Armored Warfare || How To Get The Most Out Of Compensation!!

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Source: Kage

Article: https://./us/news/general/-20-compensation


  1. first coment !

  2. I have got all tanks all upgrade//// they should just give me the
    additional line rep compensation

  3. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    what will happen to the XM1 ?

  4. DK, love ur channel and info! Ive been thinking about the Bradley, with the
    notes ive read and info you put out let me see if i get this right…you
    have a Bardley at tier 6 with at least a little rep, after the balance you
    have a tier 8 Bradley renowned and a tier 9 unlock token? thanks for the
    vids again and hope to see ya in game *ieatcrayons*.

  5. Commander Conquer

    I don’t understand the buying retrofits part. Yes you get the money spent
    on them back 100%, but you also do not gain anything from putting retrofits
    on tanks you won’t play anyway.
    I guess it works for tanks you are currently playing to make the grind a
    bit easier.

  6. I am not sure about the selling all modules…..If I take for example a
    PL-01 of mine…on 70something percent, all upgrades on vehicle….I sell
    all the modules from it….patch comes and I get all the modules back on it
    for free?that does not make much sense to me tbh…

  7. Many thanks for that video i didnt even know that you can sell modules of
    tanks. with that you have given me lots of credits cause i got over 80

  8. The big question for me (I´m going for a reset since I battle-hardened a
    few tanks during 50% BH sale, so I´m gonna double that gold – and yes, this
    has been confirmed) is this:
    If I sell my upgrades now, I will get them back for free after the patch.
    If I reset my account during the 4 weeks I have to make that decision, my
    upgrades will be sold and refunded in credits.
    Will I get 0 credits for the free upgrades or will I get them actually
    refunded at full price? (because, OH MY GOD)

  9. Very interesting! I did not think about selling every module possible since
    they will given back after balance 2.0 anyway. thanks for the tip. as for
    retrofits, i think it is a bit worthless to buy retrofits before the
    change. Here is y: I have a difficult time making credits compared to
    reputation and spending money on retrofits where i could have spent it on
    tanks to get them fully upgraded after the patch just seems more
    beneficial. If i had all the tanks unlocked anyway, then yeah, that would
    be fine. But i dont want to waste credits on retrofits if ill just be given
    my money back after the balance. I wouldn’t be making anything off of it
    and it would just be better used somewhere else

  10. Helpful comments, and I hope you get over HellCold 2016-2017 ASAP. We’re
    all sick in Canada, too! ??

  11. Thx for the info Devient Kage 🙂
    Best wishes for 2017 and hopefully you feel better soon .

  12. do we know yet when the next patch is coming out?

  13. Jamzs May (Jamzs3)

    hehehe im glad im doing this

  14. Never thought about selling modules…great idea. Now I may be able to
    afford some of the vehicles I’ve been grinding credits like mad to buy.

  15. I’m holding off selling my modules until I’m certain they really mean what
    they said or 2.0 is imminent. The whole thing just don’t make sense and if
    they really mean what they say the selling should be done automatically
    anyways when 0.19 hits. Plus selling every module on all progression
    vehicle is a bit of chore to go through.

  16. This part about modules is extremely confusing and I can’t varify it on the
    official info page or forum:
    first of all, retrofits are modules. Your tank has 1-4 retrofit slots of 4
    different categories that can be filled with items of 3 different tiers.
    What the hell are even modules?

    From what I can read here,

    “Progression Reset

    This option provides full compensation for the entire account
    progress. Upon selecting this option, all progression (non-Premium and
    non-Reward) tanks will be sold. Players will be reimbursed the
    All Credits and Gold spent on purchasing vehicles, their modules and other
    upgrades All Reputation spent on unlocking and upgrading vehicles in the
    form of Global ReputationAll Gold spent on Battle-Hardened statusAll
    Credits and Gold spent on Customization (decals, camouflage)
    All equipped Consumables and Insignias will be moved to each player’s

    This indicates, that you are only compensated for the existing modules on
    your vehicles and your vehicles will not be equipped with any modules.This
    would mean that selling them now just means that you lost 50% of their

  17. I have a question what is happend whit russian t80? i see this will be
    remove ,there is the chance to receive this tank in premium version(t80
    shark) ?

  18. So I have 79 tanks (about 14 premiums) that I own. Does this mean that all
    my standard tanks will be fully upgraded and made battle proven even though
    they may not all be at 100%? That would be nice.

  19. Thanks for that dude.
    Better go buy that T-80II that I’ve had researched for sometime but not
    bothered buying.
    I tend to not sell tanks once I’ve researched past them, So I have a garage
    full of elited tanks already. Will just go strip them down.

    Thanks for another informative video dude, And hope you get better real
    soon, It’s going around down here in Melbourne also, Most the family has it


  20. If I have researched a tank but never bought it, can I use a little bit of
    free XP to get the progress towards the next tank at 1% in order to get it
    fully upgraded?
    Or do I need to actually buy it?

    EDIT: And if the answer to that question is yes, then will that XP, that I
    basically received for free to unlock the modules, be transferred as Global
    Rep if I reset my account?

  21. You misspelled the Title, it should read “How not to get most out of B2.0

  22. Wang Wady W. (W.W.)

    This encourage you to spend money NOW! Very tricky decision, this is how
    people spent 100 bucks for a free T34 in WoT

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