Armored Warfare || How is Balance 2.0?

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Source: Kage

Do enjoy it, but I didn’t say all the problems…

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  1. And yet they still haven’t put this game on ps4 and xbox

  2. Kage if you need an AW idea a list of vehicles which went from standard shoot, full reload, shoot, etc to Shoot, quick reload, shoot, long reload (kinda like what WOT calls autoloaders) would be awesome. Keep getting surprised and having to reskill crew members. XM1A3 was a big shock (didn’t catch your previous vid on that) as was the Merkava. Also given how much more utility different shells have now I’d honestly rather have the option to go back to a regular gun.

  3. one thing I found that’s less of a bug (I hope) and more of a annoyance is that Light tanks and armored cars seem to now have magical armor that can shatter Depleted Uranium shells, even though it’s right at their face.

  4. My comments on the patch:
    Chat bug confirmed
    No illum rounds anymore for arty 🙂
    I find PVE tougher

  5. Balance 2 is a bad joke…Smokeless and light projectiles for arty…Only the HE shells.I played in PVE with 3 artillerys in team!!! You see nothing on the field without a good spot.I have all the progressive artillery line, what I’m doing now?All AFV is disaster…See Warrior MILAN!
    Rest in peace Armored Warfare!!!!RIP.

  6. u still have cmplx_seconds_specific? 😛

  7. bots using atgms
    why they did that?

  8. PvE bots seem to have eagle eye aim. Always sniping my turret ring, and it makes it extremely annoying to play unless you manage to hide half your tank, even if you’re supposed to be in something super heavily armored. I like the ramming though…me and a friend were running around in Leo 2A5’s and doing 700+ dmg every time we rammed a light tank or something 🙂

  9. I really really hope this game survives… Iam so tired of playing wot. This game was perfect for me beacuse i really like the modern era of everything.. And in game the community is not as toxic imo if u compare it to for example wot. so i really hope the game survives! I actually got better framerates this patch aswell so 😛

  10. Module damage is totally insane now, my T80U for example, any time it takes a hit to the turret, the turret jams. Not exagerating to say I routinely get the turret jammed 5+ times a match, my record is 8 times.
    Armour angling works a lot better now, side scraping is viable. But…. this means some tanks like the T15 are completely broken. I can pen the front of an Amarta more easily than a T15 now because the armour angling means ap just autoricochets 95% of thew time.
    Personally, I don’t think the Ai is any better besides being able to fire missiles. It feels more like they just added more AI to hard mode, not make it better.

  11. There are two main issues that need to be addressed after .19, apart from the numerous little annoying bugs, the first main issue is the constant missile spamming in higher tier Hard mode missions, and the second is the ridiculous spotting mechanics, apart from the disappearing tank thing, there’s the issue of MBT having greater or near parity in view range to other vehicles that are supposed to be the spotters for a team.

  12. Everything you said in the video about those bugs is true. I experienced all of them. The message bug, and the tank phantom (vanishing) bug, all of them!Also there is a visual bug when you shoot a vehicle with artillery from a distance and kill it (final blow). You see it reported dead, but the shell hasn’t arrived yet to kill  it(it needs 1 sec to arrive there). This is a bug I experienced with arty all time. It is like the system predicts and announces in advance the outcome of your final killing blow over a enemy tank in PvE.

  13. Devient, thank for your view, I think the chat-escape bug is for everyone, I also have it every single time.
    personally playing pve only I cant say I like it, a lot of times I will get blind fired by multiple enemies, and never seeing any of them, in like an AFV, my Warrior is dead in 2 shots, and been having matches in hard that are almost unwinnable with only one blind MBT, and rest that also dont seem to be able to spot much of anything…..will play for a bit more myself, but from my point of view I cant say it got better.

  14. this is real bad, I had more than 70 tanks and now I have 7 and can not get them back, on top of that I get often disconnect in the middle of a game, I have to get out of this shit.

