Armored Warfare: How To Not Suck at Operation Stormy Winter

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Operation Stormy Winter, a particularly challenging Co-Op battle made insanely frustrating by clueless players blundering right into the “Unleash Hell” trigger point and getting all their teammates wiped out in seconds. Here’s how to not suck at it, in MBTs, AFVs, , TDs and Light . Five times the value, all for low price!

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


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  3. Good god, I got here at 49 seconds after upload.

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    lol jingles do you like your one?

  6. I am second!!

  7. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    how far you are with your tank project?

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  9. Nice fucking tank bruh

    “MINGLES WITH JINGLES” (with sarcasm)
    Dear Jingles,
    Love your videos, thanks for all the work you put into them.
    I am, like you, a lover of military history. I spent my college years in
    both merchant
    marine school and military college, so this area of study is something of
    interest, with naval history in particular.
    I have enjoyed your discussions on your time in the Royal Navy, as I
    find the differences in the many navies of the world to be both fascinating
    at times humorous.
    Recently I re-watched a public television documentary called
    “Carrier” which was filmed aboard the USS Nimitz in 2005. If you have not
    seen it, I recommend it; I
    will link it below. One of the
    “suggested” videos on the right hand side of the YouTube panel was a BBC
    called, “Sailor” from 1976, filmed on board the HMS Ark Royal.
    I watched Sailor, and truly enjoyed it. There were many things that
    confused me about
    life aboard a Royal Navy ship. I have
    long known that the Royal Navy permits beer… merchant vessel ran into an
    Oberon class submarine in Barcelona or Lisbon in 1992, but that’s a separate
    story…..but several other things were really strange. I therefore decided
    to ask the expert (you)
    some very important questions, which I have listed below. It would be of
    great benefit to your
    community if you could answer these questions in Mingles with Jingles, and
    clarify Royal Navy life for all of us.
    Thank you.
    1. Have you ever reported back from
    liberty without your pants? (Please see
    Episode 1 – )
    2. Please explain the
    women in Episode 1… brief time as a sailor-in-training did involve
    establishments, but the women were, uh… friendly. Is this a
    British thing or should we just
    chalk it up to the 1970s?
    3. Does each Royal
    Navy vessel have an official puppet, and a television “programme” for said
    puppet? (Please see Episode 4)
    4. How much of your
    time in the Royal Navy was spent bird watching?
    Is this an official Royal Navy pastime?
    (Please see Episode 9)
    5. That Chief that
    went over the side (Episode 3) of the US sub hanging on to the sick sailor
    is a
    badass. Okay…..this wasn’t
    question…..just a point about the helicopter crewman.
    Carrier, Episode 1 –
    Sailor, all episodes –

  11. *checking jingles video while in queue for hard mode stormy winter* well…
    how about that…

  12. the sound bug also happens on other maps, happened on phalanx for me

  13. Finally! Had nothing to watch while eating and kept refreshing. Best
    outcome I could have got.

  14. Erm…Salutations, Master Jingles?

    Master Jingles, halp!

  15. Jingles what qualification do i need to be in your clan… errr i mean in
    salt mine?

  16. 1995 base health on your tank?! *OCD intensifies*

  17. Timothy B (Timothy48)

    Wow, found a new Jingles video that’s been up for only 8 minutes. That’s a
    new personal record.

  18. Hey Jingles! How are you today 🙂 ?

  19. 😀 good vid jingles!!!!

  20. Meh–waiting for the NEXT patch to play again, my game client refuses to
    install currently.

    EDIT: It’s installing now, had to go into launcher settings and change my
    language from English(UK) to English(US)–seems to be working for whatever

  21. people suck at this!! HOW CAN YOU FUCKING SUCK ON OP:STORMY WINTER!!

  22. A new series…………Nice one Jingles

  23. I been subbed to jingles for a few months now. What are the salt mines

  24. realy? So much Armored Warfare already and now you featuring every map?!
    Shame you stopped doing WoWs Ship reviews and all the other new stuff thats
    going on lately, like the community Pearl collecting for the Kamikaze….

  25. Many people need to watch these. Considering most dopes just rush in and
    get murdered. To many times I have to cap out vs 25 tanks.

  26. this series is going to be really really helpful jingles!

  27. Jayce Castial Lauper

    i um definitely have better things to do with my life than wait up till 3
    am and watch jingles videos… please dont judge me

  28. we need world of tanks..:(

  29. 1000th viewer! Honorary salt miner!

  30. As a general rule I always ask in chat if everyone is ready before
    triggering a cap (and thus a wave of enemy spawns).

  31. Keep up the AW content Jingles. Great work!

  32. i was here at 1,210 view count go me :D

  33. But I love this map, so many tanks to kill, so much damage to dish out. I
    once did over 17K in my LAV-300.

  34. I find this map quite difficult in my Leopard 1s. They might be MBTs but
    they have no armor whatsoever.

  35. jingles…i know why challengers are the top 1 tanks to go to capiture the
    base… it says in they’re name. challanger. it challanges.

