Armored Warfare – How To Not Suck at Operation Starry Night

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Save yourself the time and trouble of actually watching the video by reading the description instead! Here’s how to not suck at Operation Starry Night in four simple words: Cross The River, Dumbass!

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. first

  2. Are you going to do a Challenger 2 video?

  3. time 1:28

  4. khaenn35 ForTheDerp?

    But my tracks are gonna get wet, Jingles!

  5. I don’t understand what’s hard on this operation map

  6. Hi Jingles, I’m early and I like your vids, just thought I’d say that.

  7. I once lost this map in FORTY EIGHT SECONDS.
    The bots spawn closer to the first cap than the players do and if you’re
    all in slower machines they can cap before you can reset them even if you
    do everything right.

    Once you get that settled, if you’re all still alive then you’re good.

  8. jingles please stop saying “suck”. its a naff Americanism which does not
    sit well coming from a obvious British patriot. I think highly of your
    videos and your technical yet fun approach is refreshing compared to other
    youtubers. I’m. sure if you put this to vote you’ll see how many of us
    fella Brit equally dislike the “suck”.

  9. thepanzernator666

    Its not “chen”tauro, its “cen”tauro, learn to english

  10. Not this plastic tank game again

  11. This bloody modern tank game.

    *Goddammit Billy!*

  12. Cup of tea, check.
    Comfy chair, check.
    Jingles video, check.

    I could take 20 minutes out of my day i guess….

  13. mutual subscribers

  14. 0:05. pause.. gona go get some popcorn.

  15. Harbinger Reaper

    Does anyone not play AW at all but just watches this anyway?

    …I do :/

  16. Obsidian is going to add the replay function to the game. Are you going to
    make The good, the bad and the ugly and Why you heff to be mad for AW,
    since I’m seeing a lot of ugly in PvP.

  17. Question for Mingles with Jingles: Do you ever answer to
    some emails that don’t involve money or sex ?

  18. Read the titel, thought you give us youngens some dating tipps. :D

  19. Jingles, what do you think about the German MBT line? And how far have you
    got in it?

  20. President Camacho

    You may think the BMP3 is in a bad spot but he is confusing the AI by being
    exactly the opposite side from the Wiesel. It’s best to surround AI so that
    they panic and keep moving their hull and turret so that others from other
    angles can get shots in the AI’s side and rear. Also the BMP3 has an
    excellent view range and can light up anything from that high vantage point
    while using hard cover.

  21. Not this incredibly easy and boring tank game again that never punishes you
    for your mistakes..

  22. the 5 guys can just stick together in the middle of the map staying hull
    down and do peekaboos and they are all fine apart from the fact that you
    can’t hide from arty

    then again the problem is always arty isn’t it? lmao

  23. hey armored warfear

  24. Lmao useful as tits on a fish ??? you British people have the best

  25. Exploding Baconeer

    Oh Michael Jingles, you so silly :p

  26. Just don’t do what I had someone on my team do once:
    “Oh good the M60A3 is going over the left side”
    *M60A3 has drowned*

  27. Jingles, can you make guides for Operation Banshee, Kodiak and Perseus?
    Well, Kodiak is only annoying because of the secondary, but still :P

  28. When are you gonna get the M1A2? Sorry for my impatience, but I would like
    to know your thoughts on it.

  29. What’s with yellow tanks in PvE? Are they worth more? Boss battle?

  30. Hey guys, 1 question, Im about to unlock the west european mbts from
    shiskins line and also the t72, which is better, the Chieftain Mk5 or the
    T72?, a new player here..

  31. The Wiesel in your first game played a classic AFV game on Starry Night for
    sure Jingles.

    I have learned to play the AFV’s exactly that way on this mission, through
    a lot of trial and error, but I got there.

    The only thing I would have done differently to that guy is used my
    designate function more to maximise the damage that you and the other guys
    in the team were putting down. In the heat of battle a lot of AFV drivers
    completely forget about that function, and it can be a game changer.

    Other than that though, a perfect game from him and might I say, with out
    filling your pocket completely with urine, from yourself too in the TD.

