Armored Warfare: ERC-90 F4 Review / Guide, Epic 6.3k Damage Gameplay [“The Art of Warfare” Epi 5]

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Source: Taugrim

We review the ERC-90 F4, a tier 5 TD in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of an epic carry in a tier 5 Roughneck match.

Stat line: 6.3k damage, 6 kills

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb cannon depression (-12)
+ superb vision (518+m with Sabrina, Augmented Optics)
+ superb reload time (4.9 sec base)
+ excellent top-end speed
+ excellent camouflage (0.28)
+ APS for automatic protection against ATGM (45 sec cooldown)
+ good acceleration
+ small profile
– low damage (310 for AP, 387 for HEAT)
– low penetration (219 for AP, 200 for HEAT)
– sluggish when turning
– paper armor

Commander, Crew, and Retrofits
A. Commander: Sabrina
B. Crew: Ride, Quick Draw
C. Retrofits: Augmented Optics, Internal Hull Reinforcement, Experimental Propellant

1. at 0:27, I said the is 0.25, but it’s 0.28
2. at 12:53, I said the M60A3 has ERC, but I meant ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor), the countermeasure against shape-charged ammo such as HEAT

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“The Art of Warfare” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. -12° of gun depression? Oh hell yeah!

  2. Hey Taugrim, great content as always. In response to your questions about
    format, I really enjoy a mix of both on your channel. When you are
    demonstrating a specific skill or tactic I think the short form works great
    as you can squeeze in more examples of what you want us to see. The rest of
    the time I enjoy seeing you play full matches, with commentary as to your
    train of thought. Even in those moments when you are just waiting for other
    stuff to happen. Patience is a really important part of the game, and it’s
    great for your viewers to see that pushing or moving blindly without
    purpose is a bad thing. So rather than epic highlights all the time, I
    think those moments resonate with us mere mortals because we can see that
    sometimes doing nothing, or planning while the match plays out is the right
    thing to do. Also, I could listen to you talk all day 🙂 Thanks for all
    your hard work, your channel is one of my favourites. Veks

  3. “In pvp of course you re dealing with… you know smart players…” – that
    was a joke right? 😀

    Anyway i know what do you mean here.

  4. I like the long form slightly more but I like the variety of formats.

  5. Nice vid dude. I just unlocked my ERC and u made it look easy. Keep up the
    good job. And I, for one, like the longer videos. It’s great to actually be
    able to see the development of the battle and how it plays out

  6. more road to unicum

  7. Ok how to sit on the fence :), I like the longer format as you can go into
    more depth and also it shows you map awareness and manouvering. However the
    shorter format tend to be more entertaining and allow multiple topics to be
    Honestly I would take it on a case by case basis unless you have a
    overwhelming response. This also will stop stale content, in that for
    example Quickybaby went through a phase of only doing long format battle
    commentaries. While individually they were all ok as a body of work it was
    tending to boring (he is back mixing it up again).

  8. This longer style is great because you can provide a lot more information
    on the flow of play and how you play your vehicles. As somewhat of a noob
    (50-53%~ WR) I greatly appreciate this :)

  9. more like this please.

  10. I like the full match format. Seeing the full flow of the game and how your
    actions impacted that flow.

    Also, dumb question. Feel like I need to get this out of the way. What is
    the hotkey for deploying smoke?

  11. Love that you actually take the time to explain the tactics. Not just say
    do it this way, be cause it is OP. Longer format , gives time for tactics,
    in the boring spaces.

  12. Nice video. I’d love to see a review of the challenger 1 as I’m struggling
    to make that tank effective.

  13. Looking forward to the M60A3 review. Personally, I like both the short and
    the long format.

  14. Either format is fine with me, as long as there is no dead air. But you
    always seem to fill it up nicely with interesting commentary.

  15. liking the long format…. a bit less ‘entertaining’ but more informative
    about overall game understanding and decision making you make…Loving ya
    vids Taugrim

  16. Pig Monkey (Dino Velvet)

    Are you done with world of tanks? If so I’ll unsub

  17. Awesome video Taug. Definitely prefer the long format in your full
    match/’Road to’ videos. I’m sure the quick-cut version has it’s merits when
    you’re talking about specific scenarios or tank showcases. I don’t mind the
    downtime waiting on the friendly M60A3 because you’re good at filling the
    dead space with your comments about the match. As an added bonus, I find
    your voice pleasant to listen to in these narrations. Excellent content as
    usual. Looking forward to a review of the Fox, as it’s easily my favorite
    vehicle so far.

  18. Howdy folks? Did you escaped from Jingles’s salt mine ? XD

  19. Hi, like the videos, prefer the long form, putting things in context helps
    me see how I can apply the lessons to my own play. Would love do see you do
    a scout/recon vehicle video, if you drive any of those.

  20. Regarding the format for future videos, I enjoy the mix of full battle and
    short clip videos. Full battles are useful for demonstrating styles of
    play, broad strategies and map use. Short clips are good for demonstrating
    tank specific strengths and weaknesses and tactical situations and options.
    Please continue to do both as appropriate to the goal of the video.

  21. I like this format, where you can see the full battle.

  22. Both of the versions that you mentioned have their value, because they give
    you different types of information about the tank. But the long format
    doesn’t need to be as “long”. Down times can be fast forwarded. I favor
    fast forwarded over just skipping because when you skip, we as viewers
    might lose the feeling of where your friendlies are and what might have
    happened in that downtime.

    But for me, as a preference, I like the short version because, well, I
    rarely have the time to watch it fully…

    Also, I seriously like that you transitioned to AW, I know i can only speak
    for myself, but AW feels like what WoT could be, or could have become, so
    I’m more interested in AW.

    All in all, i like your videos, you are a good player and that’s a pleasant
    thing to watch, keep up the good work!

  23. Love it. Tank destroyers are and always have been my weak point in tank
    shooter games, I can’t play them well for the life of me – but I like
    watching a good TD game.

    As for the long-form vs short-clip video subject, personally I definitely
    like the full-battle videos, but also find the short-edits to be very
    valuable. It might make your video too long- but maybe consider opening
    with a couple shorter (:20-:45) clips showcasing key points about the
    vehicle in question, and follow up with a longer video? When there’s
    downtime in the battle, such as when you were waiting for someone to be
    spotted, filling it with discussion is good; or you can fast-forward
    through, if needed.

    I dunno. I watch you mostly for your discussion of the vehicles, and your
    general and specific tips. The video of the battle itself is mostly a
    strong visual aid for me.

    Keep doing what you do!

  24. i actually prefer those longer videos (like this here) 🙂 did you switch to
    AW now completely and leave WoT behind? because thats exactly what i’ve
    done and i would really like to know why you did it, since you are a really
    good player in WoT :

  25. Another excellent video. I like your videos without the cuts to prove that
    patience, like yours in this match, paid off. Thank you.

  26. I like the long form better overall, but there’s nothing wrong with cutting
    out long clips of nothing if you don’t have any talk to fill it with. ;)

  27. I prefer the long format (like this one). Help to get the feeling of the
    map and the game as a whole.

    Can you do the Fox review please? I like it but it is very hard to drive 🙂

    Thank you!

  28. For your next video can you teach us to pick up hot chicks?

  29. Hey are you doing anything with world of tanks anymore or have u switched
    to armored warfare?

  30. Errata:
    1. at 0:27, I said the camo is 0.25 but it’s 0.28
    2. at 12:53, I said the M60A3 has ERC, but I meant ERA (Explosive Reactive
    Armor), the countermeasure against shape-charged ammo such as HEAT

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