Armored Warfare – How To Not Suck

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Ah yes, Armored Warfare. It’s just World of Tanks with modern vehicle skins, right? Yeah I can tell you never played anything in Armored Warfare beyond Tier 3. Let’s take a look at what’s similar, and what’s very, very different between AW and WoT.

The AW Community is just getting started, but the Armored Talk is a good place start

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  3. Well… finally Jingles teaches me…
    my last matches let me believe i really needed this >_< Thanks oh Mighty One

  4. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    Wow I care so much about you’ll!

  5. 10th comment

  6. Actually Jingles, this isn’t a 40 minute video…….
    It’s only a 39:14 minute video.

  7. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    weird , i am really exhausted at the moment and i thought : what better to
    do then watch a jingles video ? .. and there it is ..

  8. Eating chocolate covered waffle balls while watching Jingles’ video. What
    could be better?

  9. Well they need to fix their spotting system first. As I was on reactor on
    the west side hill with an fellow Obj 155 player. And we spotted tanks…
    on the other side of the powerplant. on the east side border. Or on the map
    he was in the start, were I spotted tanks form the 8 line behind the
    hill… inside center of town when me and an Abram was looking for the last
    2. How? No idea. But it’s still in “beta” so I’m sure they will get to it.
    They said in a Q&A it’s the most broken part of the game on the coding side

  10. imo a 26 second intro is a teeny bit long.

  11. downloaded this yesterday and immediately got stomped by seal clubbers in
    patton 59’s just Derping there way through the map

  12. That 2.5 degrees in the leo is the rear gun depression.

  13. Under 100 views? Blimey, I have no life

  14. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    11:50 Jingles, there are far more than just 5 commanders in the game. You
    can unlock them through other vehicles, like the M109, Gvosdika, LAV-300
    etc. Also Freja is probably the best commander for MBT’s.


  15. Mihail Mihailovich (Scamykaze)

    Here i was writing my thesis presentation for tomorrow when my mouse
    wandered through my browser tabs into youtube and guess what i found? Yeah,
    i found out that i’m not gonna write it anymore.

  16. wot is just an all around better game i think

  17. Im late, time to think of a joke:


    Darn, I suck at this.

  18. Just some minor corrections:

    – Sniper bonus happens when your gun is fully aimed, or mostly fully aimed.
    It doesn’t matter how far your target is at, as long as you aim your gun
    it’ll get the damage bonus (15% I think). Notice how your aim reticle
    changes slightly when you fully aim your gun, that’s the indicator.

    – You can unlock various commanders throughout the tech tree. Most of them
    are at tier4 vehicles (LAV-300 TD, Sheridan LT, M109 and Gvosdika
    artilleries). The overall most useful commander are Sabrina (which u get at
    the start), and the 2 you get on tier4 arties.

  19. No Jingles, there are more commanders. You can unlock them on some T IV
    vehicles (like Spgs and TDs.) And also the commander concept changed.
    Information from last year are really no longer valid.

  20. Jingles, you should play more AW 😛 get higher tiers.

  21. I’m pretty sure the sniper bonus is when you are fully zoomed in before you
    shoot on your TD, I’ve gotten the bonus shooting people at close range.

  22. Aha! I knew it was you last night in your VFM in PvE.

  23. what is the dotted, broken circle around the tank in the bottom left
    information panel? Is it something to do with cover?

  24. another excellent video. Please create a follow up that includes content
    over the base build options.

  25. “But I am firing AP” – has HEAT loaded 24:50

  26. I’ve got a key from star wars battlefront like a random giveaway and I
    failed to download it in time so I can’t get this game for free or buy it
    because I don’t have 60 dollars to spare for games let alone one.

    I wanted to write this to leave some frustration out, but this is nothing
    new I’m ussually this unlucky and just when I thought some luck came my way
    it was a harsh ˝NOPE˝ to me, which is sad. ;_;

  27. Great video! More content like this would be great. :)

  28. Armored Warefare is fun, until you play with actual people

  29. Tamás Kerecsényi

    There is a misconception here: you don’t get ATGM and Arty warning
    indicator for being targeted by them, you only get it, if the missile, or
    the arty shell leaves the barrel and already on it’s way. And the “shit
    happens” thing is when you are in an MBT and you get an ATGM warning, since
    you are in a slower tank, you can’t dodge ATGMs 80% of the time, if the
    AFV’s driver is a living, thinking human being :D

  30. I do like the part where jingles talks about ap and yet heat most of the
    way. This video will be present at next weeks mingle with jingles and all
    of its mistakes.

