Armored Warfare – Global Operations Patch 0.18

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The new Global Operations game mode became available for Armored Warfare with the release of patch 0.18 and it’s , but not without two issues…

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  1. Frankling Roosevelt

    Only use HE to finish off tanks you cannot pen reliably. AP does more
    damage, and HEAT does the most. Don’t use HE against the weak spots even if
    it pens.

  2. I started playing on the eu server as soon as the patch came out, found a
    game every 2 minutes and was surprised. It´s probably also a thing to blame
    on nobody really having tier 8 vehicles.

  3. There’s literally like 50 people in the entirety of the US servers. Biggest
    reason I never got into this game :/ Wasn’t possible to.
    And yes that’s PvE and PvP

  4. Graphically good missions booring very very few , tanks quite boring
    meaning too little and those that are soooo copy paste , PLAYER AMOUNT NOT
    AND VERY LAGGY AND TANKS WERE SO BORING but still keep on trying.

  5. I hope someone will hear you from

  6. i must check this game out

  7. I play xbox and I would love to try armord warfare

  8. hope people start moving from wot to this game. ive personally grown sick
    of wot and at this point it feels like they arent making any attempts to
    make their game better. i think armoured warfare is so much better just
    simply because of all of the work theyve put into balancing. i cant find
    any tank i love more than the other or a tank i would say is out of place
    because every tank just fits into its ranking and the capabilities stretch
    to reasonable extents to combat and destroy other tanks. also i love the
    fact that spending money doesnt effect anything that happens on the
    battlefield and only affect what happens in the garage something i believe
    wot fucked up with on a colossal level. i really hope the work these guys
    are putting into this game pays off in the future cause they deserve it.

  9. The only reason I watched this is because I saw Artillery, soooooooo….

  10. One map is a good thing: you only need one set of camo for all your

    The real problem is that they nerfed reward for damage…

  11. Agree entirely Jingles, boring same old same old map. I’ll play two or
    three global ops games then I’ve had enough. PVE isn’t much better, same
    mission 4 times in a row last night with different tanks at different
    levels and that seems to have become a regular thing. Rarely see some maps
    and others repeat ad nauseam.

  12. JINGLES! We need more Global Ops videos and replays STAT the NA servers are
    asleep in the morning.
    I will send in any replays I make.

  13. global ops is total bs,. AW is failing hard

  14. I stopped playing since you have too pay at the start to get more tanks and
    i dont wanna pay since wot is pretty much the same game

  15. ( not worth it because of the match making)

  16. They would get more population if they would put AW on steam

  17. Sorry played it now a few times
    And it boils down to the same as the normal stuff . Didn’t had lot of fun
    with it

  18. I sat in queue for this game mode for over 30 minutes. I ended up falling
    asleep on my keyboard waiting.

  19. Jingles I got another reason for you why the player base for AW is
    dwindling… Battlefield 1

  20. 4:52 so its battlefield but with tanks only?

  21. Armored warfare needs to be on console and needs to share servers with PC
    players similar to what warthunder does

  22. Sorry, but this game is getting more and more rediculous. GOPS is nothing
    more but a helpless try to get the game growing. but in fact it is dying,
    and on NA server in PVP and even GOPs it is DEAD. on Eu server the same,
    shrinking playerbase, bugs over bugs, no problems solved. it s done. better
    play tanki online than this nonsense. and gops its kids mode, nothing to do
    with any kind of tactical game, just duck shooting like mad and in the end
    u see how many u got.

  23. no, its more players since its 5X weekend

  24. advertising is abysmal because there is no advertising. They have
    taken the stance for a long time now that they don’t want to advertise the
    game until it is finished. BS policy IMO.

  25. You forgot to mention that you no longer can just unlock the chieftain mk5
    by playing games, you now have to get the t64 to 100% rep to unlock it.
    thankfully I unlocked it and bought it before the patch, now working on the
    6mil creds to buy the challenger 1

  26. pepe trump for president 2020

    any new tank’s?

  27. I have not been playing either, though it has nothing to do with the map. I
    have not been playing because I just started a new job in a new industry,
    ha. Things will calm down and I will hope on soon I am sure.

  28. Some problems is any friends who played World of Tanks…. Sees Armor
    Warfare another tank game and don’t want to progress a tech tree that takes
    forever to master. Plus early versions of the game turn off people willing
    to play because of too many bad game. I will give the update a time…. I
    hope I like it.

  29. It would be really sad to see AW go away just because there aren’t people
    playing it. It’s a really good game, it adresses many issues that WoT has
    which is AW’s primary competitor. There is nothing bad in particular that
    you can point out that’s bad. Tanks look, feel and sound just absolutely
    amazing, there is fair bit of them. Maps are really nice as well.
    Complexity of the game is also on point, it only misses tank model viewer(I
    like to know exact armor values, and I’m sure many others do). The only
    thing I feel is unfair Jingles, you keep on saying that there is also WoT
    if someone wants to play PvP. Yes, people have invested money into WoT and
    all, but that doesn’t make AW’s PvP mode worse. In my opinion it’s even
    better. As I said, it adressed many issues that we are constantly dealing
    in WoT, which primarily for me is artillery. And lots of subtle changes
    that make it all the more fun to play.

