Armored Warfare Global Ops with Tanks for the Mammeries: #GlobOpsQA Promo & T-64A Hunter Preview

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Source: FTM

Check out the new T-64A Hunter premium tier 5 Soviet era tank and check out the details on the upcoming new AW Mode: . The team at Obsidian will be hosting a DevStream to show off Global Operations, the new upcoming game mode for Armored Warfare, at 11AM PDT, 2PM EDT (8PM CEST) on October 4th, 2016. The topics being discussed will include:
• An overview of Global Operations
• Global Operations Tactics
• The Global Operations map Desert Crossing
• The impact of Global Operations on the future of Armored Warfare
We hope you’ll attend this DevStream. We’ll be fielding questions from the chat, Facebook & Twitter, and giving away T-64a Hunter Codes. In order for the team to see the questions players will have to post them using the #GlobOpsQA hashtag.

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