ARMORED WARFARE | First Look | Panzer 87-140

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Source: WillfulTangent

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  1. The main gun’s accuracy is impressive for 140mm. Can’t wait to get one of those bad boys on the battlefield.

  2. this should have been the tier 10 leo .. instead of the ugly AX

    • @Leon Schumann Well, here is the thing, although the idea of a 152mm is alluring to me, the 125mm is an outlier for its caliber, firing HEAT out of this 125mm does almost as much DMG as 140mm guns without the RoF of a 140mm.
      The 152mm is probably better for PvP considering it does not have HEAT and Almost everything with armor has ERA at Tier 10, the 125mm is superior in PvE as it fires faster and you can take your time to aim at places with no ERA on them (bots also tend to drive broadside on to you or even expose their engine decks) resulting in overall faster TTKs and DMG numbers.

    • @Chef agreed, but l was more thinking about that you have a 125mm gun on the russian MBT from T5-10 and a bigger gun just feels more like an upgrade … especially on tier X … but l also enjoy “smaller” more rapid fire guns … on a T10 MBT tho a big schlong is just better

    • ​@Leon Schumann If the 152mm had HEAT with 1100-1200~ish aplha and a very slow RoF I would actually love it.
      I would also love a vihicle similar to the Shitbarn from WoT, but done in AW style (actually hitting what you are aiming at and not aiming for literal decades).

    • @Chef the shitbarn is one of the biggest problems in WoT … it is unbalanceable and doesn’t belong in the game … AW has enough big alpha guns and atgms … no need to ruin tier X like wargaming

    • Agreed, maybe have an armor upgrade to give it a6 cheeks or something

  3. Now it would be nice to see Challenger with Rh130 gun in game.

  4. A very nice “sneak peek” at this MBT. I like the flanker aspects of the tank. I also enjoy your baseline build testing methodology. Keeping things level and then add your play style options. Kind of like, “Do you want chopped nuts or sprinkles on your hot fudge sundae?”. ☺ Keep up the Most Excellent work! Godspeed!

  5. new vid ?!! Naisu !!

  6. Looks good, but hes hull lower plate is really weak. Good review dude.

    • If it wasn’t, then you would have a guaranteed CATTB situation. A game breaking over powered machine that has everyone that doesn’t have it screaming pay-to-win & threating to uninstall the game. Better to have a frontal weak spot which forces the player to go hull down & allow him to be out flanked than another frontally invulnerable super tank. Personally I think the CATTB was over nerfed, but I agree that “something” had to be done about it, even if the real life CATTB really was that much of a beast.

    • @ovk8102 Exactly…the CATTB was over-nerfed and they went too far. Hopefully, they walk it back a little. But certainly, we do not want another episode like that.

  7. Cheers on the fruits of being a community contributor, my guess would be, it got canned as many other projects because Soviet Union collapsed. So there was no need to stop their infinite tanks anymore.

  8. Cannot wait for T-14 Armata

  9. I’ve only in the past few months got back into Armored Warfare due to greater numbers playing PVP. The game has changed a lot since I last played and its nice to see all of the knew Modern tanks implemented into the game. The game though needs to be updated graphics wise and the engine noises need to be fixed. The same engine and track noises are the same and is a bit boring. For example when I’m in a Chieftain tank I would like to hear the roar of the L60 engine. The graphics need work on Armored Warfare like on the other two main tank games WOT and Warthunder have done so especially WOT. I play this game when I want to play modern tanks Warthunder also has them but the grind is unbearable but otherwise Armored Warfare it still is a fun game to play.

  10. Hello, could you do video on K2 Black panther ??? i have recently started playing (again) and i realy like tanks with gun depression that work on ridgelines etc …
    in war thunder i kinda liked challenegers (armor + gun depression) and here it looks like solid choice too but K2 looks more appealing BUT there is no japanase MBT line, its just random tanks of random classes till rank 10 – K2 so i have no clue about the general playstile, how good teh armor is etc
    any help deciding will be helpfull

    • I do not currently own the K2. I am about 1/2 of the way through the tier 9 vehicle leading up to it. I will for sure be doing the K2 and Leclerc T4 as soon as I can obtain them and grind out the vehicles to completion.

  11. Alex the Electrician

    wait ur not allowed to share gameplay what is this ?? He is a content creator for AW since a long time and he is streaming with the Tank

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