  30. Fellow jingles subs! Download Armored Warfare and give it a go! You’ve got
    nothing to loose if you don’t like it you can uninstall after all. Help
    make Armored Warfare great again

  31. I really hope this game sticks.

    I don’t have the means to try it yet.

  32. I wish I could play this game, but my computer doesn’t let me to, because
    it’s crap! World of Tanks and Warships work tho, so I need to settle with
    them. But I wish I could play AW :(

  33. As much as I like global ops, my friend and I were joking about the one map.
    “Let the world know that the word “global” has been redefined to mean “one
    dockyard in the desert””.

  34. Whats better, World of Tanks? Or Armored Warfare

  35. “Fantastic game mode” you’re saying… You must be retarded. Well, you’re
    not so retarded, just a sad kiss-ass.

  36. This game, sadly, is a totally failure, because stupid and mediocre
    developers, who never played their own game. Developers who have no idea
    about spotting, camo, flanking, shooting systems. Devs who make maps with
    billion of debris, rocks and vegetation, just to look good (maybe), without
    any clue about competitive games or so. Even if they had WoT and WT to play
    it and understand. Even if their retarded project manager Rich Taylor said
    he played WoT for 2 years (maybe he’s IQ is too low). I mean, how is
    possible to came out with a game in this pathetic state, after so many
    years of development? And they are no pioneers or something, they had WOT
    and WT to inspire, to not make their mistakes… All they did it was to
    encourage mediocrity and bad players. Like their american society, where
    everything is leveled to mediocrity. It is worst than communism, for real.
    All potatoes from WoT come here just to hide their pathetic stats and their
    inability to think, to play PvE (pley4fan muppets – like winning it’s not
    fun, lol). This is their player base, low IQ tomatoes and few good players,
    who struggle to play this unbalanced game. Even more, idiotic developers
    just split even more their tiny player base with, another, unbalanced and
    rushed mode. And they are happy, because always stupids are stupids and
    happy… and, logic, they are not able to see how bad they are. And you
    know what is worst? They censor every negative criticism, which makes Putin
    look the most democratic president in the world. This is all about, make
    money and manipulate people. And it’s fucking easy, because 80% are
    ignorants and low IQ. They voted for Trump, need to say more? Sad, because
    this game had such a BIG potential. Ruined by mediocre developers. Maybe if
    they hire some est-europeans devs and programators or russian ones.

  37. Some spot on points there TMJ but I think GLOPs is going to be the making
    of this game….I also have not any queue issues above 1-2 mins I also
    found that tier 8 and above get games faster than 5-8 tiers….. I don’t
    get boredom issues with any aspect of the game but everyone has there
    opinion on games on market..Still as a avid watcher of your videos and tank
    reviews(which there is not enough of them) I will take your opinion on
    board and still continue watching

  38. North American server still getting 10-15+ minute queues.

  39. Well Jingles, your plan kinda worked. More people are playing AW on the NA
    server, but it’s still low

  40. people are still playing this game? i thought it died lol

  41. Jingles, I think you’re not 100% on the map issue. If the game mode is
    dynamic enough, one map is enough. My proof?

    League of Legends. Smite.

    They subsist on the same map and woe be unto the person who says that the
    primary game mode needs more maps.

  42. Great words, Jingles. So TRUE! We need more maps, at least 1or 2.
    Actually, ppls play this, max 1::02 min in queue.
    Best MODE by far! Finally, well done: AW, Obsidian…or who was involved.
    Keep up the good work!

  43. jingles for a new player what tank line do you recommend

  44. I gave up after 20 minutes…I probably won’t go back. I do play PVE…and
    occasionally, I’ll play PVP (but if the mm takes more than 5 min, I go back
    to PVE).

    THUGZ NA Server

  45. I bet this game mode is pretty fun. Too bad I still can’t get in a game
    since nobody plays AW

  46. Armored Warfare is fantastic, enjoyable to play from game 1 tier 1. I
    played WoT for about 2 years (different ID) and i’ts no where near as
    interesting to play as Armored Warfare. With the new Global Ops this is
    really great love the re-spawn and multiple objectives. Yes just one map
    at the moment but there will be more. With so many different tank classes
    each needs to play in a different way on all so you can add variety that
    way. AW is definitely not a heavy tank, lane focused brawl that WoT has
    degenerated into.

  47. ooh thank god i saw this had to clean out my hole pc but only redownload
    wot,, wows and some other game forgot about this game/ thx for this jingles

  48. AW is dead.Even if there are players they are Polish or German fucktards.

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