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Source: DooM49

Funny Moments! Pro and I play a new game and have some shenanigans trolling and moments as try to be the best tank players in the video game! We have some fails and epic moments!
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  1. First

  2. I like ME

  3. Love you Doom49


  5. n nice video man

  6. First

  7. I love Asian man!


  9. lel :D

  10. under 301!

  11. b0ss, i need da pusi

  12. That was good

  13. f***ing awesome :)

  14. Speeeeeeeeedy Gonzalez

  15. funny hahahhahahahahahhahahaha

  16. You think that the m41 is fast you haven’t seen the fox does over 100km

  17. Whats the Speedy Gonzales song name?

  18. so hot :))

  19. speedy gonzales. :D

  20. Do your ever catch your neighbors looking at your house thinking “That the
    f*** is so dang funny in there?”

  21. That “bat mobile” is a polish tank prototype ;).

  22. Ильяс Саханов

    is this game so good?

  23. “Don’t you fear boys, we may die, but the headlights are fine”

    Another one for Humza’s quotable quotes.

  24. you have instagram??

  25. This game looked so awesome few years ago when they annoucted it… but
    they made just shitty copy of WoT which is shitty game too…

  26. one of your best videos lmfao

  27. From the west coast to the east coast to the far east coast!

  28. William “EpicManToast” Arnesson

    Play world of tanks

  29. I liked your video

  30. Now theres AW which is far better than World of Tanks. The problem is 2
    years ago i invested a small loan of a million dollars into WoT

  31. Love you DooM69 oh shit sry didnt see it, now its late.

  32. I thoght this was world of tanks.

  33. Talking tanks on armored warfare

  34. Johnb32xq Productions


  35. Who is that guy with the obnoxious accent he needs to stfu jesus

  36. Pro is a God of voices confirmed

  37. I died at the headlight part

  38. Ørjan Fjermestad Andersen

    So funny!!!

  39. Liam the dark angel.

    pro has the best voice

  40. Anime Paradise For Life

    love the song edit. fits perfectly

  41. funniest thing ive ever seen haha

  42. Yeah keep finding new games for us

  43. I love how you make funny moments out off this game! I would love to see

  44. more plx more

  45. Speedy Gonzales driving a Ferrari XD

  46. Do more. So great… So Pr0… Much Magic.. :^)

  47. why is your mic so quiet xDD my ears doom XD

  48. Don’t click Read more

    You fookin rebel m8 , wut the hell

  49. Doom49
    Pl-01 is Polish tank but we have only prototype
    That tank looks very funny
    Pl-01 suck a little bit
    Tank from the future maybe versus Rusian oo gwad

  50. Hey Doom try to shot AP in the T62 next time and not heat! ;)

  51. Is that the chinese version of Wot?

  52. PL-01 ingame? srsly?

  53. Funny to seen doom playing armored warfare :D

  54. jeremy fundling (synysterdax)

    PL-01 is the first stealth tank prototype

  55. doom plis make your friend be a youtuber like u

  56. Is this game just a carbon copy of world of tanks?

  57. Lol i got a tank whit top speed 100km/u

  58. Anyone want to know anything about tanks?
    Just ask me
    researching since I was 4 years old!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Because of you I now know all about the PL-01….

  60. Is this game on WoT engine?

  61. Pierce Madden (DriftingCookie)


  62. These look like battlefield maps!:p

  63. What is the song of 3:00

  64. this reminds me of the old battle field days that ive missed

  65. more videos with ur friends Doom you, jonesy and Co are hilarious

  66. very funny omg crying

  67. Hahahahahahah nice

  68. nobody can match with the spdy gonzalez

  69. plz do more of these i laughed so hard

  70. Please find more speedy Gonzalez his the best XD

  71. you are so funny love you

  72. what’s the name of the guitar song in the background at 02:03 (not the
    Spanish one)

  73. I think the PL-01 is a Polish tank prototype

  74. More more more more more! “Dah Dah Dah dahdada” :’D

  75. Title in caps ? Are you that desperate for views ?

  76. omg so funny

  77. Catalin Gabriel Ghita

    I can do the same voice as pro

  78. doom was fun, but with promagic i can’t breath, can’t laugh whitout destroy
    my jaw

  79. well its fairly evident they arennew to the game

  80. this is dangerous :D

  81. bad version of wot

  82. More gameplay with ProMagic please!

  83. Wow! Such wot copy.

  84. hey doom94

  85. Panificadora Gameplays

    Don’t click Read more
    Read more

  86. this was awesome, do more!!!

  87. War thinder is 1000 times better that world of tanks shit

  88. pleas more its so funny… ? ? ?

  89. i lughed

  90. PL-01 its a polish tank if im not mistaking

  91. Szczepan “Hunter” Czarny

    That tank PL 01 is X tier? I think ? PL means Poland?

  92. holy shirt snapping that’s funny slippers right there please continue to
    make these with that and I’m cool

  93. Pr0magic for next Talking Tanks or #RIOT!

  94. Do more of this Doom. Funny sh!t.

    ………and do more Portal with Tommy!!!!!

  95. oh hell yea they have the PL-01

  96. Does the pl-01look like an elephant ? Thats som futuristic shit man !

  97. such a ripoff of World of Tanks

  98. One of the best to date

  99. This game is sich a copy of World of tanks just Much more awesome. Think im
    gonna download this

  100. dude i love how youre laughing and i love humza binshitface


    Play warthundrr

  102. Damn hilarious Doom!

  103. part 2 maybe?