  36. this game is quite difficult to gain money on this game 🙁 i cant play pvp
    for shit for money lol so am stuck at tier 5

  37. How do you get the things on the screen that shows the damage you do?

  38. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Is it just me or do I find this sad that people require this type of guide?
    Well I guess some folks will not pay attention till someone they like goes,
    “Hey you dolt! You’re doing it wrong!”

  39. Jingles! How do you feel about people making fun of your bald spot during
    the WG meeting at Cyprus?

  40. Jingles, what if you trigger the spawn way early, with most of your team
    fortifies the southern part of the town. So the team can keep pushing to
    the cap circle just like they are doing so far, instead of deal with new
    fronts and possible compromised flanks.

  41. Too cheap for a maintenance kit. If you are a non premium PvE player it
    kills most of your profit. Also in the Challenger 1 is the only tank I load
    a fire extinguisher which is also a profitkiller.

  42. if it is a proper winter storm you can’t even hear yourself scream so no
    wonder you cant hear your gun

  43. You have no idea how much you are right about the Chall. drivers, never
    seen anything else but Chall. doing it. Once I was in a match with 3
    Challies…. the pain! I have no idea to what is owned this anomaly (guess
    poeple want to rush T8-9).
    P.S: I wonder if there is always tea in the middle of the cap circle and
    they dont want to share?

  44. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    You forgot to mention that if you go to the position the bradley is in
    early, it causes about 10 tanks to spawn in addition to the ones that you
    got when you first entered the factory zone. And you need to delay going

  45. “mostly on Challengers”

    Jingles they want to be challenged :D

  46. aww i really want the m2 bradley because its a nod light tank :)

  47. This sound effect bug also happens on another PVE map, but I don’t remember
    the name of it. It’s the night map where you fight your way down a road to
    prevent the terrorist dudes from destroying a cty. The bug usually happens
    when you get to the final defense point.

  48. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  49. jingles please sponsor me xD

  50. your mistletoe is no match for my tow missile! :P

  51. oooh, an armoured warfare video again. I thought jiingles would mention the
    free Fractured Space launch on steam… its avaiable for this weekend only
    for free… just that you know

  52. Is there also a Leo2 A5 in this Game ? I just love the turret!

  53. Challenger be like, “Don’t worry guys!” *Puts on Sunglasses* “I got this!”.
    (Distant explosion sound is heard)

  54. Barry “Fl_3” Fletcher

    *Cough* Centauro 120 *cough*

  55. Jingles how far are you into researching the Tier 9 token? And, what will
    be your first T9 vehicle unlock?

  56. Jingles you called the Cent. 120 a LAV 600

  57. “…horribly, horribly tits-up”-Jingles, January 2016

  58. great video 🙂 next episode on operation banshee would be nice

  59. Just take Challenger -> instant win :D

  60. Anyone else suddenly got un-disablable smooth scrolling on Chrome?

  61. good video, but you would have been more productive in your M2 if, while
    your missiles are reloading, you pour fire in using your AC’s. the bradley
    can keep fire up for a long time. you have enough missiles to keep toggling
    back and forth. good M2-BMPT driver will always be hitting the 1 and 3 keys
    whenever they load up the opposing ammo type, only keeping the ammo out of
    their guns for 5 seconds at a time.

    BTW, suggest Banshee next as that’s a huge pain in the @ss

  62. Is this a new wot update? i’m confused

  63. After hearing about Youtube Channels being falsely struck with copyright
    claims, I need my Daily Jingles

  64. The Great Ray Maelstrom

    How cconvieniet! This will help me get my CHIEFTAN MONEY!

  65. 1:45 what do you mean? the challenger 1 and leopard 2 are MBT’s aren’t

  66. Some people do tend to make these games more… challenging.

  67. Not the bloody tank game…We want the non-bloody tank game, aka WoT…

  68. Shall be trying these tactics on my my AFVs and TDs next time on this map,
    never thought of using that corner.

  69. When you need a tutorial to fight braindead ai X(

  70. Good and very helpful video. I must admit that (in the past) I have been
    one of those Challengers, Mainly because it’s so strong at the front, and
    if you team is covering the flanks then you’re golden. But I always ask

  71. Jingles comments about arty pushing too far ahead are clear in the first
    match. The teams arty was dead, he pushed too far ahead and into spawns and
    died. I have seen that happen way too often. So learn the lessons of
    Jingles, #1 don’t push too far forward too fast. #2 don’t spawn the cap
    before people are ready and in good positions #3 If you are arty move past
    the spawn point but no so far forward that you will be shot down.

    I once won by capping in a XM1 by sitting behind dead tanks, with the last
    3 enemy spawns in from of me, a Leo, Challenger and a M1A1. Sitting behind
    dead tanks seemed to confuse them and they just sat there sort of shifting
    back and forth not firing. Had my heart going the whole time. No one else
    got to see it cause the team had all left. :(

  72. What I also find out which is quite handy. When you’re let’s say 1/2
    exposed aka hulldown they don’t shoot at you. Which is nice especially in
    poorly armoured tanks.

