Armored Warfare. Global Operations T-90MS

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Source: LightFoot Freddy

Hello Everyone,

A Glops video from myself in my T-90MS , nothing fancy just me wrecking some tanks and having a blast with an epic final.
Have fun and always relax its just a game.

Armored warfare is to play come and join us.

You can send you replays to

You can also find me on:


  1. While I do agree that the game is in development I do have some problems
    with a game that is taking money calling itself in beta. Frankly I think
    that by the time you start taking cash from people the game is in release
    whatever you want to call it.

  2. gg Freddy and i like to see more video’s of globs.

  3. nice video the camera work looked really good


  5. I have no issue waiting for B 2.0, It’s going to change the game for the
    better. What I hope to see is more dynamic gameplay for PvE such as
    changing objectives if you fail the first part of a mission sort of a
    redeeming factor or like GLoPs taking points from the AI as a tug of war
    type of PvE mission that can change based off of objectives and secondaries
    added to the maps.
    Also would like more in depth dailies or Week long type missions to
    complete that might have amounts of smaller missions combined to make it
    progressive in place of a campaign.

  6. I have bin in aw since closed beta(but not played as much as i wanted lol ,
    still it is a very fun game to play in spare time) got the terminator t6
    and most premium tanks as a collector really , but mainly to support the
    game .

    I love aw and so ye i do support it , i like globs alot (again can not play
    it as much i would like lol globs i mostly play with my platoon mate so
    when he is on and we feel like going globs we will , having a good time
    even when a lose).
    Mostly i play pve in aw myself , some pvp and ofc globs wich is a very fun
    gamemode and i agree its the way for aw to go , more maps would be needed
    but to me it only can get better and i hope the future brings us a even
    better game and more ppl to play with :)

  7. Loved the ending. Nice vid

  8. Nice vid Fred, but you know my opinion about Glops, it sucks! It takes
    players away from PVP (which is THE game modus imo) and doing that with
    such small player base, I think its a very dumb move! And even more I have
    to say that this game was alrdy in development for more then a year since
    it started as BETA oktober last year. So imo they have over 2 years of
    development alrdy! All these bugs in garage dont help as well. When are
    they gonna start making commercials to get more players into the game, that
    would defo help getting a larger playerbase!!!

  9. nice game play freddy keep it up

  10. PLZ more bugs and more fails on new USPs!!!!!

  11. Or maybe more features/bugs

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