Armored Warfare || First Look At: Sabre

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Overall disappointing

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  1. Why is this game still in development when only about 6.37691142 players play iti?

    • Because they want it to eventually succeed.

    • Game will allways be in development as world of tanks…it will change all the time with new patches 🙂

    • Cause the game still has tons of promise, but sadly has been in development hell the last 2-ish years, but the new developers seem to be picking up the pace again and it is good, just lacking in content for most players still around and too few players to make it worthwhile to start on your own with the game, as even PvE matches in low tiers can take quite a while to get matches. Provided the game gets a lot more players it could be one hella great game.

    • Really like why ask such a daft question !

  2. Well that’s one annoying bug. Does it come with reacon package?

  3. By the way maybe the Atgm issue is ping ralated? Because I remember watching this other australian guy playing with the swingfire on the EU server with dredfull ping and his atgms were doing the same thing. The old bearded guy…uh blokhole or something?

  4. Wasn’t AW supposed to be released on Steam by now?

  5. Black Friday Steam sale here we come!

  6. Well that makes no sense that the Sabre would have a worse rarden than a fox. The sabre IS an FV101 Scoprion with a fox turret, it is literally the same gun! 😛 Seems someone buggered up the stats if that’s a thing.

  7. It is a “fake” tank

  8. Well it seems the test server version of this vehicle is bugged. Regarding the 30mm Rarden cannon. I personally quite enjoy the 6 round clip thing. Its part of the character of the Rarden equiped vehicles…but maybe I am bias, as I was a trained gunner on the real Rarden gun 🙂

  9. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thank you for the video man 🙂

  10. I havent found the missiles to fly off like you did other than missing the target (my fault) and watching them zoom off, it is the best tier6 afv for spotting and long range fire, pair of swingfire missiles, 41% camo and 465m view range with optics, lenses and gun breech (lvl2) and rashid for the missiles giving you a 18second reload instead of 22 (more when i get the crew to lvl5) the only other afvs that can challenge it are the BMP/D which have the 4second gun loaded missiles, overall Im disappointed to find your review has been struck down by the weird ass missiles

  11. In regards to your comment about the aluminium there is actually a big difference. While the normal or commercial aluminium is also called series alloy the military spec alloy is either, or series alloy which is heat treated making it a lot harder also adding ballistic capabilities. Whereas and series alloy is mainly used in military aircrafts the series is used for AFV’s such as the Bradley. Won’t go to deep into this but I hope this helps a little.

  12. in reality it is a BS vehicle never had missiles & besides Swingfire wouldn’t fit 🙁

  13. The SABRE is not a purchase vehicle … its an Episode 4 WIN vehicle …. making it a rare tank !

  14. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Actually sabre is great, fire the missiles in 3rd person from cover and you’re in for a treat 😀 AC is just secondary gun while you reload the missiles. Sometimes missiles are just derping sometimes, that’s some server bug issue…

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