  31. Great video as usual Jingles! Man I really love this game! The pve alone is
    worth it. I have not played WoT since the EA tests began, and I was lucky
    enough to get in right at the start. Jingles is right, this game is like
    WoT on purpose. Thing is, it is so much deeper and better. If you don’t see
    that, I don’t know what to tell ya.

  32. Admiral SnackBar Cornwilis

    the only real question i have, Lord Jingles, is if they are cornered, can
    Arty direct fire like they can in WOT.

  33. I totally thought it is really similar yet really different and I am at
    tier 3. I can use some of the know how from WoT yet I learned the ammo
    differences from you before starting this.

  34. Jingles, composite armour isn’t some kind of magical defence barrier
    against HEAT (or similar) ammo. If you know where to shoot, you’ll still
    easily punch through. Like with that BMP-3 at 25:30. The upper glacis plate
    is clearly not covered by ERA. And it might be composite, but it’s
    wafer-thin compared to other tanks. So shaped charge ammo will still
    /easily/ punch straight through that.

  35. Actually Jingles, there are around 7 commanders in the game, 2 default, 1
    purchasable with 100,000 credits, and two per dealer, for a grand total of
    4 unlockable commanders in the game as of…
    … Jingles?

  36. Nice video Jingles! As WoT player found some really good advises in it ;)

  37. jingles! I’ve been waiting for an armored warfare video. yay!

  38. The real reason why the check boxes are greyed out is because they didnt do
    that effective armor display versus all different ammunition. For example
    at my Centauro and M2 Bradley the check boxes are greyed out aswell despite
    the fact that I have ERA armor on those tanks!

  39. So, AFVs can quickly fuck up a tank’s reactive armor due to sheer RoF?

  40. If only wot had these awesome mechanics,the game’d be perfect! Nice job
    armored warfare

  41. Jingles, I can tell you made this when you were about to go to sleep,
    because you made some errors.

    1. The Sniper Bonus tank destroyers get in AW is based upon becoming
    fully-aimed. This applies to all ranges, not just long, although it does
    encourage long-range shooting because moving to avoid being shot in CQC
    obviously really screws up your aiming circle.

    2. Tank commanders. There are at least two more tank commanders in game
    than you showed there, both of which are unlocked through reputation
    (experience) unlocks in certain tanks. The LAV-300 and M551 Sheridan are
    two vehicles you can do this in, at least, although I am unsure if there
    are others. (Mainly because I haven’t checked yet. XD )

    3. In the Taifun game you keep saying AP when you’re obviously using HEAT
    at several points. That might be a bit confusing and disingenuous to some

    4. Speaking of ammo, you didn’t quite explain the ammo types and target
    selection fully. HEAT rounds have larger damage ranges than AP rounds, for
    example, so they’re worth taking a shot with if you’re reasonably sure
    you’ll penetrate. The back ends of MBTs are typically easier to pen with
    HEAT and ATGMs, which means flanking is important. AP rounds tend to do
    less damage overall than Shaped Charge ammo, but there’s not only the
    overmatch mechanic to worry about, but as I mentioned they do less overall
    damage than SC even when they don’t overmatch. So you tend to need to be
    very aware of the target you’re shooting at and the armor it has so you can
    inflict maximum damage, or guarantee a penetration.

    5. A much smaller nitpick here, but another thing MBTs have in common with
    WoT Heavy Tanks are their massive HP pools. Although I do agree you need to
    be fearless when driving MBTs in Armored Warfare. They’re made to be the
    brawlers, the punchers, the designated idiots. That way the tank
    destroyers, light tanks, and AFVs can shoot the distracted enemies in the
    ass. Asshole MBT drivers who hide in the back to snipe need to stop playing
    MBTs and go grind the TD line, the wankers.

    Sorry to be a nitpicker, Jingles, but I don’t want the rabid WoT fanboys to
    have anything to piss on AW with. Well, anything that AW doesn’t deserve,

    And WoT fanboys, I did say “rabid”. Namely the ones who want to just rip
    into AW for no other reason than it’s a competitor. If you genuinely
    dislike it based on personal preference then fair ’nuff.

  42. this video made wanna stop playing wot and start playing AW not cod

    lol see what i did there

  43. mmm 3 9clock is bloody target right old and stupid some times

  44. World of tanks blitz has the sixth sense and eagle eye perk too you know

    Anyways interesting video jingles!

