Armored Warfare – Guide: Spotting System

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Source: Armored Warfare

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Introducing another part of the new Guide series, this time focusing on the spotting and system of Armored Warfare.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, and more! Armored Warfare stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. Ohh my ohh wow
    I wish more tank destroyer apc to be arrive
    Like the m113a2 with long barrel cannon of it
    Or m2 bradley with a 1sniper
    4 atgm units 10 infantry 3 motar depends or a squad set up needa to use
    From garrison building up to some area

    And a new more main battle tank design
    a light tank

  2. People use smoke screen to fall back while i use them to squeeze an extra shot or two while remaining undetected

  3. Good video,

    What i want more information in matches would be spotting damage. How do i know when i am spotting a vehicle i will get spotting damage for it? If others spot it to you don’t get spotting damage right? Some more explaining on doing spotting damage would be great. Now i will just auto cannon track to get assist damage but i wish i could reliable know when i’m spotting something i get spotting damage for it.

    • You will get spotting damage when the tank you spot is having a grey eye above them but that only apply for other teammate that shot your spotted tank for a spotting damage to count and for me spotting damage can be easily achived with a well placed sniper squad

  4. Ahmet Latif Karaca


  5. Are you planning to add more base vehicles?

  6. Hey Armored Warfare why did you give us smoke grenades and after using it I am still spoted for that 5 sec. time with the grey Eye Icon ?

    • Yeah, that grey icon mechanic is the most bullshit thing… If I throw smoke Im not spoted, the AI should shoot at me and hit me if I dont move, the same way a player on pvp will do, but on pve where we fight against a lot of enemies, smoke should be a way to brake contact with the AI, its absurd to throw your smoke and die by atgms after your smoke just because of that soft spot… Lots of times I said that they need to separate pvp from pve but, the game is balanced on the pvp aspect and works the same when we face double or sometimes triple enemies on some modes.

      I will tell you right now, they probably will not change anything about the system XD

  7. Waiting for the realistic battles with the real spotting system. Right now it is not viable to use an MBT that has no vision in comparison to a td or hugly stealth vehicle which hammer you down with missiles or ready rack cannons.

  8. Another guide that no one wanted…
    Seriously fix the game first! The PVE missions are the same since 2014 please rework them they NEED it. Why has every class to be a damage dealer like in the last battlepath? MBTs should be rewarded for deflecting damage and why is their vision Range so short? They have to compete against autocannons that have three times the DPM and its not even thier role… They are the “Tanks” for god sake they stand in the front and take the fire so reward the for doing so. You admitted the T-15 Armata is extremely powerful but since the he recieved 3buffs!? WTF? Autocannons are way to powerful.

    • Thats funny because yesterday was like the MBT camping day… No fucking mbt was on first line, merks3/4, T90s, Types…. and all of them were different users. Why¿? Why ask for that when ppl dont know how to role their vehicles¿?… Even one guy say to me on the PLZ (arty) that I should go spot after I pointed out that he should stop camping on Harbringer with the T90s. He and the other rando on the M1A1 camped the hill, while the other T90ms and the TD went on front to die misserably… and this happens a lot of times on a lot of maps.

      I agree that mbts maybe need to be rewarded for deflecting, in fact I had a match on Phalanx where I deflected 80k and nearly died twice on my Merk4 only because of the Chipdmg. They need to rework lots of things and ppl need to learn the vehicle roles.

    • So game went into Alpha in April 2015 – closed beta a few months later, open beta around October 2015 – only thing you could play in 2014 was around 100 people invited for a special showing in Dec 2014 and there was no PvE as that did not come till late in Alpha tests.

      MBT’s can get plenty of rewards for being in the front in PvE – set them and their commanders up for spotting – seems most people dont even set their AFV up for spotting as I outspot them when they are in front of me in my MBT’s

      Vision range was reduced for MBT as they were camping way at the back because their base spot was around the same as the AFV dedicated spotters, same with TD – now they have all been changed (at higher tier as the lower tiers have not been redone yet iirc).