    Also a good place at this map when the cap is triggered is behind the
    building at the north western part of the cap. It does require some more
    situational awareness but it is quite rewarding and sometimes very intense.
    And you get more shot opportunities while still having some proper cover
    from enemy fire.

  73. Was wondering if you were going to do a how to not suck series. I’m
    interested to see how this series goes.

  74. The bloody M60A3 on our team earlier should take note of ‘get stuck in’ and
    the arty should pay attention to the arty from your leo game! Seriously,
    the A3 ran off the A1 after 2 mins and the bloody arty went full
    shotgun!…..managed to pull a win on that one despite them….even in a
    wheeled TD not top tier :P

  75. Hello Mighty Jingles! I have tried some games of Armored Warfare and I have
    noticed a weird thing. When I play PvE battles and try to communicate with
    other players, they almost never respond. This makes it so that there can
    be no tactical coordination.

    Is this normal in AW or was I just unlucky for like 15 tries I did?

  76. I will enjoy this series alot. Thanks jingles!

  77. so when are you adding that refinery map were you have a railroad to your
    right at the start and you cant cross it the 1 were the hole you got stuck
    in is on that 1 for me is the hardest map atleast if anyone on your team
    advance to fast

  78. when does the insane difficulty come out it’s too easy in most tanks.

  79. “it always seems to be a challanger driver” yeah nope nope nope.. damn
    wiesel went trough the cirkle, then blamed the rest of the team for dieng..
    i did 28k dmg that round and was the only one to survive.. in my challanger
    saving the day xD challanger players are sometimes the hero instead of the
    dumb …. that drives trough the cirkle.. hehe

  80. I was always horrible with main battle tanks, I never understood why I keep
    getting so much damage without even penetrating my enemies… Well, I
    always angled myself 45° to the enemies, because you did so in world of
    tanks… Is it really true, that in armored warfare you have to angle 0° to
    your enemie with EVERY main battletank?

  81. 85 mil credits dafuq….

  82. Shouldnt you have started with “rule #1”: NEVER EVER RUSH AHEAD TO THE

  83. Dear Mighty Jingles, I’m just wondering how your game runs so smoothly.

  84. Actually, Jingles, you are in a Cento 120.

  85. I don’t even have the game but I’ll watch this

  86. Jingles, are your Armored Warfare videos going to become like your early
    World of Tanks videos where you rant angrily about incompetent teams? Those
    videos gave us gems like “window licking, oxygen thieving, mouth breathing
    moron”, so I just want to know whether or not I can look forward to new
    Jingle-isms in the future!

  87. The more MBT’s you have on your team the bigger the chance for winning ANY
    pve mission because the AI spawn suck on pretty much every single mission.

  88. Selfish Challenger, always trying to finish early.

  89. I tend to get stormy winter when using an afv or td.

  90. Jingles, speaking of challengers, i just researched mine today.
    Unfortunately as I am a PVE player that means i am running on a budget
    (3m). I also had the XM1 researched for some time but never had the credits
    to buy it and I’ve heard it is a very good tank. So, I got myself into a
    situation where I had to choose: either grind out 1m more credits and buy
    the XM1 or sell my M60A3, Starship and Chieftain and buy the Challenger. At
    this point I was unsure which option to take and ended up asking myself:
    What would uncle Jingles do? Since i didn’t hear much from you about the
    M60A3 or the Starship I figured you would definetly sell those to grab the
    Challenger, but would you also sell the Chieftain? I ended up making my
    choice and would like to know if I ended up with an accurate representation
    of what would you do in this kind of situation.


    The Chally is epic.

  91. WoW – Jingles is giving us tips on how to play…the thing that made we sub
    his channel…great! Thank you so much for your hard work…lovely

  92. Just started the vid… since when does [GNOME] excist, and how can I join?

  93. This very much sounds like a case of “Odd groups left, even groups right. 7
    and 8 are whelp groups! WHAT THE FUCK!”.

  94. watching this on my tv when you said howdy folks my 3yr old replied with
    howdy folks….jingles the English teacher

  95. Great vid Jingles thanks!! I would like to see more. AW is my main tank
    game now, So I am trying to learn all I can. Thanks!

  96. Whoops Im the asshole that would go to the cap circle, sorry I didnt know.

  97. Christian Forsström

    So by your closing statement i take it that this is an instructional video
    disquised as being for our benefit, when it is really intended for your own
    personal benefit. The gnomish overlord is very sneaky indeed ;)

  98. My first game with my Chieftain Mk5 (Luckily had enough GlobalXP for the
    Stillbrew Appliqué pack) was on this mission..With 4 Tier 7 Light Tanks..

    I was the poor sod who decided to try to cap..Made sure everyone was ready
    for the cap to start of course…Didn’t go too well..LT’s scattered, I got
    flanked, and molested by multiple T90’s…

    Made sure to never be the one to cap, and since then, have won every time
    on this mission.