    GTG I’m gonna try Armored Warfare out

  45. i realy like armored warfare more then world of thanks, getting tired of
    classic wars, they were never my thing im all about modern and future

  46. Explain me why WoT is better than AW. Come forth with your reasons

  47. Significant differences my ass. The first alpha was WOT with new skins.
    There are some differences but to say that this game is not a clone is

  48. You just have to love capitalism when it works; competition leads to better

    Hopefully this game lights a fire under Gaijin and Wargaming.

  49. Hey Jingles, considering the PVE element of AW, does that mean you may
    start playing with other streamers or streaming AW yourself, seeing as bots
    can’t exactly stream snipe you. Best regards

  50. there is 8 commanders at the unlock 2 more in TD and Sheridan
    and 2 Arties

  51. Sir Scrub Scrubbington

    Jingles, for the love of God, fix the graphics!

  52. I just can’t get hyped for modern vehicles. The interface and improvements
    are certainly well ahead of WoT. More information, more smooth, the maps
    look well better. Also less Russian bias.

  53. would be nice if more people on NA played this game. currently been sitting
    in a tier 4 queue for 10 minutes with a grand total of 41 people in all

  54. you can also get additional commanders by unlocking them from particular
    tanks. The LAV-300 for example.

  55. Excellent video +The Mighty Jingles, but if anything this has pushed me
    more toward sticking with WOT, because:

    1) Crew perks such as 6th sense, eagle eye should be earned by experience,
    rather than given automatically, unless AW is giving them for a
    technological reason – targeting alarms etc.

    2) Crew skills seem absurdly powerful – 10% and 20% bonuses – is this
    geared toward faster advancement to lure players in with faster access to
    more powerful vehicles?

    3) Armour types and effectiveness vs ammo types – yeah, because WOT players
    are so good at firing the most appropriate ammo type, right?! Great for
    pros getting that extra few %, largely irrelevant for the average and below
    average player (vast majority of the player base).

    4) MBT armour and side-scraping degradation – surely this convention in
    tank armour was brought on by the tank brigade training to form a firing
    line, multiple tanks across, all exposing front armour only and covered by
    the tanks to either side. So players who cooperate and work together will
    be fine….do we see the problem there? Great for highly coordinated clans,
    a real weakness for the average and below average random gamer.

    5) Arty being spotted every time they fire – why? Arty is very rarely a
    nuke in WOT against attentive players, but good arty players can cause
    consistently significant damage – as they should be able to. Being lit up
    every time they fire is just pandering to the inattentive players who
    ignored the threat of arty and paid the price. I like what AW has done with
    lower damage, higher accuracy and rate of fire, but being exposed every
    time they fire seems unreasonable.

    All in all, independently of WOT, AW looks like a really good game. But
    comparing the two, I still feel like WOT is superior for the average
    player. Of course we’re comparing a mature game with one in beta, but with
    what we have to go on, that’s how it currently feels.

  56. mhmmm I learned a few new things. Thanks Jingles

  57. AW > WoT

  58. 13:26 its the max gun depresion/min gun depresion, in the case of the
    leopard -9º on the front and side of the tank, 2.5º on the back

  59. Jingles mate, if you’re going to post an “informative” video rather than a
    “fun” video, can you maybe send it to an editor first so you don’t end up
    talking out of your ass so much? Yes, you’re old. Yes, you don’t always
    remember shit correctly. That’s fine, but a second set of eyes going over
    your videos will help to prevent this kind of shit (like you saying “Use AP
    against composite armour, see?” when you’re firing HEAT rounds just fine at
    a Chally 2, or talking about range being the “Sniper Bonus” on TDs, when
    it’s actually just letting it aim fully that activates it). I’m available
    for this service btw :P

  60. @Jingles, you forgot to add something:

    Eagle Eye and Sixth sense both have a few seconds delay. Meaning that by
    the time they tick in you already received a shot or two if you have
    enemies looking your way. In a peek-a-boo situation Eagle Eye has no time
    to get triggered or you are just asking to get shot at while you are
    waiting for it.

    In AW these work instantly which actually makes these features useful.

    The devil is in the details. I was sceptic about AW at first but I can now
    safely say I completely ignore WoT (despite their tease about the Axtion X
    and the now cancelled Chieftain switch) and just play AW instead for my
    tank fix. Too little, too late WG. :)

  61. that thumbnail……

  62. AP goes right through ERA Jingles, it provides SOME extra armor, but at
    close range with the bloody Taifun? You have enough pen to shishkebab (if
    only the BMP line was Shishkin’s this would have been an excellent pun) at
    least 3 BMPs. The way you were aiming against the BMP was as if you had
    HEAT loaded, if you have AP you just have to put the cursor over an AFV
    with the exception of the Terminator/Ramka and the Bradley (you can bounce
    of the thing somehow) and press the trigger.

