ARMORED WARFARE | F2P Experiment – Part 1 [Series Pilot]

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Source: WillfulTangent

Download and Play Armored Warfare for Free:


01:56 – PT-85
05:19 – T-55
09:58 – T92 LT

21:59 – Outro Reel

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Song: Signal to Noise

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REF: AW-08052023-V1


  1. This series is going to become easier as you progress up the tiers, which is kind of the thing with Armored Warfare. The more time you put in and the more tanks you have, the better your rewards are – plus the game throws rental premiums down your way every weekend through the weekend spec ops, looking forward to your grind getting easier as you progress 🙂

  2. This is an excellent tutorial video. Having a grasp of angling, spotting, and concealment are basic fundamentals to be successful. I’m glad you got the last kill in the T92 match. 😁😊 Well done, @WillfulTangent! Keep up the fantastic work! Godspeed!🫡

  3. Did you remove all of your old videos?

  4. the way ur attitude change during t92 match lmao
    btw uh i never received any free premium ._.

    • They give away loads – contract missions special events – but you have to log in and play – meet the requirements – complete the contract mission once and you can start it again to get a different premium

    • @chaz8758 is exactly right. Complete the tutorial and mission associated with it and you get a premium tank, a week of premium time and a few other smaller items.

  5. i thought this game was dead?… i loved playing this game back in the day.

    • Not dead. Admittedly not as popular as it was in its hay day but it’s definitely NOT dead. The interest it still there.

    • @WillfulTangent good to hear, i should try and redownload it.
      remember downloading it like 3 years ago maybe, and i couldnt find any games.

  6. i am playing wot like this so this should be easy

  7. I am so excited with your videos I will enjoy the series 😀

  8. Very cool! Looking forward to this whole series!

  9. PT-85
    I’ve been playing long enough to have the PT-76 in my garage…

  10. I haven’t played PvP in a long time. When I tried it the waiting times were long. When should I try playing PvP? When are the most people playing? I’m from Europe.

    • Europe should be fairly consistent during “normal hours”. Like after work/school or some mid day games. The US on the other hand is best late morning to mid afternoon.

  11. I remember when the PT-76 was the starter and then got replaced by the PT-85 lol

    The 85 is just better in every way but I do wish we were allowed to keep the 76 if we had it just as a novelty item.

    I really want to get back into AW again but just haven’t had the opportunity unfortunately. I’m going to be enjoying the game through these vids though so really looking forward to seeing them 🙂

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  13. It’s a lot easier to play for free when you are actually good at playing. Playing for free as a new player is a million times harder

    • You gain experience of the game mechanics, the vehicles, dont be in a rush to progress, you can try PvE for a mew matches to get the hang of a vehicle and do some upgrades – its more down to how quick you learn – playing for free as a new player is not a million times harder – but you do get seal clubbers down at low tiers – not as many as you used to though.

  14. Love the video, look forward to the next!

  15. The first few tiers are easy to progress, but once reached to tier 5, everything will be complex.

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