to
    see a video from you explaining this part of Armored Warfare PVE. Please
    and Thanks!
    .. Signed: Faithful Minion #2,000,001 :)

  362. christopher halderman

    I would like to see some Pvp matches in this game, pve is very repetitive
    and boring to watch. Your older stuff was much more entertaining to watch-
    you actually playing wot and doing tank reviews- it’s why I have watched
    since 2012. Now it is only pve from this game and other people playing wot.
    One can see you hardly ever play wot or wows anymore. I was under the
    assumption you were excited about wows but you seemed to have stopped
    playing it as soon as it went into open beta/ live… Why is that?

  363. Title suggestion: Armored Warfail

  364. Challenge accepted!

  365. Jingles = Dirty Scumbag Arty Player confirmed! :)

  366. Jingles and Ritagamer must take saline showers to purified because they’re
    now official AFV scum players.

  367. TheRancidMarshmallow

    So, in aw all main battle tanks are super pershings?
    (300+ at the front, less than 50 at the side)

  368. PVE clickernoob l2p

  369. If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid

  370. Hey Jingles 🙂 I was wondering if you have talked with HighFyer15 or played
    with him lately. It would have been fun to see you guys playing something
    again :)

  371. So what if you do a fraction of damagae to Terminators if you shoot the
    turret? Will you stay and get shredded by them till you get their side
    armor to you? Stop telling people not to shoot the turret

  372. And those to retards Stingray and ERC fucked up the game by yoloing there

  373. Also you are soo fucking stupid. If you dont have too much ammo left and
    the timer for the second cap is below 1 minute just protect the fucking
    cap. Shoot the enemy only when they are half way to capping your base, or
    just dont shoot them at all because they cant cap anymore. Just ignore
    those fucking tanks when they have only a minute till the second cap ends
    and go to the last cap

  374. GeneralWillis44444

    Is it just me or did the video look really fuzzy at times, even in 1080p? I
    think this is most apparent in the second match, when Jingles is driving
    from the second cap circle to the third.

    Maybe I’ve just been playing the real thing too much.

  375. you should try steel ocean it have subs

  376. Is it just me or is there an audio bug in this vid

  377. 16 Shots managed to get on target while largely being spotted by direct
    line of sight, and doing 5000 damage, not that bad, that must’ve been one
    of the most amusing and interesting game i’ve seen in a while :)

  378. The reason i have currently stopped playing these types of games. The
    teams. And also, this game is over rated

  379. At least arty isnt crazy stupid in AW

  380. Jingles, one thing that really prevents me from getting into AW is how
    powerful higher tier tanks are tier for tier. As a tier 4 MBT nothing I
    have can contest with a tier 5, let alone 6 MBT, while he can easily poke
    holes all over the front of my armor. Yes I could flank them, but MBTs
    aren’t fast or agile enough to really get flanks on another higher tier
    MBT. Can you make any recommendations for this?

  381. Why didn’t he go all the way down the pier on that last match looks like a
    good spot for arty.

  382. Epic fail how?

  383. tiberius africanus

    AHH Jingles, you were on vacation far to long. The jingles’o’meter was
    spiking in the wrong direction!!!! Glad to have you back, as ye old
    jingles’o’meter is much healthier!!!!

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