  63. I played 15 PVE games in Armored warfare got the same map and objective
    each time and didn’t earn enough to unlock a second tank even with each
    match being a win so it’s dropped because it’s just boring.

  64. Jingles!, you should try out a game called kerbal space program, in case
    you dont know, its a space simulator type game, where you make a ship and
    blast little green men to the moon!

  65. So, shooting a Highvelocity or highexplosive projectile against the
    ‘unmanned turret’ aka highly fragile gun, launchers, circuit boards,
    hydraulics, motors, optics and other telemetry on top of the terminator is
    ineffective, because those things are ‘non-critical’ as they aren’t made of
    meat. Logic.

    Armoured Warfare devs and fanboys drone on about how much more realistic
    this is than World of Tanks, but it seems to me that the easiest way to
    disable an AFV like the terminator would be to to make it combat
    ineffective by disabling its fragile and exposed weaponry.

    Rant over. I don’t mind them trying to add these mechanics into the game,
    but calling it ‘realistic’ when it is, in this case, less realistic then
    not modelling it at all is just stupid.

  66. Encore…I like the waffle…then again, compared to the teens with
    reactions like an electrocuted cat on amphetamines, I’m old.

  67. Another great video Jingles 😉 need to see more AW video’s :)

  68. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  69. Can you do a video on how to use things like the BMP or Terminator? They
    are particularly tricky because they only carry one type of ammo.

  70. are spotting mechanics in AW same as in WOT? eg can u sit concealed in a
    bush then pull back 5m and shoot spotted enemies without detection? This is
    something i really like about WOT and a big art of my LTs & MTs gameplay.

  71. You can unlock different commanders from the lav-300 and m109 i think

  72. Don’t forget the AFVs get a spotting range bonus for being stationary on
    top of the best camo values, so theyre incredibly dangerous in the form of
    getting MBTs attempting to attack shot by invisible tanks. And yes, the
    best two overall commanders are unlocked on the tier 4 arties. Another big
    change is unlocking the equipment to put on tanks, how equipment is
    non-transferrable, and increases in cost drastically with tier.

  73. But in all seriousness, I’m a World of Tanks player considering Armored
    Warfare, but the problem I have is that I’m concerned about my computer
    performance. I have to run World of Tanks on minimum settings to avoid
    lag/framerate issues. Armored Warfare is of course a much newer game; would
    it still be playable on an older computer like this?

  74. jingels saying he has fired amor piercing armor while fireing heat in the
    game…. jingels please dubble chek these kind of videos

  75. Visgluigers SkepticNorth

    Great video Jingles 🙂 Its surprising how different the AW is to WOT.
    If people are interested in tank reviews and other AW related stuff i have
    a made few videos on the subject. Planing on doing a whole roster of videos
    regarding AW 😉

  76. All I say that Armored Warfare is scifi tank action game.

    Even now there is no tanks that gets “they are aiming arty at you”
    knowledge before getting shot (Unless tank commander thinks that it MIGHT
    happen, no certainty though).

    I could understand “They are aiming you, I CAN SEE IT” argument in case of
    rockets -warning but arty??
    Cmon, lets just make game with futuristic floating tanks etc. then all of
    those warning could actually happen.

    P.S I am getting tired of your arty bashing just because you get killed and
    dont like them. Design them better if you think you can do it.

  77. oh look 😉 a texturemod for wot

  78. And I’m just waiting on more of the premie tanks i saw at the start of the

  79. thanks jingles hope you enjoyed your pizza and while making this vid :)

  80. One thing what I want a mention is a thing what all WoT players know and
    hates it as mutch as arty… RNG.. In AW theres only max of 15% RNG. And
    other thing that guns are very accurate WHEN FULLY AIMED. 60km/h snap shots
    hardly never hit. Great video btw, what requires other episode :D

  81. Actually Jingles, Maximilian is only available to those who bought one of
    the founder’s packs, and Anthony Diaz is available to those who signed up
    for the game before Beta. So yea, there’s a total of 7 commanders (3 from
    the beginning and 4 from unlocking on the 2 SPG line, the TD line and the
    High Caliber Light Armor line) + 2 special commander that’s no longer
    available to get 🙂
    Erm… Jingles?!

