Armored Warfare | First Impressions – Is this a competitive game for its Genre?

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Hi guys welcome to my first of , lets take a look at what the fuss is about.

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  1. welcome to Armored Warfare, I play WOT and enjoy it at times other times
    not so much. I truly enjoy AW, especially the pve mode . the fact that I
    can play PvP with a fully upgraded tank is great, more equal footing than
    in WOT PvP. have fun and enjoy

  2. Ever since I started playing AW wot has become my second game as there’s
    too many things I get frustrated with in it. Obviously I ain’t gonna stop
    playing wot cuz as you say in the video I’ve invested too much money and
    time into it. I find AW lot better,also as an ex real life tankee I’ve more
    love for the modern tanks then I’ve for those from ww2 or cold war era. As
    always great video and already can’t wait for another one about AW. Keep up
    the good work.

  3. You don’t have you’re dmg panel on.. Under settings you can add them
    in/outgoing damage!

  4. Wow, thanks for an actually informative video on Armored Warfare. Every
    other video I’ve seen so far has not done a very good job of describing the
    game, particularly from a WoT player perspective. Even Jingle’s videos on
    AW sucks IMO.

    One problem with World of Tanks I think is that it’s basically made for
    point blank engagements. However this is not how tanks are supposed to
    fight, tanks normally fire at each other at much longer distances. Sniping
    at some distance can be done but the maps are very small and the guns are
    very inaccurate. I think Wargaming should rethink this, making maps bigger
    and guns more accurate. War Thunder Ground Forces as well has much larger
    maps, that is one aspect of it that really interests me.

    Normally gun accuracy follows a normal or “bell curve” distribution where
    most shots go fairly on target but some shots, with diminishing frequency
    goes more and more off target. This is how it should be modeled but
    Wargaming changed the random number generator in 9.6 because people were
    able to shoot weak spots too easily. Well, that’s the result when you fight
    at basically point blank range. So they ruined the RNG and this then has
    become a frustration for everybody and especially arty players.

  5. I amplaying aw for few months and I really like it. I have 3 tier 4 tanks
    and 1 tier 5 tank. Liked your video very much and hope you will continue
    making them

  6. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Yes, Armored Warfare is great, but if you want to play Light Tanks like the
    Light Tanks in WoT, you’ll have a rude awakening. Light tanks in this game
    are more geared towards a “Jack of all trades” role and definitely a
    “Master of None”. You don’t have the ridiculous amount of armor MBT’s get,
    you are not a Scout, since AFV’s outspot you and are more mobile and you
    are not a sniper, since Tank Destroyers take this role. So if you want to
    play AW with a similar playstyle to your LT’s in WoT, you would have to
    play AFV’s, but they often don’t have the firepower you are used to. So,
    every LT player from WoT will have to find a new playstyle in this game.
    I am currently playing LT’s in AW and I can make them work, but it’s not
    easy. The T6 is kind of a downer, but the T7 is pretty good. Decent
    mobility, decent armor (but full of weakspots) and a decent gun. The
    stealth and viewrange are ok, but, as I said, it’s not a Scout. The T8 has
    good mobility, but worse armor (for it’s tier), a slightly worse gun, worse
    stealth and worse viewrange.
    To sum it up, T1-6 are great, well balanced, but after that it gets kinda
    unbalanced, with MBT’s becoming really strong and hard to distinguish.
    Luckily, it’s still a Beta and they will work on balancing issues.
    Still I recommend this game to everybody, the developers are nicer, they
    don’t have an overpriced economy and they just *love* to give stuff away.
    Half of the premium vehicles I have in my garage right now were given to me
    from them for free!
    The game itself is also easier to grind, you only need one T6 premium
    vehicle and you’ll have no problems with credits. Even standard tanks get a
    lot of credits and in order to lose credits you would have to be AFK the
    whole game, use consumables that are replenished after the game etc. It’s
    also not rare to get a 4-6k XP battle.
    So, go out there, try AW and play until Tier 4-5 to get a good feeling for
    this game, then decide wether to drop it or not.

  7. Multi-player seems a little sparse to me. Keep queuing for pvp forever, but
    PvE mission queues aren’t even a minute.

  8. Hi Sir!
    You can activate a damage pannel from settings, GUI menu, i guess. Can’t
    remember exactly the name but it’s there.
    It allows you to see the shell type hiting you, damage received and tank
    who fired at you.

    If you are creating a battalion/clan, please let us know. I would love to
    join you!

    Good luck, Sir!

  9. Shoot whenever I play PVP in AW I’m always on the side that’s stomped by
    the other team. Literally just about every time I play PVP. whether it be
    15-0 or 15-4 or 5 losses. It’s quite frustrating. Glad that they have PVE
    at least

  10. I liked this game but only downside is a big download for my slow internet

  11. AW is a great game.???

  12. Very interesting video. Haven’t started playing AW because I didn’t know
    enough about it, but with your help that might change. Thank you!

  13. I love AW but playing from Asia means ping is above 250 all the time

  14. Honestly, I tried AW for about a week and I just never really could get
    behind it. I feel as if it’s basically WOT with new tanks and very minor
    changes. This being said I do love the way they implemented arty. I’m still
    behind WOT more than AW, and I hope the changes that wargaming has proposed
    for their game in this coming year will really make WOT much more enjoyable
    and I think we will see many people switching back to WOT

    just my two cents, hope I didn’t offend anyone and hope I’ve clearly stated
    my opinions :)

  15. I know this will be the first of many videos on AW. I have been thinking
    honestly from dropping WOT do to its small maps and repetitive nature of
    grinding for modules etc. Perhaps see you in the battlefield, Mr. Havoc. GL
    and HF.

  16. havent played wot in near 2 months since i started playing aw a lot more
    fun for me personally nd thankfully arty isnt a giganticly flawed mechanic
    and theres no bs prem ammo

  17. WG Have A fair amount of issues they really need to deal with. AW’s PVE is
    far more enjoyable then what wots pubs have become. That said I can’t play
    AW on my potato travel computer and only on my gaming PC at home. QQ

  18. Any chance of streaming Armored Warfare?

  19. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    The only thing I don’t like about this game is that it’s ever so slightly
    too demanding on my PC and so the fps is choppy, not that it’s really the
    game’s fault I guess I just need to catch up. Arty is handled much better
    which I’m loving after regularly encountering enemy artillery shells in WoT
    that disagree with the course in which I was taking at the time, I’m sure
    most of us have been there 🙂 (although in PvE there some highly
    frustrating issues with it with focus firing)

  20. Click Here for the Game Guys if you want to download

  21. armored warfare is an amazing game

  22. Hi 🙂 Is result 5k dmg done in Hellcat worth to show? :)

  23. awesome video again its now 2.35 here in the netherlands so im gonna wach
    the video and gonna sleep :)

  24. cool can’t wait

  25. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    wooooh first!

  26. Hi Ladies and Gents

    I thought I would check this out and was pleasantly surprised at what I
    found!!! join my in my journey in AW may it be the first Video of many

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