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LAPTOP “PROMETHEUS” SPECS—————————————————————————- [non-affiliate link]
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics
GPU: RTX 3080M with 16Gb VRAM
RAM: 32Gb @ 3200MHz
Monitor: 1440p@165Hz

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  1. I’m not going to lie but I love these little Recoilless Rifle APC’s myself.

    They’re not great in terms of performance but the damage, rate of fire and speed is decent and zipping around to blap things in the side is fun.

    The Tier 4 version with the two rifles is my favourite of the bunch though. Super quick and the double-tab is fun without the massive reload of something like the Ontos.

  2. Fun little Ivan’s cousin.

  3. I played again after 2 months and I’m just disappointed.
    30k net credits in spec ops for blue star in an mbt.
    ammo still not working or wrong.
    you get ridiculous messages “bounced 86°” with an apfsds.
    90° would be the perfect angle just by the way.
    and when i see this “proxy spotting” i just shake my head.
    So nothing, absolutely nothing, happens and I wonder how much longer they want to keep going like this.
    only pay content, pay 2 win and every russian, soviet vehicle or ammunition will be displayed better.
    why do they need so long to correct their crap?
    “balance 0.33″…

    • @Tinky-Winky Well too bad, that you don’t want read a second opinion. In game shot angles are calculated from gun perspective, not armor perspective. Gun firing at perpendicular armor at ideal conditions hits at 0 degree, which from perspective of someone looking from side is 90 degree. 86 degree is very sharp angle richochet, hiting armor almost parallel.

    • @Feneghar I do read but when someone is purly not able to know what he‘s talking about, sorry.
      Grab math book n go to the capitel angles or stuff n read.
      There‘re two options left, one ur wrong or two the description is completly messed up in this game.

    • @Feneghar Another example of „math in russia“ are the hp of the xm1a3 with douglas.
      He‘s able to increase them by 10,5% and that makes 4267 in game.
      In real world and even calculated with 10% you get what, right 4290 when I‘m not wrong at all.
      So the fact the easiest math is to complecated and 86 degrees are a sharp angle makes me laughing and shows why this former good game is so f*cked up…

    • when this game launched, a blue star match would get you 3 creates. the grind was reasonable and the game was fun. I jump back from time to time to give it another try. always short lived and I leave disappointed. this game needs a tutorial that shows mbts up front, scouts actually spotting. what we get is everyone plays like a TD should, in the back snipping.

    • @David Jones when you even get a reward or stuff for driving a mbt.
      after all those stupid changes they have done…

  4. Forgot this game exists lol. Miss when they tried to be different and not just a WOT clone. Lost hope when Obsidian left development.

  5. The recoiless rifles are some of my favorite weapons in the game. M113 and Ontos are so fun to play

  6. Wondered for last several videos if you had restarted but 2nd account makes it clear.

  7. How is this game still alive? I remember the player base is pretty much non-existed many years ago

  8. “I hate this thing”
    Don’t we all!

  9. Butt smoke lol!

  10. its so trash.. i free xp right thru it after 1 battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. tier for tier, the OT is bad. I used to like it for one reason. when aw felt easier than normal, take this out. it’s a way to self nerf a little.

  12. “Hey guys, watch this!” preludes a ton of spectacular failures :9

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