  99. Few thing Jingles:
    a) use more AP ammo with autocannons – it is really not that much harder to
    find spot to hit and damage is way higher
    b) on AFV use autocannon and APGMs interchangeably – it’s such a waste to
    just wait 15s for your missles to reload, during that time you could have
    easily DAKKA DAKKA’ed whole clip of autocannon ammo into some poor AI :)

  100. +The Mighty Jingles inb4 Speshal AFV player sets of all waves at once and
    attempts to camp, overall killing everyone

  101. whe you replay PVP, you play only PVE?

  102. This was uploaded on muh birthday, so like this comment and subscribe pls

  103. There are only 2 I can think of that give me issues. The new version of
    Kodiak where you respawn west in the Desert, rather than south of the port.
    The other one I cannot think of the name. But it is the larger forested
    area with the river that runs through the middle. Kodiak, the enemy spawn
    goes crazy when you try to cap the comm stations, though it is manageable.
    Had a killer match in the AMX-10 Pac 90. The other map just confounds me,
    the spawns dump all around and on top of you practically. I think I have
    played it 5 or 6 times and managed 1 victory.. I think.

  104. There are some more sound bugs on other maps… Second, Jingles! We need
    more WOT videos! WTF! :P

  105. Operation Banshee next?

  106. Is it only me, or does anyone else also dislike the way they have
    implemented artillery?

  107. I’m sorry but if you can’t win without these guides then you really *really*
    suck at this game.

  108. 14k xp wtf????

  109. Nice one Jingle, easily one of your best vids to date and that’s really
    saying something 😀

    Hopefully most of the teams I end up on (and those are on medium) are
    watching this….I’d be most grateful. Last man standing is getting
    unbelievably tiresome, to the point where I try to avoid Stormy Winter
    where possible.

  110. Any suggestions on how to find like minded players? Nothing too serious,
    but mature enough to not act like a bunch of 12 year old kids. EU based and
    mainly play AFV’s.

  111. Stormy Winter is easy.

  112. Be jesus

  113. Lav 600 or the centauro thing

  114. What’s the best armor in the game? The armor you don’t have to use. Use
    terrain or wrecked tanks for cover and you can extend your health pool

  115. whats the MBT in this game with the big 152mm gun?

  116. can you go into these missions with a whole team?

  117. that bloody tank game again

  118. Sad. IDK why but jingles without WOT is no fun. Guess i’ll skip this

  119. When you are surrounded, the only thing you can do is break through. Fight
    your way out!….it helps if the whole team does it together though…. lol

  120. Thank you for making this. Some of the newer people I see on the NA server
    have no idea whats going on. I ended up in a game with a platoon of
    bmp-3m’s who between them did around 4k damage. -____-

  121. Jingles how did you get threw that god awful swingfire. It’s to a point
    were I would enjoy playing the M3 lee over it. .

  122. Hey Jingles, you got your vehicles mixed up I think.

    In the TD portion of the video, you called it an LAV-600, but the team
    roster says it’s the Centauro 120, which after looking closely at it, is
    indeed the Cent. 120 with that great, big, dirty, sexy, MBT 120mm gun.

  123. Don’t you absolutely love the night setting of this battle? Another
    difference from World of Tanks. I wonder if they’ll ever add extra
    mechanics to night battles, such as reduced view range, but the
    availability of thermal vision for increased view range.

  124. Jingles send your missiles up into the air and then down onto the target,
    not just in a straight line

  125. Dammit Jingles! Where is my World of Tanks video?

  126. Only reason you won that battle is because that weasel was driven by

  127. Cap circles in armored warfare are like idiot magnets. I hate maps that
    have to won by caping. Why? Because there is always someone who thinks that
    caping in the first 5min must be an achievement so he does it with gusto.
    And its always the guy with 0-2 kills and less than 1000 damage done.

    OE, please remove caping in PVE games, please please. Or, allow friendly

  128. Jingles if you haven’t noticed this by now then here’s a heads up for you,
    AFVs in PVE SHOULD NEVER GO FORWARD OF THE TEAM. Here are the 2 main
    reasons why, Numbah 1: NPCs will always prioritize AFVs over MBTs no
    exceptions meaning if an MBT is surrounded by npcs but theres a spotted AFV
    out in the distance ALL NPCs will shoot at that AFV first. Reason Numbah 2:
    The game actually punishes players for moving ahead aggressively by
    spawning multiple groups of tanks around that forward vehicle (these spawns
    have a chance of being bosses) so with this in mind you can pretty much
    tell what happens to an AFV if its surrounded. There actually a 3rd reason
    why AFVs should never go forward though its not as important but it has
    something to do with rewards, AFVs gain less exp from spotting targets as
    opposed to damaging and AFVs cannot do much damage if they are under fire
    and pinned down by npcs which generally results in poor xp rewards at the
    end of a match. So yea I strongly suggest you wait on these How not to Suck
    videos since the PVE is so unpolished atm that it’s basically an MBT only

  129. Great idea for a video series Jingles :)

  130. “…sometimes you play at 3 o`clock in the morning…” he says….I always
    play at 3 o`clock in the morning! :)

  131. Thanx Jingles we need more map PVE guides like this plz!!!!!!!!! do more.

  132. +MightyJingles This is a GREAT way to vent about those `Richards’ that mess
    up the mission (Gotcha on film!). I’m looking forward to the commentary on
    the other PvE maps on this new video playlist.

