Armored Warfare || EVEN MORE CHANGES!!

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WOW, so these are some big to the gameæ



  1. Wow first comment again!Again!Again!

  2. Wow great news great vid Devy ?

  3. Also I don’t think the Sherman or Comet would be good for tier 1 because
    the are 40s tanks and the PT-76 is a 60s tank

  4. I think when there will be a Merkava line in AW , tier 3 should be the
    Sherman with the AMX 13 turret , tier 4 should be the M50 Sherman , tier 5
    M51 Super Sherman , Tier some sort of Merkava prototype, tier 7 Mk.1 , tier
    8 Mk.2 , tier 9 Mk.3 and tier 10 Mk.4

  5. armored warfare it’s about modern tanks… so we need more tanks. alot more

  6. The wiesel is going to be so shitty after this lol

  7. They are destroying game with changes that nobody wants and fixing things
    that are not broken.

  8. Whatever comes, we will adjust. Oh, and got the code and the WZ. Nice tank.

  9. centurion one at t1 ?

  10. Based on what you just said the new M113s (yes plural) will be tow armed
    M150 and/or the tow 2 equipped M901 ITV. Actually very cool, if they make
    missiles a real threat. M901 has the extendable “periscope” laucher, 2
    missiles at a load if I remember…

  11. They have stated on stream several times that the draco will MOST LIKELY be
    getting rebalanced as a TD.

  12. Now i hope they add the cv -90’s soon

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