Armored Warfare – FREE TO PLAY ON STEAM! A Lot Has Changed – Armored Warfare Gameplay PL-01

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Source: eNtaK

Armored Warfare – FREE PLAY ON STEAM!


Armored Warfare Game Overview:
Engage in tank action using the latest armored vehicles.
Choose cooperative missions, PvP battles or our exclusive hybrid mode. Theaters ranging from desolate urban, and crush your enemies on the modern.

In Armored Warfare, you become a commander expanding your private fleet of military vehicles, taking on missions and dealing with opponents with a vast array of war machines at your disposal.

Play Armored Warfare for free now and charge into action with 100+ vehicles spread over multiple classes! Raid over a dozen PvP maps for competitive play and take part in a wide range of cooperative missions, teaming up with your friends around the world. From scorching African deserts, through the mountains of China, Russian tundra.



  1. Armored Warfare has come to steam. Let me know if you guys want to see more gameplay by commenting below 😉

  2. Not first

  3. I wish the playerbase woyld grow up again… This game should finally kill world of tanks made by fucktards

  4. You made my brain ache I was like “SHOOT!” lol you’re a good guy Entaco 😀

  5. Play world of tanks

  6. “I have everything” -> I cry IRL. lol
    Through the resets and changes I have a tier 8 (C1 Ariete) at 70%.
    I still play occasionally, but the grind in these games is a bit long.

    The WoT things disappearing really is the only way to balance these games. It’s why WT has no balance (in terms of fun/playability… since it’s realism-based), it’s just all over the place. BTW, if you can see where the shots are coming from you can see the vehicle they are coming from, they just don’t highlight until spotted within a certain range (unless they changed that at some point and I’m unaware of it as this was how they differed from WoT).

    The AI is only really dumb in the easier game modes, in the harder modes they will wreck your face, haha. If you intend on playing the hardest modes then you should consider carrying a Field Rebuild Kit, you made 152k credits and full kit is only, umm, ~25k’ish IIRC, and it will restore your tank 100%

    Should have loaded AP** for the terminators. 😛

    They didn’t likely give you straight up premium time, but click one of the two + marks on the top left in the garage, then at the bottom of the screen click the Premium tab… you should have tokens you can activate for premium time. I still have 3×7 days, 3×3 days, and 3×1 day, haha. You can also activate boosters/insignias to increase different rewards, exp, crew exp, things like that.

  7. I enjoyed this game a lot and even put some money into it to support it but sadly the player base died and the queues got too long for me so I ended up going back to other games. Might download it again to see how it is.

  8. This is soo ugly!

  9. Why are the graphics worse now than open beta? (Yes, I played open beta)

  10. “100mil credits” and “70k gold” YUP! definitely a press account lol. at least a proper one. unlike crossout’s press accounts……

  11. Fire USA developers and boom…game becomes a huge fail. At one time it had something, it had similarities to, but was also very much different from, World of Tanks. Graphics were better, game play was different, maps bigger and arguably better but now…*sigh* ..there’s no reason for me to reinstall this.

  12. can u build ur own tank?

  13. Just some info in this game. Basically it used to be good, but then this happened:

  14. Its world of tanks ww3 without arty

  15. Thanks you reminded me, I am updating the game now, haven’t played it a while..

  16. Really hope they give press accounts to people like QB and Jingles, who have some knowledge (about this genre) and do proper reviews of the games features, like how the camo is displayed in the bottom left.

    Entak is great fun, to watch, but horrible for promotion.

    • Jingles already has it. He stopped making videos about AW long time ago, right about the time when Obsidian stopped developing the game. I don’t think QB will be interested in making any videos about AW, there was a reason why He didn’t make any since OBT…

  17. After Crossout I’m done with any new games… all these companies want is your money and will rip you off.

  18. So a look a like world of tanks?

  19. It used to be its own thing. Then kicked out Obsidian and turned it into a WoT clone. May it die a swift death and lose far more than they spent on development.

  20. Finaly my wish come true it launch on steam oh yeah also WORLD OF WARSHIPS ALSO JUST LAUNCH ON STEAM!!

  21. So it’s basically just World of Tanks but with more modern tanks.

  22. Play world of tanks iT have more tanks and beter graphics

  23. You never stop to play this game…. You love this game
    Yup… And y have all tank of the game

  24. I would like to see more of Armored warfare

  25. I played it from start and there is same stupid pl, cz player base, cheaters and long battle waiting, at least at eu

  26. Stoped playing this some time ago when PL01 and Armata werent in the game yet, right clicked them and hit test drive, the PL is nice but armata…. meh.

  27. The fact that kicked out obsidian just killed this game for most of players, add in that the steam release does not allow players to link their original accounts… it’s not worth your time :/

  28. The PL-01 is suppose to have panels on the outside of the tank that can be used to direct the vehicles heat to make it appear as a truck or a car on heat vision to throw off anyone that may be the enemy.

  29. ReisenUdongeinlnaba

    I hope you have also seen the newer missions in the game, the objectives are a lot more varied than the two missions you played here

  30. eNtaK gimme 5.500 gold :p

  31. the minor dmg is because you shooting a unmanned turrent aim for the hull of the little monsters shoot the view port

  32. there is a re spawn its a consumable it will repair your tank fully or if you die it will respwn you with 80% health use them !!!

  33. the m60 is a prem tank and the plo1 is a scout you where trying to play it like my beloved m1a1 abrams you play style is so much more like an abrams give it a try

  34. I like this game better than WoT, so much so that I play this sometimes instead of Warthunder.

  35. Yes! AW is back! I hope steam brings a lot more players to NA server. The game is fun.

  36. it kinda looks…..not good…

  37. Thanks for the video. You should try Global Ops, it is tons more fun than PvE or regular PvP and has had a lot of players lately.

  38. Sweet game ????

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