ARMORED WARFARE | First Look | T-90A Burlak

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Source: WillfulTangent

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  1. Burlak has the Shtandart APS which combines both Hard-kill and Soft-kill system. We will have to wait and see how it performs since the 200 contract points that are required to unlock it will take approx. 2 months.

    • Yep and I completely didn’t correct Soft Kill to YES for the graphic. I copy paste a lot of them to save time in editing and then adjust the data. Didn’t catch that one.

  2. Agreed on your assessment. Basically it’s a T-90A with the XM1A3’s fastdraw autoloader. Mobility has been good on the test range, but acceleration is a bit slow.

  3. Welcome back from your training! I just recently started playing again thanks to your “Is Armored Warfare Worth It In 2021” video. I even got two of my friends to come back and check it out too. Your videos are especially helpful because there is so little current information about the game. For instance, I can’t find any good reviews of premium tanks. Thanks for making great content.

  4. Olivia booSHARD.

  5. I did in fact start playing again. I find 3 or 4 years away leaves info in my mind in places I can’t find. How do you use consumables in battle? Can’t find that info in game (maybe I don’t know where to look). It 22 hrs to redownload it, but I appear to have everything I had when I deleted it. Over 100 vehicles with 3 tier 10s, over 300 million credits and 20,00 gold. Funny thing was I still had some steel insignias.

  6. These detailed reviews are excellent!

    It’s a shame that the channel is critically under appreciated, though given AW and how small the community is, I believe this may be a testiment to that.

    Either way, my grind for the T90 is a long ways off, and seeing this makes me that much more excited 😀

  7. It looks menacing on front but I prefer the good old T-90A that I know of.

  8. Another quirk of the auto-reloading system on the Burlak that you forgot to mention: the individual shell reload cannot be interrupted by main cannon firing, which mean you can fire the gun early without worry.

  9. When the turret rotating sideways its feel like “hey shoot here for the big boom” unlike the other western mbt tank with rear ammo bustle this tank rear ammo bustle just look and feel different from the other tank with same rear ammo bustle model/type

  10. How do you research the other modules?

  11. Burlak tank vs T14 armata, hmmm

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