  133. Yeah Jingles, great exploit…cant call it “tactic”. until OE starts moving
    some spawn points behind that map corner, outside the map border.

  134. +themightyjingles I’m loving the rate of upload Jingles! Keep up the
    awesome work :)

  135. 23:34 – why is Sabrina, the “tank” commander parading the “DAESH/Islamist

  136. look at the minimap or do a ready up in chat its not that hard. teamwork
    goes a long way

  137. you say chintauro but dont you mean centauro

  138. You can shoot 2 magazines on autocannon and finish targets while reloading
    missiles. It will do much more damage and you can do more than 1000 dmg in
    seconds :D

  139. The Badass Bassist

    Ah hah, jingles, last time I saw someone drive into the cap circle in an
    We were even saying in chat “Don’t cap we can kill them all/don’t get on
    cap, it’ll spawn more” and he just headed straight for the cap, caused all
    the enemy tanks to spawn and surround us (there were only 4 of us left. )
    and he was crying out for help in chat after the ai slaughtered us and went
    after him.
    Luckily we had a chieftain left who just went “front towards enemy” and
    killed the rest of the ai and carried us to victory. I thin he ended up
    getting like 15-20 kills.

  140. I want to see you do Banshee on hard….lol

  141. in a light tank…..

  142. or anything other than a challenger

  143. Jingles, you yourself were shooting the last HP’s off a tank while being
    low on ammo. Also, you wait to long with your aiming. By all means shoot
    when the circle is as big as the tank you are aiming at.

  144. Helicopter can 360 into radio tower.

  145. I will admit I am one of those challenger drivers,

    But I ONLY do it under 2 conditions:

    1 – No one and i mean NO one else is in the middle block (Middle 3×3 on the
    map, If there all tin can tanks, make it 4×4) And make it clear to get out
    of the middle of the map asap.

    2 – I Have somewhere NEXT to the cap where I can cover up that big ass and
    sides (Usually shunting dead light tanks into position), I’ve had games
    where I have soaked up 50K+ damage, dealt 25-35k damage, And a butt load of
    spots. And 9 times out of ten most of the team survives as they see what im
    doing and support accordingly.

    Although I tend to see Leopards and Abrams trying it and failing.

    There are other maps I do it on deliberately too, But ONLY in the
    challenger as it can take the punishment.

    The mission where ya gotta retake what looks like a water treatment
    construction, And have to blow up 4 sams (That look like howitzers), I make
    a bee line for the cap, Tell my team to get to the far left, Trigger the
    cap and duck behind the building covering up my left flank and rear, Draw
    all the enemy fire I can while the rest of my team merrily cleans the map
    from left to right. I do this as the arty that spawn on this map can be a
    REAL pain.

    With some maps it works but above everything as Jingles said you have to
    communicate and tell your team what you doing, particularly if your team is
    made up of tin can tanks (AFV’s/TD’s and light tanks)

    Now to all those challenger drivers that like to take it for the team, A
    few important things to remember.

    In PvE you are PRACTICALLY impregnable, But your not 100% immune even if
    you have your sides and rear covered up. Russian tanks tend to fire HE, And
    Arty are the BANE of your existence, Point out the Russian tanks to your
    team to get them dealt with. And if arty is HITTING you move. If there
    shooting at you and can’t hit you your fine just let them run out of ammo

    The only MBT I can NOT pen from the front is another challenger, Almost
    EVERY other MBT you meet you CAN pen from the front but the weak spots are
    VERY small either wait for them to stop, Or shoot something else.

    Once your dug in and drawing fire, You can take the time to look at the map
    and ask your team to flank, point out certain area’s (Arty over there
    somewhere for example)

    I have one question for Jingles though, I have done damage numbers very
    close to yours and not seen cash rewards that high, Is there something I am
    missing ?

  146. Jingles… You’re taking too much HEI-T in the Bradley. Take a lot more

  147. I like how a PzH 2000 turned into a Bradley.

  148. TheTiredBobcat6222

    I am speaking to you now, Jingles. I just want you to look at your E-Mail
    and open the one that says: “The arseholes are back. Please read this!” It
    is about me in a M41 HMC and I ended up in a tier 7 game and you know what
    I did. I just point at something and click, but this time, it was not that
    game. It begins when I shot at a Japanese Heavy (Tier 6 Premium that I
    can’t remember) with HEAT and then i see a Black Prince pop up on the map,
    and when I turn my tank I try to aim at it and then they came…The
    arseholes. When I exit arty mode I see that a Jg. Pz. IV, G.W. Panther and
    a BT-7 blocking me. I try to get out but it was hard. I did escape them but
    it just got worse. They come back and try to block me one more time but
    then I said: ” NO! NOT AGAIN!” and I shoot the Jg. Pz. IV with HEAT and I
    did kill him. I tried to run but the G.W. Panther came after me and killed
    me as well and now you have hard this (or you just ignore this) and make a
    video about it. I have the replay link in the E-Mail. Thank you for
    lissening to me and stay away from arseholes. *”Keep clam and move out”* *Please
    like this comment and make this a video*

  149. For a change of pace.

    How about making a one-off film review?