  32. How did you get the HUD to display incoming and outgoing damage?

  33. This is like one of the easiest missions.

  34. Sergej Radošević

    Please do a:
    “How to not suck at XCOM 2”

  35. Ya’know if ya’ll don’t like the video you can just not watch it -_-

    Great vid Jingles… Me personally I for some reason usually end up on this
    map with my Chall. 1 and just punch a hole right down the center of the 2nd
    cap pushing up to the 3rd cap area… but I think i’ll try your way cuz it
    looks so much easier.

  36. Finally, a Wiesel that gets it.

  37. Of course, Jingles, you forget the second thing about crossing the river:
    ALL the MBTs need to do it when the third objective is up. None of this
    sniping bullcrap, that’s what TDs, AFVs, and SPGs are all for. MBTs are the
    front line and need to drop their cocks and grab the throttle and MOVE.

    I was in the Type 90-II on this map on Hard and there were two XM1s on my
    team, and both were sitting back and sniping while I had to be the one to
    reset the cap and get hit in the flank because as you’ve noted in the past,
    having more people for the enemy to shoot at is a big help. But nope, those
    asshats just sat back and sniped, like little bitches. Well, one did
    realize he should move forward and started to, but he was a bit late and
    didn’t get across before the map was over with. Managed a win, but I think
    you really ought to emphasize the different roles here.

  38. Hey, Jingles I bet it’s been hard to motivate your self because of this
    lovely weather we’re having. Spoilers only UK people will get this.

  39. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Dat crab is terrible….I mean easily should have had top damage and top
    spotting, instead, Camping Crab is sad Crab.

  40. Jingles can you play the Stryker soon?

  41. TeensierPython -

    I think the only reason i haven’t tried this game yet is the terrible sound

  42. So all the PvE looks like “get one good way to win it and repeat…”

  43. That is just what I normally do with afw/ifw or TD in that mission.
    sometimes with mut too. and Centauro 120 is BEAST. amy dmg record is 34k in
    single mission.

  44. ey jangles, wud u lyk sum of da pusi b0sS??

  45. +The Mighty Jingles I love your ideums.

  46. I will say that on the third cap point small AFV’s with good gun depression
    like the Wiesel and VBL would do better at G/H0 about 10 meters behind
    where they spawn; there’s a small mound between the bitumen road and a
    small dirt road that you can use to hide your hull/centre of mass meaning
    tanks won’t shoot at you but you can still shoot at them. The AI don’t
    overrun you ’cause they’re coded to essentially just keep driving towards
    the cap no matter what but they’ll still turn their turret to you making it
    extremely easy for the bulk of your team to move up and get shots on them.

    The biggest problem is getting there. If you make your away across the
    river just as the second cap ends then some tanks will spawn in your way
    and you’ll either need to just take the hit or wait and hope your team has
    can kill them before a second wave spawns.

  47. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  48. If it wasn’t for Jingles, I doubt I would ever have become interested in

  49. Funny, I’ve been doing this since my 2nd battle on this map – that’s why I
    was so surprised people complain it’s too hard. They’re just doing it wrong.

    BTW Jingles, I see you’ll get T-90MS soon – if you like T-90, you’ll love
    it! It eats T-90 for a breakfast.
    With all the upgrades I have, I’m doing 820 average damage each 7.05
    seconds – it rocks. And those sweet HEAT rear-of-the-light-tank shots for
    1,1k damage – cherry on top.
    Enough said – unless there’s B1 Draco on my team, or I screw up
    positioning, I’ve got no issues being the top player on the team. I LOVE

    So, when can we expect glorious T-90MS review, starting with epic Russian
    national anthem? =)

  50. Enemy artillery can spawn outside the map area on the western edge of this
    map. And if they’re not on the map, player arty can’t aim at them. You need
    someone to spot them and take them out with direct fire from anyone who has
    a shot.

  51. Great, thank you. I was thinking of asking you to do this video, because
    teams I have been on have failed 75% of the time. Once somebody killed
    enemy tank on bridge so I couldn’t even get shots into cap.