  15. How is Balance 2.0? – it’s abject failure

  16. +Devient Kage

    Yeah I have noticed the enter key bug as well it is annoying. But not enough to stop playing. Maps, maps and more maps would be a nice start. The NA server is still slow and pve is the only option to play at the moment. Thanks for the update and keep them coming.

  17. +Devient Kage in your opinion what will fix the population problem?

  18. RNG is too much with this version, I shot AMX-10RCR with 700mm penetration AP rounds from its side resulting two times in a row “no penetration” and one time the shell fly too high above its turret.

    Its too much, I mean AMX’s side armor is only 85mm but the 700mm penetration AP can’t penetrate it. And my reticle is in full green.

  19. I like it more now

  20. to survive this game needs to go to steam.

  21. I haven’t really played much after the update, but I’m personally not impressed with the ammo or armor changes. while it sounded good in theory, it isn’t good in practice

  22. just played mine last game, 3 games 3 losses dead 3 times, never before like this, I played in a tier 6 light tank and got taken out by a tier 4 scorpion, I hit the scorpion 4 times and no kill, no more A W for me  I have been  playing this game from the beginning.

  23. Mariusz Burzyński

    My god, Kage
    U drive like a drunk chicken on this video.

    But back to the point.
    big changes in gameplay but as U said APS is s….. atm.
    artillery – atm it’s better to play like TD – faster aiming
    MBT ale green like the tropical forest, and we don’t kwon is it really so thin or is it some kind of bug couse we don’t have a look in the modificators.

    Imho. it will be fun to play after few changes but atm. LT and TD are the best to play.

  24. My solution for shitty 2.0:

    1) Play IS-7

    2) Enjoy Stalin

  25. Overall, I think the patch is okay.  PVE is more challenging.  The chat bug is annoying.  That spotting bug is annoying.  Arty is wonky and if it is to remain as is I would favor removing it.  The game changes do “force” a change to how you play the classes and make playing light tanks and afv’s more challenging.  I have an off the shelf Cybertron box and am not experiencing the fps or sound issues that others are.  The devs do need to show us a steady stream of changes and developments to win back our confidence.

  26. Balance is shit, turret disables and failure to arm problems is insanely stupid. Save yourself the disk space and either dont bother or uninstall. Many MANY other games to spend your time and money on.

  27. When you see 1 of your clan mates in the video !

  28. Sorry but how many Gbs of RAM do you use to win-10 to make the game so good?

  29. I after I update 0.19 I can not play anymore, it hangs continuously and moves to shots. Yours is nice fluid

  30. I was fine before, but after the update I can not play anymore. I have spent over 100 euros only in the last month, and I came to Tier 9 of the Russian tanks but after the update I lost everything because it is impossible to play

  31. I have win-10 and 4 gb ram. How many do they serve to see it spin like this?

  32. over all suck! this game suck
    they just want to get your money

  33. Another good video dude.

    Getting set of fire more frequently, Turret ring damaged more frequently, (First game in my T14 Armata after the patch had me set on fire 4 times within 5 minutes!). Two of the new things that are now happening with the latest patch. Also, the way that the AI are spamming ATGM’s is I think a little overdone.
    Overall I quite like most the changes, It makes you think more & be more careful. You now have to think about how you handle some of the tanks when you take them head on. In some of the top tier MBT’s you could just go head on with other tanks knowing that you’ll more than likely win, But not now. PL01’s, Ramka’s, T2’s & Bradlies will mess you up with their ATGM’s. So I think the game has become more tactical. Also because of this, I find I’m losing more PvE battles.
    I hope there’s a mini patch to fix some of these bugs you mention real soon. Another you don’t mention, is that I’m now getting more ghost shells, I see my shell hitting the other tank at close to medium range & it just disapiers through the tank.

    Anyway dude, Keep the quality vids coming.


  34. have to do 50 pve battles in the vehicles to even upgrade to higher tiers….. :/

  35. You like this patch? My god, man this game is completely unplayable in anything other than an MBT or the above tier 6 lights. View range changes suck hard. Arty, which really had nothing wrong with it is badly broken. AFV’s are out spotted by light tanks. Their autocannons are essentially useless and what’s with no reload on tanks like Terminator 2??

