Armored Warfare || First Look At: Sabra Mk.2 (w/ Commander Setup)

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Source: Kage

an awesome can’t wait to play it some more!

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  1. So it’s a tank destroyer disguised as an MBT?

  2. mk 1 i guess will be in the tree? i know that isreal had enough tanks to make a full tree line.

  3. should i start playing Amored Warfare? I have played 13.000 rounds of world of tanks and im sick of it. Is this game worth my time?

    • Tactical Camper it’s basically WoT improved in every way, so I’d recommend trying it

    • WOT is a much older game (released in 2010?) So they are farther in terms of tank amount and options. However, AW has far better players that aren’t salty. I would take AW over any of WG or Gaijin games..WT grind is way too long and playstyle is really lame…WG is just a bunch of greedy scumbags trying to get your money….

    • Amen to that bro

    • I would say give it a try I played for awhile and had to take a break from it because it got so bad (when OE had control). Personally want to see more progress and improvement before I jump back and give it a try. Maps look really good especially new ones. NA server from the last time I saw was completely dead and I really wish they would allow me to bring over my account progress to EU. I hope for the best. Just trying to be honest though.

    • As long as your in Europe because I live in America and the servers are barely populated

  4. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thanx for the video 🙂

  5. Please remove those stupid camos. This is not an amine ok.

  6. The “camo” is ghastly. The worst so far. Why would anyone paint their tank that way? It’s a crime and style is the victim!
    Someone suggested that tanks with outlandish “camo” have an “off” switch so they didn’t have to look like clowns or cartoons but could have the choice of ordinary paint..

  7. Hey Kage I was just wandering if it was at all possible if you could create a Battalion or start something with the NA ? just a thought since I want more pop on NA and I can’t move my account over to EU :’D

  8. ATGM’s…. I am so sick of them. Since AW introduced the new ATGM’s in the game a good few patches back, that is all that has been killing me. No matter what I play I am 99.999999% the target of EVERY ATGM. Just a few hours ago I got screwed over by the AI. 2 Wiesel TOW’s took me out in a M60 with ERA and I was NEVER informed that I was spotted. I was greeted by 1 hit that took out half my life and turret ring and the second that killed me. I never even knew WHERE I was spotted! No indication at all! I have not been hit by a regular tank round in MONTHS. To make matters worse the game likes to spawn ATGM vehicles as close to your rear as possible. You can’t out run them and you can’t turn your vehicle around fast enough to avoid the spam. With the recent patch of the game, vision range and camo took a MASSIVE hit for the worse.

    I have had games in my LT maxed out for camo and vision and only get 2 spots a game!!! Yet the camping MBT behind me gets 37!!! Something is really, REALLY messed up! I suspect that it has to do with the fact that bushes/ foliage now effect vision range even more if your the one hiding behind or in them! This and with the TC’s being toned down BIG TIME something changed…for the worse!

    But the BIG question I have for you is how in gods green earth did you not take MASSIVE damage from all the ATGM’s you just ate in this video!?!?!?? I get hit once I am lucky if I lose just half my life. What gives???

  9. Definitely not 8 level penetration, it’s on par with tier 9 penetration value if not slighly better than some.

  10. Hey man i might be getting a pc for Christmas and i would like your tips on starting out completely fresh and new

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