  52. Gareth Fairclough

    I’m late. Time for a joke!

  53. Got lucky the very first time when playing this map. Was in a Scorpion and
    went hunting arty after it took a liking to me and then just happened to be
    in the correct spot for the rest of the match!

  54. Thanks Jingles! I love this series

  55. Thanks Jingles! I have been doing this since the map came out and not many
    others have. There goes all of my credits and reputation. Great video and
    shows people to look more critically at the maps for alternative ways to
    handle situations. I have also gone over there in a TD, MBT, LT, and AFV.
    They all do well over there. After I do the initial spot and kill the arty
    I move to the rock in the corner of E1, I believe, to continue to light and
    give alternate angles.

  56. Nothing about HMS Warspite for womens day?
    (The Grand Old Lady)

  57. how much easy was this. he grammared so hard

  58. Jingles can you make a how not to Suck with the Swingfire?

  59. I really like that map. Thanks for the tips Jingles!

  60. btw epic fail is if no one in your team goes defend first objective in the
    city where u start and bots cap in less then 30 sec thats GG losing like
    30k in for example tier 8 hard

  61. That Schrader look alike But not

    i would play AW more, but the game does not support Intel core I5! i hope
    they change this as i only get 9fps during the game:(

  62. All PVE mission are pretty easy except a few cap missions.On this map i
    generally sit behind a truck that is at E4 ish and defend the cap that way
    it’s also safe from arty fire and then when the third objective starts i
    move to the cap and point my tank south.

  63. Jingles, this game is free right

  64. Yeah Jingles that credit buff was yanked in the micro patch just before
    last weekend BUT not the penalty. The credits you earned in the video are
    what you earn now minus the penalty. Before the changes without premium, I
    would clear 45-50k on a good PVE hard win. When they added the buff and the
    penalty of 21k, I was clearing 60k. They removed the credit buff but kept
    the penalty so now down to 35-40k….. I am not fond of PVP yet on AW. If I
    want to PVP I play WoT.

  65. It’s funny, I don’t really ever lose Starry Night, but it’s not for lack of
    trying from my teams. I drive light tanks most of the time, so I have to be
    ready to handle just about any job on the team, though usually I wind up
    fighting like a tank destroyer. However, what keeps happening is the moment
    that part two happens the team just derps around with the secondary
    objectives or gets stuck in traffic coming out of the town, and I have to
    go screaming down into the capture circle because something inevitably
    finds a location I can’t hit them from. It’s supremely annoying. MBT’s,
    Terminators, don’t just sit around, get yourselves stuck in. I usually win,
    mind, but I often lose most of my health because I have to brawl with
    whatever’s in the cap circle and Stingray’s aren’t exactly renowned for
    their protection.

  66. u such a noob in AW Jingless.. :D

  67. pve is a ezzz as fck.. if anyone have trouble with it is basically mentally
    handicapped .. just sayin :)

  68. Well I just hit a new low on this mission, I was in fox, we had 3 mbt and
    arty.. We lost within 25 seconds…………… None of the damn mbts went
    into the town for the first cap!!!!!!!

  69. hey jingles little question do you have a video or some advise how to not
    suck in a light tank in WOT? because i still suck at playing them

  70. I almost only play arty on this map, PzH2000 with 7 illum and 3 smoke works

  71. Liam the dark angel.

    I love that people think that Germany invented the jet engine when a
    English man invented it Waaay before the Germans did, they got a hold of
    the plans for them I think… wittles engine didn’t go into production
    until after the war. And when the jet engine made by the British was
    constructed, Britain’s jet companies came with a bang making a tonne of
    beautiful planes. The meteor, lightning, Comet, Vulcan, *Harrier jump jet*
    and so much more.

  72. thijmnesoy DERP'Odude

    are Here the same controls as wot?

  73. I hope the B1 Centauro gets a buff with patch 0.14

  74. Jesse Morris (Flomsy)

    Its that bloody tank game again.

  75. Thank you Jingles,please keep them coming !

  76. Instructions unclear…. Dick stuck in USB port….

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