    The Pentagon Wars. (Comedy from 1998)


  150. Ooh, I like this map when playing the artillery… in a masochistic kind of
    Also I play on the russian version of AW and I have a strange and very
    irritating sound bug, when engine sound of other player vehicles begins to
    restart every milisecond or so, and thus every player vehicle sound like a
    lawn mower

  151. Sigh, too many Aw videos lately.

  152. Why always a Challenger? They like a challenge

  153. Where can I find out more about these class abilities? I didn’t even know
    about them before Jingles’s videos. Either I’m blind or this was very
    poorly informed from AW’s part.

  154. How can you actually suck in a PvE game?

  155. Wait…wait…Jingles is doing “How to not suck” series? :)

  156. Jingles, have you noticed a bug on the Harbinger map (the VIps & town
    square) where the sniper view lags astronomically bad. So bad that the view
    stalls for 5 seconds. Very frustrating.

  157. press acount ??

  158. what server do you use? NA or EU?

  159. So in all, looking at PvE battles in a competitive standpoint AFV’s are
    dirty kill stealers

  160. Its good to be Jingles

  161. Jingles weren’t you driving a Challenger 1 just the other week?

  162. Hey Jingles, in AW, do you have to purchase camo for each tank seperately?

  163. Good video/tutorial Jangles. Never thought of going in that top corner in
    my TDs. Will have to try that.

  164. how do you get the damage counter at the top for the team?

  165. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    imagine warthunder with tanks like these

  166. In WoT there’s a ton of tanks that the community has made it have a name
    and reputaion and makes each tank in Wot unique while in armored warfare
    why is it like every tank is the same in the way of personality, yes there
    all different but they don’t have a reputation like in WoT such as Matilda,
    TOG, Bouncy ass T-54!, waffletractor, FUCKING death star. OK now let’s see
    armored warfare, umm hmm… got nothing.

  167. jingles ur voice is therapeutic to me

  168. Awesome. I need these cause I don’t want to suck. Anchors away, shift

  169. The gun sound bug also happens during operation Cobra btw

  170. THIS! This may be your best video ever! So much so that I may give Armored
    Warfare a go now. Hope to see many more like this! Series perhaps?

  171. thank you Jingles great video you see the way the battle should be played
    many thanks

  172. Or you could just cap it instead of trying to do more damage.

  173. 8:15 Jingles needs some more lebensraum.

  174. Thank you, Jingles. This video needs to be featured on the AW main page and
    maybe stickied on the forums under guides. Keep up the good work.

  175. On a sidenote, if I am not mistaken, the name of the Crab driver in the
    final screenshot, “Mayrin”, means “Mother” in Armenian.

  176. Nope disagree u do not all need to be in the Bradley’s location – smart
    positioning and not crowding the cap is just as good lol yours is only 1

  177. Even though in this map that it goes wrong fast. i do like this pve mission
    most (also because its snow map) but i do love a challenge.

  178. “That’s because every idiot can (and will) get challenger (TM)” :D

  179. the sound bug is on a few other maps too. thought it was my pc, so that was
    kind of good news. :-)

  180. the problem with multilayer games is people want kills so tanks will
    purposefully wait for killing shots wasting time and damage and shells so
    although AFV’s should be the ones to sweep up kills a MBT will still want
    to kill and enemy whatever health it has

  181. Yeah, you see some sad things. Yesterday two guys in my team drove right
    pass all three secondary targets so I had to double back and do it. Still
    finished top of the team. :-)

  182. Another way to fight this map is to set up 3 firing lines surrounding the
    cap at a distance North, Northeast, and West. One where Jingles likes to
    go, one by the railroad bridge, and one on the West by Southwest. All will
    draw fire from the AI which in turn forces the AI to keep turning turrets
    and hulls and will make their shots more inaccurate at you and your
    friends. We set it up like this and it hasn’t failed since.

  183. that sound bug has killed me before

  184. Would it be fair to say that a lot of ppl play armoured warfare like wot.
    Like Jingles said guys head for the cap,(noticed that on a lot of maps)
    even when u try and tell them that u get more xp and creds for doing dmg or
    are they just idiots ?

  185. Great video jingles, very useful information. I have found that as long as
    your team doesn’t run into the cap site C3 by the building is a nice spot
    as well. It gives you flanking shots into a lot of the spawned tanks
    heading for the cap circle. It only really works with MBT’s though, the
    building provides some protection but you are going to have to take some

  186. I usually avoid Stormy Winter as of late since I have been encountering a
    bug that happens on this map and the map of Kodiak as well where all the
    sounds go dead but the ambient sounds so no gun fire sounds and it is
    disorienting as I do not know where the shots that hit me are coming from
    as I do not hear the boom of the guns firing at me.

  187. noob question,
    an you transfer crew from one tank to the other?
    like when you have researched tier2 and want to take the crew to the next

  188. “Five times the value, all for one low price!” What’s the price though?