  82. Great video!

  83. the only thing i dont like in aw is pvp, same story as wots pvp…

  84. You only get 3 commanders if you not got any of the special packs they

  85. Oh jingle bells jingle bells
    jingle all the way!
    Oh what fun
    it is to ride
    In a one horse open sleigh, Hey!
    Jingle bells jingle bells
    Jingle all the way!
    Oh what fun it is to ride
    In a one horse open sleigh

  86. I still don`t like arty.

  87. how about transitioning from war thunder to armourd warfare?

  88. f f f f f free?!?!?! damn, i would have gotten this along time ago if only
    i knew haha never crossed my mind actually

  89. 15:52 since when does hull have penetration??

    ehm..Jingles? what are you doing with that gun?

  90. Thanks. Made me interested in AW enough to give it a try. WoT wasn’t really
    my thing. AW looks to be a good mix between WoT and War Thunder in terms of
    damage model complexity.

  91. One of your best on AW

  92. Learning the classes is a big step. I’ve been learning a lot last days,
    decided to level up in AW.

    Problem is, some classes are very awkward to people playing alone. I.e.,
    MBTs without heavy armor.

    I have decent stats playing TDs and IFVs basically because view range is
    good and their special abilities are very useful. MBTs, on the other hand,
    can be sniped by invisible tanks all daya, and they WILL take a lot of fire
    before being able to return unless someone spot for you. Add the fact that
    some MBTs are almost TDs (Leopard 1, I’m looking to you) and it can lead to
    heavy frustration.

  93. thatbattlefield dude

    I really just hope they give wargaming a reason to change skycancer in
    world of tanks. shit is getting more and more annoying each game. when I’m
    in a tier 10 and both teams are good (this is rare) and their is no arty
    the game is fucking amazing. it really just fucked up the game the way they
    have it implemented. AW has it figured out with the way their arty works.

  94. Goddamnit Jingles! I’m still terrible! :(

  95. I’ve not heard any complaints about the similarities between WoT and AW in
    my small circle of gamers. In fact, AW is a breath of fresh air as compared
    to War Gaming’s current gold-grubbing practices.

  96. Hahaha. Hold on, oh man, you’re so funny. Lol. For a second there I thought
    you said the best way to destroy a tank ISN’T shooting a hatch or view
    port. Lol. Hahaha. But of course that’s crazy. History shows us that 90
    percent of the tanks destroyed in direct action were taken out by having a
    hatch blown off. You see, when the hatch is blown off, it creates a
    tremendous vacuum, and the crew is sucked out into space. This is basic
    science people.

  97. I waited for something like this for a long time. Great stuff!

  98. Well i had seen the vid, but for some reason shoppy :(

  99. I love this game because noobs from WOT come and shoot AP at your Leopard 1
    (Has no armour). Also people suck at this game and I love it.

  100. Nice intro jingels

  101. Nice one, Jingles!

  102. Well done video. Thanks!

  103. its not really a ‘copy’ i mean in Call of Duty you have the same controlls
    as in Battlefield 4

  104. Rocket hits to hatches do full damage though (: very useful when you have
    to kill M60A3’s in your fox/bmd-2/Pz. 57/…
    Not too sure if they get a penalty for unmanned turrests though.
    also the scorpion and sheridan are light tanks, not afv’s 😐

  105. Also you got the designation wrong. It doesn’t mean you can’t hide. You
    just lose all the camo. So if you do break line of sight the designation
    marker disappears and you hide. Please do some PvP where you can see it
    happening like every match.

  106. Jingles, search up “Judge Drone”, by Corridor Digital; you won’t regret it

  107. YEAH They DO warn you when artillery is targeting you, and it WILL do less
    damage, but the thing is: IT WILL DAMAGE YOU! Several times, if you are in
    basically ANY MBT and get the artillery warning while sitting still, the
    warning means little to NOTHING! If you move the very microsecond that the
    warning pops up, you are still going to take some amount of damage over 80%
    of the time!
    Hell I have been moving at 67KMH and the Arty warning pops up, IMMEDIATELY
    I start to serpentine wildly and even drive towards whatever cover
    possible, but arty STILL HIT ME DEAD ON!

    Worse yet, because of artillery’s INSANE accuracy and fast shell travel
    thanks to Rocket-assisted rounds – when you are sitting still in an MBT
    engaging other enemy REAL TANKS, in a good hull down or well covered
    position, artillery can not only EASILY still hit you unless you happen to
    have a MASSIVE piece of cover between you and said arty – but most
    frequently reacting IMMEDIATELY in an MBT to try to get out of the way of
    incoming artillery – will get you shot by DIRECT fire and artillery will
    most likely STILL HIT YOU!

