Armored Warfare – Global Ops // “Wailing & gnashing”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

With patch 0.1 of AW comes the much anticipated Global Operations mode, mixing elements from with combat – and just in time for Halloween too, because as we all know, there’s nothing more truly horrifying than having with other people…


Armored Warfare multiplayer tank game featuring vehicles from the Cold War era to the present day – you can find out more at: http://aw./us


  1. Regarding WoWS’s Halloween mode: WastingSomeTime Gaming has posted an
    instructional video (a.k.a. Do it this way, damn it!). It’s entitled
    “Halloween Mode: World of Warships Tips”. I don’t know if Jedi allows links
    to be posted, so I’ll add one as a reply to this comment.

  2. played one battle so far, feels like jingles was right when he said thats
    the future of aw .. felt pretty nice. as a scout player you can take higher
    risks, getting some flanking kills and spots, if you die in the progress
    it’s not all over. its a really dynamic gameplay on this mode … hope they
    bring some more maps .. and fix the fps drops

  3. I can’t wait to get the Challie 1 in AW…am halfway through the Chieftain
    atm. Its a nice machine, tad slow i think for Global Ops. I played a game
    with my Leo. 1A5 (they’re the only two tier 5s or above I have) I love the
    things mobility, great for reacting to ever changing flanks etc

  4. leaving any comment right here!

  5. I’ve enjoyed Global Ops, but I really need to remember to turn the chat

  6. Russian bias… in an American game

  7. glad to see caption guy is back with full force with with special “edits”
    to the videos :D

  8. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    My old internet ADSL2 and American servers playing from Australia

  9. Vid been up 3 days and only 13 comments. That sums up the interest in AW
    these days, and even more telling when this new game mode is slated to be
    the thing that turns AW around and regains their lost player base. I enjoy
    AW PVE and am good at it but this new mode just doesn’t have that
    attraction like I was hoping/expecting. It feels far too slow paced and I
    seem to find myself spending far too much time driving around looking for
    stuff to shoot at. Just sitting in the cap circles with a heavily armoured
    tank seems to be a guaranteed win and the best way to get tanks to come to
    you to shoot at but doing that gets boring very quickly. Early days yet and
    I expect more GLOPS maps will come in time (no doubt the usual AW trick of
    using existing maps but just blocking off some paths and changing the light
    levels…) but at the moment all it seems to have achieved is further
    diluting the player population so you’re now waiting even longer to get a
    match in your chosen game mode.

  10. Great game terrible ques need to merge NA and EU servers might fix this.

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