Armored Warfare || First Look At: T-72M2 Wilk

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Mediocre sadly…

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  1. wtf 360p…..

  2. i think armored warfare have no future

  3. this tank reminds of me the T-64 line for some reason, then i get sad cause i realize that line ends way to fast, they need to flush the T-64 line out and finish the T-80 line with the T-84 oplot, would make sense as a tier 8 i think

  4. For me Obsidian is the best RPG studio for this kind of did nothing in last 2 years.Give this game back to Obsidian and we maybe see even better game then World of Tanks.

    • Viper87 If you say so.After Obsidian was kicked this game died with them.

    • The game died nearly a year before they were fired with OE’s really bad patches around the time when they changed the match making to SIMM.

    • Obsidian, While it did start the game, was not cut out for it. They had never done a game like this before, which needed consistent updating and balance changing. They could not keep up and they were dropped.

    • Well, it appears to me that the quality of the patches has gone down hill after OE was dropped. I wish OE had been allowed to continue.

    • I guess i should remind you that OE was clueless on how to balance the game. That’s why PvP died and the entire game pretty much almost died.

      I’m not going to say that the current dev is doing any better, but OE did a very very poor job.

      And for the last time…fuck off nobody cares about a failed developer.

  5. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thank you for the video mate 🙂 added, shared as usual 😉

  6. Billy von Werbenyeagermanjensen

    could you review the XM1?

  7. I find your retrofit choices not really fitting the tank, aside from the gun breech of course

    (1) The advanced muzzle reference is a really good retrofit, but only if said tank really needs it due to bad accuracy or if you got the space for it. It’s not such case with the Wilk. Tier 6 weakspots are reasonably big at tier 6 for you to reliably hit them even without it. I’ve also been told the WIlk has a slightly better gun handling than the other pseudo-russian MBTs, so this retro looks even more overkill.

    (2) The air induction precleaner lost a lot of use after balance 2.0, since it’s only 10% and it wouldn’t really be useful on an MBT in the first place, since by being percentage based the actual effect of said retrofit is small. It would be more useful on sluggish light tanks with a 4th retrofit slot like the Anders, but even those have better retrofits to install.

    Instead of those two, I’d be installing

    (1) Pioneer Tool kit, which increases repair speed by 35%, which combined with a commander gives you a very fast repair speed making it harder (or even impossible) for the enemy to permatrack you and/or keep very important systems like the gun, the turret ring, the autoloader or the ammo rack back up as fast as possible. I think it’s vital for MBts right now.

    (2) Improved Filter Systems giving you 15% more accelleration and 50% more engine hitpoints, making an arguably not-so mobile tank with a mediocre top speed but most importantly bad accelleration shine a bit better and at least keep up with your team and/or push the enemy better. The mediocre frontal armor (lolpennable upper plate, turret ring) makes having enough accelleration to shift thru cover to not get pelted all that more important.

    Juan Carlos for commander on an MBT sounds very wierd to me, especially considering he gets no repair time skills and that as you said, this MBT is kind of made for short range engagements. I’d pick either Philipp for the massive repair boost, gun handling/crew stat improvements and overall rate of fire module health and crew health improvements or Freja to improve that pitiful accelleration, component health, repair speed, module/crew damage and turret traverse.

    You should also look back at turret traverse rates for russian tanks, they got massively buffed.

    All in all, the Wilk is not a bad premium if you manage to at least improve that horrible accelleration. It’s worse than some russian MBTs but some base stats get improved as a result making it sort of viable and not getting the tank as fucked as another tank would be against ATGMs.

  8. Great video,keep it going!!I hope they will implement the romanian TR tank series

  9. The Polish T72M2 is deadass just a russian exported T72 so its the same tank

  10. Do you still play warthunder? And do you think the game will gain a player base that will at least let you get in a pvp , pve or Gops game at any time from 12 pm till 12 am?

  11. all you content creators should totally stop making videos about tank reviews. they are releasing more copy pasta prems lately instead of fleshing out the dealers.

  12. Seemed rather pointless to me, since it’s just ANOTHER T-72. Of which we have a stupid number in game already. My feeling is we need more premiums that have DIFFERENT play styles to their regular equivalents. Not just an existing tank with an alternate upgrade pack bolted ontop.
    In short, I’d like to see more Oddballs like the Expeditionary tank as premiums.

    • M-84 should of been added instead, yes it looks like t72 but it’s on another level.
      For example engine hp is 1000-1200hp depends on model, armor composite is increased and fire control system upgraded… it basically can hit target at full speed.

  13. Thanks for the shoutout and nice overview!

  14. Johann Sebastian Bach

    They need to buff the T72B and all the other their 6 T72s

  15. Modern wot?

  16. Still no news for m-84 mbt

  17. If someone doesn’t like your opinion just say “fuck off” don’t be so nice ….

  18. Hello Devient, after not having played for a long time i recently came back to AW through steam and now, after playing for a couple of days, i’m considering to buy a tier 6 MBT. I’m currently debating between the T72M2 and the XM1 but I want to ask your opinion on what is the best bang for my buck.

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