  36. The game is ok! There is bugs, hopefully they will get fixed, but if you get hit to much, you will have to adapt, learn to hide and move the right way, pve is nice, more bot resistance, i like it 🙂

  37. PVE is for kids

  38. – Pve now the bots have their aimbot 🙂 sry but not sorry PvE bots are still dumb as hell and if you want to charge them head on you deserve to lose. Even if they make them smarter in using their roles properly tds hide, MBT hull donw etc. i wont have anything against it. One fix is needed, random spawn rly if you clear the map is not ok that an enemy spawn on top of your LT or TD thats sitting in ambush.
    – PvP well if you are bottom tier you are fucked if your top tier tank dies, or if you see top enemy MbT head on well you are jolly well fucked. Cause an top tier MBT head on will smash low tier ones. Weakspots usually you are at orange as bot tier at best. . Also this was not ok, RDF/LT 16mm front armor vs my Chieftain head on, aim at full hull shot green indicator it bounced off …. ok so penetration mechanics are FUBAR.
    – On top of all my n vidia gpus both on lap top and PC are having massive issues giving me black screen or crashing to desktop when i want to go in a match or out. And some maps rendering and FPS stutter is afoul.
    – AW need to fix a lot of stuff and get more players if not well uninstall is easy.

  39. AW will die slowly and silently.

    Obsidian was creating a game that was different than WoT and people were liking it. Now and ruined it, the game mechanics are broken and the game engine is full of bugs and is getting 100% copy-paste of WoT. Have you seen the graphics?! They just changed all textures to low resolution just so the Russians with their toaster PC can run it.

    The game’s servers will go out first in NA, then the EU and either will die in RU too or it will be confined there.

  40. Arty got nerfed big time you no longer get light rounds and there is a distance cap now on how far you can see targets.
    Also Arty used to get more credits from battles but the bonus got cut .

  41. In PVE ATGM are OP and broken. I played with T72B, 2/3 of the game i played safe and didnt get hit. Than a swingfire drives againts me and shoots 2 rokets with 1700 dmg from front leaving me with 600 HP. This is just unfair, this is not how you make a harder game…..

  42. It’s alright, could be far better overall and I do agree that patch .19 is not the is all end all they tried to make it out to be. Also update .2 is already live on the RU server IIRC so we may see it next week. BTW don’t play the paladin, IDK what they did but it’s broken to the point that you have a fixed camera position into the ground and you can’t move, type, or shoot. Also when friendlies shoot AI they turn purple so it seems they “make you an AI”. Still some bugs persist that should have never remained such as the aimtime issue with the BMD-4 and BMP-3m *since update .17*.

  43. the cry engine is a demanding engine. I personally wish they would use unreal engine 4

  44. Its still in beta correct? If so you should be making reports to the developers so these quick fixes come fast not bitch about it on you tube.

  45. Ehi Devient, you are collecting all the whines and rages of the AW population. What a mess. Not a single positive feedback.
    I think the game is now more balanced. Players now have to be a little more careful and use some skills. And, IMHO, it’s a very good point.
    Least, some bots now are better then most of the players. In few weeks we will have better players!

  46. Just wait a bit more, WOT players are coming to AW

  47. ive been experiencing some control delays in AW which were more noticeable in my MBT. It would take a few seconds too long for my MBT to follow my comands, this normally happens when i have a high ping but my ping was at its best a the time of playing. Idk whats up with that, its not game breaking but its really annoying and sometimes gets me in a lot of trouble which really puts me off the game.

  48. Lol
    All tank have turbo engine???

    Holy hell
    IS-7 sound like a f*cking jet

  49. I love PvE

    Some people like me,who get stress alot playing PvP, love PvE

    Cause you still can enjoy that “sense of progression” without getting mad (i mean really mad)

  50. PvE Hard : Some operation is hard (the one with massive enemy spawn and the all around spawn)

    but some is very easy (the one where they spawn in wave)

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