  104. SexyTimeWithTaylor

    MORE PRO!! Omg this was amazing had me in tears

  105. how long do you think they will last in war thunder if they do play it

  106. y u no world of tanks

  107. another beautiful video, love it <3

  108. Tell that man to make a fucking youtube channel because i can’t get enough
    of that accent

  109. BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!

  110. “out of the way nerd.” *kills self* xD

  111. I love your friend and his accent. Plz do some more cs:go funny moments bc
    those are my favorites

  112. lol wtf was with majic final try to advaenge you

  113. I almost cried on Pro :DD

  114. Isn’t DooM the one that made the Talking Tanks series? I feel Nostalgia.

  115. Агафон Агафонов

    speedy gonzalez the best))))))))))))))

  116. please play more of this

  117. god i laughed so much XDD I LOVE YOUR VIDS DOOM!!! XDDD

  118. omg funny as … I had to watch it twice but fail I hurt my self laughing

  119. the pl-01 is an actul tank its being produced now

  120. you gonna play more world of tanks?

  121. we so need to platoon up

  122. look how fast the fox can go

  123. por dios esa risa al final

  124. Pro is soooo funny – love you too Doom

  125. lol in the squads I run with my bauds we wouldnt stand for dis shiess 😛
    fun is allowed but you gotta be somewhat serious

  126. The speedy gonzalez moments in this video were spot on.

  127. That was fucking hilarious that guys accent was sick

  128. MOAR

  129. more pl

  130. wow my lolz

  131. Holy Shite! That was some damn funny commentary! MOAR….For the love of
    all that is good and evil…MOAR!

  132. DooM49 Brother dont laugh about our Polish future tank 🙂 And I just insta
    like this video cuz I juuuuust know this will be funny with the ProMagic!!

  133. The PL-01 looks like an anteater

  134. Fishing Rod of PrivateFearless

    You’re in DField’s 2nd latest video xD

  135. Lel

  136. This was one of the best videos ever

  137. lots of potatoes

  138. what happened to talking tanks?

  139. God damn it, laughing my ass off because of the Speedy Gonzales joke

  140. The PL-01 is a stealth tank produced by OBRUM (a Polish company) in
    cooperation with BAE Systems. This concept vehicle was presented September
    2013 at the International Defense Industry Exhibition. It´s a Direct
    Support Vehicle, controlled by three soldiers. It´s turret is unmanned and
    has a full-automatic loading mechanism. The national version has a 120mm
    (4.72″) cannon, the export version a 105mm (4.13″).

    Cheers +DooM49 potato

  141. I have stomach cramps because of speedy gonzales!!! XD

  142. Speedy Gonzales <3

  143. That ProMagic, god, i cant stop laughing! he makes your vids man! Please,
    keep playing games with him in them!!!!

  144. coool play :D

  145. m8 dont stop play that game and pls add me on AM im Mr_Kubilay dont forget

  146. please more vids with this guy i’m craying

  147. Rolling on the floor…..speedy, with his stereo blaring as he passes from
    right to left.

  148. oml that was actually incredible xD

  149. why were u using shitty Russia tanks lol

  150. Is this a World of Tanks copy and paste or better?

  151. Play some Warframe Doom

  152. I don’t know if anyone realizes how much i would love to sit in their
    teamspeak/skype call with my mic muted while they record a video like this.
    I don’t think i could endure that much laughter xD

  153. the PL-01 can turn invisible to thermal or look like a car to thermal

  154. Doom yo have to make your videos longer cause they are awesome.. I just got
    out of a surgery and it’s hurting me so much.. Watching your video
    distracted me from the pain and made me laugh so much.. I really enjoy the
    work that you put in these videos.. Keep up the good work and keep bringing
    smiles to everyone

  155. World Of Tanks clone? Cool.

  156. Faku flash.

  157. Free key for this game :
    Armored Warfare T-62 Main Battle Tank + Premium Time

    Happy holidays!!

  158. Yes DooM, PL-01 is a actual polish tank. It has a lot of cool stuff like
    active camouflage or active protection system and a 105mm (i’m not sure
    about caliber) main gun. So yeah. It’s a tank.

  159. Yay Pr0Magic is back! I love that guy, he is so funny!

  160. What’s ur friend name,Doom49 :D

  161. Doom! World of Tanks is better!!!

  162. some hilarious irony, watching an armored warfare video and there’s a war
    thunder ad at the side.

  163. PL-01 for battlefield 5 pls

  164. that was the perfect ending. duuhhh, I don’t know what to say.

  165. 0:33 I lost it at this part xD

  166. Back here in my garage with my new PL-01 but you know what i like like more
    than my PL-01? Nothing cuz its a fucking cool tank

  167. PL-01 does exist

  168. This was hilarious.

  169. I love your laugh + your friend’s talking it makes me laugh so hard ?

  170. More gameplay with ProMagic please Im dying over here hahahahah

  171. Holy crap your friend is too funny xDD

  172. PL-01 is prototype of Polish tank. 100% made in Poland boys :D

  173. That was hilarious


  175. lost it at 2:09 jezus christ that tank was fast hahahaha

  176. Thank you so much for making these vids Doom. x’D
    I am suffering from chronic depression, but thanks to your vids (and some
    other vids from other youtubers) I can smile for a while during the day. ^^
    <3 Thank you so much.

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