ARMORED WARFARE | F2P – x2 | Chieftain Mk.2

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  2. Armoured Warfare with Commentary 😀

    I love this earlier era of MBT’s, so many different approaches to the subject as nations kept experimenting with designs.

    The Chieftain and Leo 1 are my two favourites even though I don’t particularly like playing them ingame lol. They just look so good imo especially the later Chieftains from the MK.V onwards.

  3. Did the Battlepath start yet?

  4. So why do you like the HESH so much? I’m quite new to AW and hesh seems to hurt my dpm mostly. Is it for the module damage?

    • Yes it does extra module damage, it also deals slightly more damage to vehicles with weak armour like BMPs.

      It’s useful if you know where an enemies ammo rack is or if you can hit their engine directly since you can sometimes 1-hit ammorack them or set them on fire.

    • ^All of this. HESH/HEP is a monster shell type with proper shot placement.

  5. Great work on the commentary! Yeah, you should have let that tank burn, but it was your instinct to “kill secure” 😉😊😁 Godspeed!

  6. but will tom brady win another superbowl

  7. Have you played Red Alert 3 recently? A good chunk of the Sputnik unit voice lines has “Very Nice” :9

  8. Interested in your upcoming crew member reviews

  9. Sadly, this game is now coming to end.

    New Spec Ops Missions, New PvE Missions, New Contents, Major Update, Balance Update, New Tanks, New BP…
    All of this is being delayed continuously.

    AW is getting closer to the end.
    It’s look like terminating a service.

    People are gradually quitting this game and losing interest.
    The number of AW users is decreasing.

    The fact that this game is getting ruined makes me sad.
    Good luck.

  10. How many people do you think play this game still tangent? is it worth getting back into? I only have tier 3 tanks.

    • To be 100% honest…I’m not sure. There seems to be a lot less in the realm of content than I was expecting thus far this year. I’m not saying the conflict in Ukraine has anything to do with it but I’m also not saying it doesn’t. that last part is pure speculation.

  11. Does this game have a vision system and bloom like WoT? Do i have to pay real money to have a max crew? Are paid rounds in this game? looking for a tank game since my WT account info is being transferred ps4 to pc.

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