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LAPTOP “PROMETHEUS” SPECS—————————————————————————- [non-affiliate link]
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics
GPU: RTX 3080M with 16Gb VRAM
RAM: 32Gb @ 3200MHz
Monitor: 1440p@165Hz

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  1. i play arties in third person mode too. shotgunning the enemies to death and shooting wp rounds at a group of targets is very satisfying. probably my second favorite class to play after mbt-s

  2. Weirdest looking arty ingame lol, the gun looks so wrong in such a big turret.

    I do enjoy some low Tier arty though, up to around Tier 7 is the sweetspot for me in terms of fun with Arty.

  3. SPG in this game feel like a freaking lesser TD for me

    The arch is absolutely dog sh*t, a tiny hill and you already can’t target anything

    I prefer high level SPG and go shotgun in third person, the only reason i ever touch them, Phosphorus Shell is great for cluster of enemy and cap reset 😀

  4. Love the SPG derp run! Godspeed! 😊😀

  5. On the 109 currently, its more exciting and fun, cause you can one hit many of them in hardcore. And you’re Not allowed to tank much hits. But i Always have that big grin while playing it.

  6. Freja = FREY-yuh.

  7. Abbot is a beast of a arty. On the topic of fun, PT-76 is just my fav for it. Besides that its definately the IS-7, Type 59 legend and obj 430

  8. I remember back when artillery was actuallt indirect fire.

    They removed arty from pvp, then gave us the mortar, whoch can let you shoot people that would have been artt safe.

  9. This game still a life?

    • Can’t say for xbox were I played before but on PC I know they merged regional servers into a global one and I think the longest I waited for a que was like 1min-1min 15s

  10. I really appreciate arties being in a game like this. While it can be underwhelming using it in a conventional way, its really great being able to slap down a ton of modules in a round.

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