    Oh, it’s Jingles…

  189. Howdy Jingles!! I just have one question, but first let me start by saying
    this. My name is John, (I’m writing from my gaming Email account, It’s
    named after one of my gamer names) ANYWAY! I’ve only been a “Subscriber”
    for a little while now, but I’ve been watching your videos for about 3
    years now, even before i was playing World of Tanks. My birthday is coming
    up in a couple of days. 🙂 (Birthday shout out would be epic by the way)
    Anyway… I’ll be turning 16, Yay me. My computer broke down so I haven’t
    played WoT In a month, my new one’s shipping in soon though. (Besides
    playing on 7fps and 300ping was getting annoying, my computer was crap lol.
    ANYWAY!! Just wanted to let you know that your Channel is awesome! And I
    always enjoy watching your videos everyday. Love learning about the history
    of the Tanks, Boats and Planes that are featured on your vids. Low key I’ve
    learned more history from this channel then i have in school. 😛 Love you
    m8, Don’t ever stop making videos. Now back to my question…. Can I have a
    day off from the salt mines!?!?!?! I’ll work a double shift later. :)

  190. What do you think of Banshee Jingles?
    On hard i think it’s a nightmare :-/

  191. instructions unclear: penis stuck in chieftain

  192. the only problem i have with pve is the early cappers. the team is fully
    functioning and a lot of targets around and they cap

  193. *sigh* im so tired of watching armored warfare videos…. jingles do
    something else for the love of god!

  194. 11:10 Jingles: “Now I’m free to deal with the stingray……..”
    Me: “……………but that is a Thunderbolt Jingles LOOK AT THE VIDEO!”

  195. Jingles i wonder is there something you have against the 2ndry missions? I
    notice that on a lot of your replays you do not even try for them (not all
    but a large percentage), like in the first MBT replay you where next to one
    and did not bother with it?

  196. So Jingles… is GNOME a “clan” clan or is it just for you and Rita and

  197. Loved the video, but would you mind listing every class’s part in this
    video in the description? Thanks :)

  198. They should have a co-op mission where players get to hunt down and
    detonate the ammo of artillery.
    Sweet, sweet revenge.

  199. “Its usually someone in the Challenger stepping into that cap circle.” –
    Well, duh? Its a Challenger… they love to challenge…

  200. Stormy Winter is easy as shit, dude.

  201. I see you are in clan GNOME. Why is it GNOME? Why isn’t it KDE?

  202. “The key to success”

  203. As we can see the map I simply just will not run arty on Stormy Winter. I
    am at best a so so arty player. And I really don’t even like playing arty
    anyway. So if I am clicking on PvE in a arty and see this map.I pop back to
    the garage and come back in a MBT. Keep in mind I will not wait for the
    next map. I will go on to it just not in arty. it the same as Red Opossum.
    This ic kind of a down side to AW. some maps are not good with arty or tank
    like the swingfire. I just pass them on for another tank.

  204. Can you do an Abrams replay pls

  205. As many times as I tried running my arty on that map, I just never manged
    to do good… You had some good tips, though.

  206. Jingles, pardon me for being off topic, but do you remember how you were
    asking about easter-eggs in games a few videos ago?
    I actually noticed one very small thing in World of Warships but took a bit
    since I needed to do my research.

    Did you notice that the ArpMyoukou actually has a different catapult
    fighter then the actual Myoukou?
    It might be a bit hard to see amidst that blinding pink, but the fighter on
    the Arp version of the Myoukou seems to have contra-rotating propellers
    with a noticeable bulge on the top of the nose and a much longer canopy
    compared to the float variant of the Mitsubishi Zero that comes with the
    regular Myoukou.

    The only plane that matches these characteristics that I know of is the
    Kawanishi E15K Shiun (a.k.a. Norm).
    Frankly, I’m quite lost on what I am to think about this minute detail, and
    I dot know if it means anything to you, but…well, just putting it out

  207. How the arty died at the first battle??? there is no ennemy arty to counter
    him… he rushed the city?

  208. I like tactical talking Jingles… its a bit of a turn on…

  209. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    Wasn’t there a failed WOT series called “How to not suck”?

  210. I just realized the name of the player in the wiesel at the end is
    Mace-Windu :D

  211. today we played with the warfare people on the NA and EU
    server and they are the friendliest people you can think of and they gave
    away a boat load of Chief. MK6 tanks they had the 24h stream on twitch and
    they answered all our questions as well best choice to leave WoT and play
    AW no regrets at all

  212. Thank you for this, already encountering players in PvE who know what to
    and not to do, as well as saved my bacon in my Leo with knowing about where
    to be with it once the cap is triggered.

  213. 23:45 that’s not a LAV-600 Jingles… That’s a Centauro 120

  214. I see you are in a clan. You better be the leader of it because no one man
    can handle the mighty gnome.

  215. Thank you oh Mighty Jingles ! I’m on the video and i’m not the ugly !
    Damn i’m famous now, i have to be better now !!

  216. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    JINGLES! You pillock! You said that was a LAV-600, when it was quite
    obviously a Centauro 120!