    So while artillery is more fun for most people TO PLAY, it is VERY much a
    “Pick your poison” situation when it comes to fans of REAL TANKS! Because
    you are either going to take many smaller artillery hits in AW, or once in
    a while take a MASSIVE hit in WOT! And even then, at tier 8 – the Paladin
    can do 800+ DAMAGE PER SHOT! The PzH2000 can do over 900 on AVERAGE with
    its 3 round magazing – which reloads the shells something like 3 seconds
    apart, and the magazine reloads in about 30 seconds! And on top of that
    HIGH damage they are also VERY ACCURATE!

    So while the Warning system IS a step in the right direction, as is having
    artillery do LESS damage per shot whilst being less RNG reliant is ALSO a
    good step, the REALLY need to REFINE IT! Artillery is currently basically
    as quick aiming and as accurate as the majority of Direct Fire vehicles –
    or at least far more accurate than it should be, and the HE-RA rounds make
    shell travel so low that it is currently AS BAD but in a different way – as
    WOT artillery!

    I am tired of all the HYPE without anyone like Jingles ALSO pointing out
    where they NEED TO FIX STUFF! Like 30mm autocannon HE being able to do 5-50
    damage against the FRONT OF MBTs! That is just asininely stupid!

  108. no hate or anything but WoT updated their info panel which now shows gun
    depression and so on :)

  109. Juan Carlos Miramon is an absolutely fantastic commander for MBTs, and you
    get him off of the Gvosdika artillery piece, if I remember correctly. The
    commander gotten from the M109 (Freja Hojbjerg) is also great for
    autocannon-armed vehicles. Just throwing this out here for anyone wanting
    to know o7

    Also, that cannon depression stat is over the front and rear of the tank,
    rather than actual depression and elevation.

  110. Christopher Au (MunCHy)

    I agree with Jingles, higher tiers are very different then WoT

  111. This is a great guide to the differences in mechanics. The M-113 Vs T-62
    scenario reminds me of something from the stress test. T-64s are scary when
    you are in a T-54. Glad I had a shot at his side.

  112. Okay, I have to stop and comment now, overmatching is bugged (Obsidian even
    said it is) it is not supposed to have reduced damage. What you keep
    referring to as overmatching is overpenetration a mechanic that was in the
    early access but has since been removed. The overmatching that is in the
    game right now explains a situation that is exactly the same as WoT
    overmatching, when the caliber of your shell is multiple times greater that
    the thickness of the armor you hit. When they fix it there will be no
    damage reduction for overmatching so it will be exactly the same as WoT,
    fire whatever you want as long as it will pen, but now it is telling you,
    “You can do more damage if you switch to you higher damage less penetration
    shells, such as HEAT”

  113. This game is poor, almost all tanks play the same, lots of stupid shit
    that’s to complicated for a fast passed game, and the game is just trying
    to steal other games success, I’ll stick to the game that works that you.
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    staring back at you instead… what do you do? shoot it with the wrong ammo
    type? or sit there while you reload the right one? This isn’t such a
    problem in PvE where the AI will pretty much just sit there giving you all
    the time in the world to reload your ammo, but in PvP it really starts to
    turn into a guessing game of what shots you have on a tank an what ammo you
    happen to have loaded at any given time. maybe they should copy the
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    sights take full(challenger 1/ ariete) or even critical(m1a1 abrams with
    armor upgrades) damage. Then there’s the t72 and t72a who have a big hole
    in their turret. Granted the devs have acknowledged that these are bugs(not
    the driver hatches) and will be fixed in 11.0 patch.Just giving a headsup
    about this, please don’t shoot me.

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    The reason why u penetrated is that even though u shot at composite armor,
    that has much higher effective thinckness than other armor, the total
    effective armor thickness was still less than the penetration of your SC

    This illustrates beautifully one of the things I did not aggre with in this
    otherwise very good guide: if the enemy has thin enough composite armor,
    fire heat at it, it will penetrate, and do full dmg, rather than having to
    chance an overpenetration. Of course, remembering where the armor is thin
    enough for each one of the different SC ammo out there is very hard, so it
    is generally safer to fire AP at targets with composite armor

  187. 5 Comanders, 1 of em beeing a Exlusive one and aditional Comanders beeing
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    Also jingles in the UI section in the options at the last Section is a
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    penetrated the hull at a slight angle because he was at the top of a hill.
    My friend then said that he actually saw my shell exit out the other side
    of the tank. In Armored Warfare, that wouldn’t have been a full damage hit,
    but it of course was in WoT and really, if you think about it, I should
    have done more than just HP damage to him. The shell penned in the tank’s
    right of the lower glacis, and then – I presume – exited out of the top of
    the engine deck, just behind the turret. The crew and module damage that
    would have actually done would be damn near crippling.