      PvE missions and maps have changed many times since 2015 (or at least objectives on maps with a few new maps and some removed), some have made them worse (ricochet) others better, some removed (tigerclaw) most just different (which some just cant handle the changes). Completely new maps would be welcome however

      The T15 has actually had several nerfs in its life, it can still be very powerful but it is not the near invulnerable death dealer it was.

      Their are some high damage autocannons in game like the AMX 13 DCA, Shilka, Sgt York, Gau 8 which can rip apart most of the AI and get large damage (but little spotting) allowing them to often be top scorers – but that is not with the average player as I often see them just do average damage after having to respawn because they are very fragile. Good players in them will dominate and they often play the lower tier ones particularly just to get that total domination (Sgt York tier 5, Shilka tier 4) – they are really PvE vehicles though.

      As for the guide – its useful, people have liked it and commented it was useful – so dont try and talk for everyone when it is your personal opinion.

    • @chaz8758 Alright it was not dec 2014 it was april 2015.

      The only mission where i can get good spotting is Umbrella because the TDs AFVs and LTs got up the hill and snipe while the MBTs go in the ditch next to the enemy cap but its the only example i can think of. When i drive my LTs like the PL-01 or the K21 XC8 i get rewarded for playing extremely agressive. I place myself right behind the MBT driver or some cover near him and because of my 100m more vision range i outspot them easily and no i am not the only one doing that. Trying to flank them only works a few times because the maps are so small. Also why did they only nerf the MBT spotting range and penetration for the APFSDS shells (which i completely understand) but also encourage them to be at the front by rewarding them for deflecting damage? mrseriouscatt confirmed that MBTs are still camping so nerfing alone isn’t enough.

      You have to be afk to do bad in a T15, a GAU 8 or the other autocannons. In my first match in the GAU 8 where it was stock i did 45k easily and i laughed because they are so op.Yes it has bad view range but they don’t need it. In the last battlepath we needed to aquire 10 blue star medals. In the sgt York it took me 10 matches. In my MBTs i actually have to try hard to be at least third in the scoreboard.

      Yes i know that this is only a guide and quite helpful for beginners but when i saw it in the launcher yesterday i just triggered me.
      When the offer you a survey to submit your feedback it never appears again. They don’t talk about it or show the results so it’s just there to make people think their opinion is worth something.

      By commenting here i got two honest responses and not just a “Thank you” or thier standard response.

      I know my opinion is not everyones opinion sorry for that but texting other AW players and reading chat in the garage confirms i am not the only one thinking this way.

    • @BrummBear I get good spotting in many matches in all classes, with some its using my infantry in an AFV – some its finding a good spot to hunker down (Scorpio in an MBT is great for it).

      I do not rely on the magic resurrect kits that some use to get loads of spotting (live die repeat – use a triple repair and then the three lives) so pretty much yolo.

      I see some camping MBT and have even spoken to some of them about it – and they play exactly the same in every match in every vehicle (some are very well known for it), they are not comping because MBT are weak, but because its how they play.

      I post up the odd vid of my replays, showing what I do particularly after someone in the match or chat after has commented (like when I come top in an XM1A3 on Hydra (spot and damage) and another player came bottom with 3k damage – but it was the XM1A3 that was useless).

      Harbringer can be great with all vehicles (I dont play SPG much so dont count them generally) – if you set your vehicle up to suit – I do everything for spotting, in all my vehicles and have since I started – in all tiers (I see many telling people not to bother with retrofits at all below tier 6)

      The AA autocannons are very powerful with good players (experienced players should be fairly good) – but not in many players hands (I have beaten them in other vehicles and classes), I dont even see that many really (if you listen to some they claim every match has a couple in whereas my experience is some matches have one in and the odd might have two) – I dont play mine that often as I don’t find them fun but each to their own.

  9. now i know

  10. Interesting. These videos are usefull.

  11. des is voll fürn arsch,

  12. Will you ever fix the PVE-specific–bug where players sometimes retain the “gray eye” after launching smoke, allowing the bots to keep shooting them?

  13. I love the game Its self but the lag And when the game thinks you FUCKING GAIN 500,000 credits per a single Battle pisses me off

    So fuck the game, i have no fucking time to play with 600 ping And having to farm 100 days to get 1 Mill credits
    Fuck the game, i have enough of that dog shit.

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