Armored Warfare – Guide: Classes

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Source: Armored Warfare

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Introducing the fourth of the new Guide series, this time focusing on the types of vehicles that are available in Armored Warfare.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense -based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. Koto the scabbu master

    Yeah SPA disadvantage is mountainous terrain

  2. Takahashi Fujihita

    Me: haven’t logged into the game since shut down the forums.
    Youtube’s algorithm: 2020 is the time.

    • Takahashi Fujihita

      @Armored Warfare More like a good time to start anew on Steam since I won’t be running around ruining other people’s games at higher tier playing my old account. Need to relearn the new stuff first. The good news is, since the last time I played, I moved from Asia to Europe, where your server is located these days, so I should not be running into constant 200ms+ now.

    • @Takahashi Fujihita You can alway use the lower tier vehicles on your old account to get the feel of how the game plays now so meaning you dont have to start from scratch and can move up quicker if you feel ok – I still play vehicles from all tiers

    • @Takahashi Fujihita how?

    • @chaz8758 how?

    • AusTankie Gaming

      @Takahashi Fujihita lool try 300+ms

  3. Leevi Lukkarinen

    Any chance of looking into merkava mk4m and armata series aps systmes. Abilty to stop enemy ap rounds in air seems too overpowered atm. I would say it needs somekind of minimum range or limited protecion arc to stop kinetic penetrators.

    Thanks for advance. Love playing your game👍

    • Hey there! We’ll be looking into all systems in Update 0.33 but, except for the active mode, the ability to intercept kinetic rounds has been removed from these high-end active protection systems already.

    • T-15 has the same Hard Kill APS Ability , but it doesn’t stop AP shells , you still get damage , but at lower amounts. T-14 and Merkava 4M are the same way.

    • Leevi Lukkarinen

      Well i have been away from the conputer for couple weeks now so i quess ill need to check things again soom when possible.
      Nice to see communtiy is heard.👌

    • @Armored Warfare – Thankfully. It’s irritating especially in PVE where every second tank is a T-15.

  4. can I actually get a game playing this game in oceanic region now or is the playercount still kind of suffering?

  5. There’s no playerbase anymore.

  6. I love this game. T(h)ank you developers! ❤️

  7. I’m sorry, but the XM1A3 is not great at anything? Someone does not play with 140mm heat. Angle its turret a little so the AI can’t get it’s weak spot and it is a top tank.

    • @chaz8758 – 8.6 sec reload for the 140 is not long at all. Not to mention it is easier to set the target on fire with the larger caliber.

    • AusTankie Gaming

      @Nameless King why I like AW

    • @AusTankie Gaming I use the 800mm pen HEAT MP on the PL01 pretty well. Same with the merk3, if that Heat works well with 800mm on T10 in other vehicles should be the same.

    • @Nameless King If I can live with 10.58 secs on the atdu XD and is one of my fav tanks

    • @Nameless King Horses for courses, I use the quickshot as it is faster firing and faster reload for a single round (6.54) plus you can do a double shot.

      The 140 is much faster (9.72 as I have not unlocked the improved loader) than my ADTU’s (10.53) but slower than my T14’s 125 at 6.4, my Leo 2AX at 7.08

      So for me the ability to unload two rounds quickly and get back into cover then pop out doing single shots faster than the 140 can reload suits me.

      Some like a single bigger hit (love HEAT on my 2AX in PvE with its 130)

      Hate the Obj 490 with its long reload (11.94) even though it hits very hard, its slow hull traverse and pain gun depression also put me off using it more

      The CATTB I have not played enough to see if it suits me, hits hard but long reload (10.46) for each round – although it has a double shot ability

  8. Maioral of Knowledge

    Some untold realities of this game:

    – The average players per hour is low (~250) because it is not disclosed/known as it should be
    – In most cases at PVE when there is one artillery/SPG class in your team, prepare to lose,
    – It became mostly a PVE game and you have not many maps, you will repeat the same ones after 1-2 hours playing straight
    – Ppl always argues politics on chat
    – Sometimes if you shoot a stopped tank that was spotted the shot doesn’t hit it !?!?!
    – Unlock T10 tanks take almost a year with 4 hours daily + premium account if you play only its’ tree and no other more.
    – Good tanks will definitely be nerfed due to many cry
    – Teams always will have stupid players that don’t advance/move/spot/push and so prefer to lose duo to clock than spot
    – mbt’s aren’t invincible as most idiots think it is to push on the battle field with open chest without thinking and can die easily with proper atgms on weak spots.
    – Unfortunately this video won’t have more than 5k views, because of first thing I told

    So far, that is all, but is a good game if you know how to handle it.

    • You forget the number one rule of this game, play T-15 or lose

    • Well, no.

      – No, it’s much more. Like, 20x more.
      – No, this is statistically not true (unless… are you playing artillery?)
      – No, although PvE is more popular. 30-40 percent of players at any given time play PvP
      – No, this is simply not true
      – No, unless you suffer from very poor connection
      – No, this is definitely not true, unlocking Tier 10 tanks takes much less and there are bonuses and boosts available all the time
      – No, this is not true, only truly overperforming tanks get nerfed
      – Every game has good and bad players, so complaining about meeting bad players makes no sense
      – Yes, MBTs aren’t invincible, which is obviously a good thing
      – This is a niche video as it is and only a small fraction of the entire playerbases cares to watch game content on Youtube, that’s true for every single game out there

      We’re sorry you had bad AW experience but the info you post here is so wrong that it’s probably intentional.

    • Maioral of Knowledge

      @Armored Warfare unfortunately it is not possible to put every thing i told here in prints and obviously you guys will say the opposite, but for replying what i told is a sign i’m right, whoever with 2 months exp. in the game will notice most i told, admit/accept the true that hurt less, even the forum you guys took it off.

      Jusy one proof about average hourly players –

    • @Maioral of Knowledge Only a very small fraction of the entire playerbase plays via Steam as the game was launched via the Game Canter long before its Steam launch. Again, this is widely known and obvious.

    • @Maioral of Knowledge Most people do not use the Steam version – they launch directly from the AW launcher – why launch steam to launch the launcher to play the game.

      Most PvE matches are a win even if artillery are in the match, sometimes artillery make crucial contributions, sometimes very little – same with all classes its down to the players

      Took me a lot less to get several tier 10’s without premium time (I rarely bother using boosts or premium as the progression is easy enough – as long as you are an average at least player)

      There are always bad players in any game, often they will blame anything and everything else for why they lose, rather than admit they are bad – even good players can have a bad day – most players are average and in PvE that means most matches are wins (even the worst players I have seen in PvE have a 60+% win rate)

  9. bessere offenere maps wären gut und nich so verbaute und großteil so artyunfreundliche
    und die flugbahn der geschosse der arty sind auch viel zu flach, sry aber des isn witz, und kaum spielbar

  10. Might’ve dropped Jury

    U need something to get the players back and quickly potential to a good game

  11. i can’t login the game if i login that will say Unable to complete operation but my connect is very good pls fix this that make me sad

  12. fricking arta

  13. I didnt even notice the little infantry guys were a thing in this game

  14. War Thunder player here. I’ve been looking for alternative for WT and found out about this game. As for the game UI, it’s basically World of Tanks. One major difference between the AW and WOT/WT is that
    -grind almost gave me a heart attack. I unlocked and bought Tier 5 tank in matter of hours
    -no golden ammo
    -no irritating close air support
    -tanks by nation? Nah, we mix them up
    -has a story
    -no misleading and actually helpful guides for new people like myself (unlike Gaijin…)

    But the game has a few downsides
    -tanks will randomly continue to turn left/right when i release the A/D button
    -UI is sometimes hard to navigate while not in the battle
    -not the game’s fault, but sometimes i have to wait a couple of minutes before joining to a game
    -not many maps

    Overall, much better experience with game itself and these guides. I’d like to see this game with a larger player base so keep up the good work!

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