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  193. you can angle your MBT armor in AW but its more a 1-2° angle, wait till the
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    when you are fully aimed,noticed those yellow lines that pop up around your
    aiming circle when you stand still and im long enough in a TD,they dont pop
    up on other tanks because thats the sniper bonus.
    Also when shooting a Terminator I recomend shooting the turret ring or
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    e: Also, jingles jingles jingles: the Scorpion is a T3 LT, not a T2 AFV.

  201. 11:50, jingles was wrong again, there are more commanders. you have to
    research them from certain tanks.. at least to my knowledge.. there is 1
    commander for each teir 4 SPG.. 1 from the TD line.. 1 from the light tank
    line aswell.. ive forgotten their names.. but there is definitally more.. i
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    There’s quite a bit more than 5 commanders available. Starting around tier
    4, there are a number of tank lines that have a commander you can unlock
    with reputation when you pass the 50% rep mark in a vehicle.

    Commander’s hatch and unmanned turret shots do less damage *but* engine
    hits, drivers hatch and other critical areas on the tank have the potential
    to do more than the listed damage range of a shell.

    Light tanks. Light tanks in this are in no way scouts. Light armor, high
    caliber, fast vehicles, but they have atrocious camo ratings and view
    ranges comparable to MBTs.

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    team has 1 (or worse 2) higher tiered MBT than the other team then that 1
    or 2 can easily plow through MBTs lanes defended by the lower tiered MBTs.
    This may not be such a big deal since these tanks are still vulnerable at
    the sides or rear but in Armored Warfare once a flank falls and due to the
    high mobility of majority of the tanks in the game, it usually means game
    over for the outflanked team. The Tank Destroyer line also losses combat
    effectiveness at Tier 6 (inability to pen MBTs up front and inaccurate gun)
    and I do firmly believe that these are the tanks that should have kept
    these MBT’s in check.

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  243. I’m not sure when you recorded this, Jingles. But I have 7 different
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    and the other from the Sherridan. Various vehicles have different
    commanders you can unlock in their upgrade trees.

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    sure you must already know but it was surprising to me when i started the
    launcher and found a section made for you and this video on 11/03/2015–
    18:31 among the top topics

  252. hey Jingles, I thought you had said a long time ago that Obsidian coded you
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  253. I made great use of the free premium time and bonuses that where given
    during Halloween weekend I went from 1 teir 5 and a bunch of teir 4s and 3s
    to 3 teir 5s and just teir 4s because I have played through every teir 3
    not including premiums and have every tank block unlocked even the western
    European MBTs which I found to be the most challenging since you need to
    deflect a bunch of damage with your armor with Shiskin tanks I recommend
    the T-64 has great armor and angle the front just a degree or so and you
    can deflect shots reliably also those auto cannon armed AFVs are a great
    place to start all unlocks where done in PVE mode which I like until the
    game decides that a tier 4 can destroy a teir 8 since they put a teir 6 MBT
    or two on your team, safe to say that a teir 4 OF-40 can damage a M1-A1 if
    the AI gives you the side or rear of the tank to shoot at but cannot defeat
    the bugged C1 Arête unless you have not gotten the attention of said tank
    and have the backside of the tank to shoot at since the turret is clipped
    into the hull of the tanks and is unable to be targeted.

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  266. Great work Jingles! To summarise your video, this game is a lot like WoT
    but with all of the unfairness taken out of it.
    I must admit it took me a lot longer than it should have to realise that
    side scraping does not work in this game. However, if you play your
    heavies like an E-75 or VK4502 B and troll with angled front armour you
    find yourself in heavy tank heaven.

  267. Thanks for this video! Very well put together with precise and effective
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  268. its basically owrld of tanks with all the most major fuckups fixed

  269. In war thunder, the commanders hatch is a VERY VERY good target, when you
    have HE. The HE will explode, and it will explode in every direction,
    including the turret of the tank where they put lots and lots of shells,
    and lots and lots of crew members :)

  270. Jingles! You forgot about the Infantry bonuses the IFVs get!

    While they aren’t modeled, the effects are. When you stop for more than…
    6 seconds I think? It’s assumed the infantry get out and set up an
    observation post, giving you a spotting range bonus. And when capturing a
    zone parking the vehicle lets the troops get out and secure the area giving
    a boost to capture rate. An IFV with the Retrofits to increase cap rate
    capture almost as fast as 2 normal vehicles!