  217. Another great video as usual Jingles. Great tactics!

  218. Use this strategy when your team does not have a lot of firepower left and
    you’re playing arty in Stormy map: run to the cap, stay close to your
    teammates, load up your 10 smoke shells and smoke away the cap until your
    team wins.

  219. Got to say glad you pointed out that corner position, i didn’t think it had
    useful shots at anything. That said 2 good MBT’s and at least one other
    tank that can find it’s arse without a map can take the map by storm at the
    final stage if they pick the right locations around the cap without using
    that corner position. (If you want i can mark it all out on a minnimap). So
    it’s not quite as cut and dried as you make it.

    That said your method is definitely requiring iof less brainpower on the
    part of the rest of the team.

    Can i recommend scorpio for your next video like this. That map is hell in
    any tank. I’ve more or less got a strategy down pat, but your still
    painfully at a disadvantage normally.

  220. How do you get the damage counter on your HUD

  221. I cap roll in the Challenger because I like a challenge.

    If most of my team are dead and its me vs the world then thats a good
    challenge, PVE even on hard is too easy sometimes.

  222. tHE FIRST MAP…I WARN people not to enter town, Let scout SPOT on east
    side..Back up scout, and Shoot into the Area..
    CLEAR the sides and enter..
    DONT GET NEAR CAP, until ready..

  223. One of the advantages of AFVs is that if you are spotted you only need to
    break line of sight and you immediately become unspotted

  224. the guys i usually play with have another strategy on that map, we hold
    back near the road and one of our faster machines rushes around to trigger
    the cap. When the enemy tanks spawn…..they have their backs to our
    biggest and meanest tanks and we take them apart with ease

  225. checked out rita twitch and it she was hosting
    first with a game of 15 a side artillery 🙂
    24h Livestream to support Stack-Up Veterans Charity! Chieftain Mk. 6

  226. Anyone else notice the supposed LAV 600 was a Centauro 120

  227. NOOOOO! Didn’t you guys invent English? You ARE the English! Why is it “To

  228. I haven’t had problems at med but I’d suppose it’s different on hard

  229. Jingles as a PvE AI tank, your attempts to teach people to play has really
    triggered me. ;P

  230. Jingles could u do a tank review on the superpershing so I determine if I
    should buy it or not that would be awesome. Ps keep up the good vids 

  231. i’ve played that map many times and i’ve never once seen anyone use that
    spot to more easily deal with the enemy, that is a great spot, thanks for
    the vid

  232. I AM SO GETTING THE CENT 120!!!

    Seriously. I hope you do more of these “How to not suck” vids for Armored
    Warfare, and perhaps some for World of Tanks possibly. I don’t know, just a
    suggestion. Anyway I really liked this vid.

  234. You may want to look at doing the “Kodiak” map next. That one seem to
    really be a ball buster.

  235. How to not suck at pve hard. answer: show up and shoot stuff. if your
    teammates collective IQ is more than 50.. you WIN. end of advice.

  236. pve:
    kill the tier 9 bots in a tier 6
    kill the tier 9 bots in a tier 7
    kill the tier 9 bots in a tier 8
    kill the tier 9 bots in a tier 9

  237. Warren Koller (DarkTerren)

    the mighty jingles have you seen the supposed buff for pve. when all is
    said and done with the math its show there was no buff at all really becuse
    of the insurance

  238. RageAgainstMyMachine

    What is a “metric ass ton” equivalent to Mr. Jingles? I’ve always wondered.

  239. Do Banshee next. That’s gorram impossible unless you have at least 3 MBTs
    and everyone is above average player.

  240. Directions unclear… Dick suck in ceiling fan…

  241. Excellent video, Jingles. In the past, when I saw Stormy winter come up in
    the rotation I jumped into an MBT but I will try some of the tactics you
    suggested, albeit in a medium level battle since I only have a few tier
    five tanks and the two collector edition tier six prems

  242. [GNOME] – there isn’t any subtlety about who you are in armoured warfare
    anymore ingles :P

  243. Like. Can anybody tell why Armored Warfare website isn’t avilable? trying
    to download the game but unfortunately the game’s web site seems to be
    down! Even Jingles’s link to the game doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. is’t
    regional issue or what? I’m from the middle east useually counted with eu
    servers in all games I know.

  244. Christopher Walters

    I think it’s usually the Challanger 1 because it ends up being the “Easy
    Mode” tank compared to a lot of other MBTs due to the universally good
    armor. Either way, it’s usually the one in the Challanger who thinks he’s

  245. Can someone tell me how I can get the chief 5??? I have no idea what to do.

  246. Jingles Did you run into a guy 2:23. Will you use VBL Armoured Car on this

  247. will you do the same for WoTs maps and other games?

  248. one of the tricks with this map don’t cap strange as that may seem

  249. nice, I think I’m going to enjoy that series.

  250. please stop making pve vids, they’re not very entertaining

  251. LOL Stormy Winter in rotation today on the NA server, 4 times right at the
    start, “dont be a noob and trigger the final spawn! done you watch
    Jingles?” laughed hard each time

  252. Excellent video! Made me suck less.

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