    They’ve become my favorite class. I was really worried they’d suck
    because they have all this space and tonnage dedicated to troops, which I
    didn’t expect to be modeled. But they are, and get some fun bonuses in
    certain situations as a result.

  271. I agree Jingles, at plain sight, AW and WoT is pretty similar. But deeper
    into AW, it DOES have quite bold differences between the two. But well,
    this is your video, and you have explained almost all of them, so I’d just
    sit here and ask : Which server did you play, Jingles? Wanted to play
    together some time later with you 🙂 +The Mighty Jingles

  272. I think the secondary number under gun depression is the depression over
    the rear of the tank. ive noticed some of my tanks have -7/-4 for example
    so i dont think it could be elevation.

  273. Its odd watching the talk about TD’s and MBT’s not having special
    abilities, and yet there is clearly the smokescreen button (activated by
    pressing G) on the UI. It’s not available to all MBT’s, but it’s a special
    ability much like the Designate Target ability, so it was strange to see it
    not being paid attention to. Also, the entire concept of ATGM’s is skipped
    over even if it was mentioned many times – having a powerful attack that
    can be guided by players in-flight even in a limited fashion is something
    WoT can never dream of having unless they go completely nuts on balance.
    Otherwise, it was a nice vid, especially with the explanation on the ammo
    and armor mechanics, since I’m only on Tier III and had been wondering when
    all those various mechanics being teased ingame were going to appear.

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    is almost useless.

    I think instead that’s referring to the MAXIMUM gun depression. the minimum
    -9 degrees of depression is the gun depression over the front and possibly
    sides of the tank.

    If you turn the gun all the way around to shoot over the rear, however,
    you’ll find that on a lot of tanks, the tank’s own engine gets in the way.
    This happens on the Leopard 1 that you’re looking at. When you fire over
    the rear in the Leopard 1, it actually has to point the gun UP.

    So, if I had to guess, when it says X/X, It probably means “Gun depression
    over the front (minimum)”/”Gun depression over the rear (maximum)”

  277. Ulric Kessler (DeNola J'dar)

    Favorite unloackable TCs are Freja and Ionnis. The latter…his skills…oh
    god so sadistic.

    Firestarter – double chance to start an engine fire

    then there’ a rank 4 skill which reduces the reload time by 20% for 30 sec
    if you start an engine fire. Put this guy in a high rate of fire TD or
    light tank (the RDF <3 ) and oh god. YES.

  278. I still don;t get it. Its just WoT, but in a modern setting with modern
    ammo/armour… well, yeah, WoT doesn’t have this as its not modern.

    Its just a clone, it really is. If you like modern tanks then I’m sure its
    a good clone, but frankly I find modern tanks utterly dull. WW2 tanks were
    varied and interesting, they had personality etc. So, thanks for the info,
    but I won;t be playing.

  279. Armoured warfare is the modern tanks and world of tanks is all the old ones
    from the world wars

  280. Interesting, maybe Ill download it and give it a go.

  281. Thank you sweet jesus! The man pronounced sabot correctly!

  282. SAPHEI ammo on the LAV 150 is a beautiful thing

  283. also you forgot to mention, AFV got bonus sight range when motionless for 3
    seconds, and moving in slow speed does not reduce their camo

    light tank doesnt lose accuracy when moving at slow speed

    tank destroyer get sniper bonus at maximum accuracy, not long range shot

  284. Ammunition sounds so complicated that I`m afraid to try the game

  285. You forrget Jingles, that the armour type also has an impact on AP shells.
    In the armour dropdown in the Garage, you see an armour multiplier, this
    will either strengthen or weaken your armour against different shells. Your
    T 64 armour was 50% more effective against shaped charges that the base
    thickness of the armour, but loses 20% effectiveness agaist AP shells. If
    you compare the armour numbers you see when you highligt the tank in the
    teck tree, vs the dropdown in the garage, you’ll see the difference.

  286. I believe there is a wiki that explains exactly what the designations MBT,
    Light Tank, and so on, mean. It also explains why the new designations were
    needed. If you check it out you will find it interesting and helpful. It
    goes over why “heavy tank” stopped being helpful at describing a tank, it
    does that for all three “old war” battle vehicle designations, even why SPG
    stopped being relevant. Armored Warfare uses the new designations for
    clarity, not confusion. Unfortunately they almost missed the mark, as a lot
    of WoT players are not tank buffs, not many can tell you the Bradley you
    failed to penetrate was made by the Food Machinery Corporation, yes you
    bounced off a food truck. So not many can tell you the UN and NATO realized
    that light, med, heavy and SPG designations, are useless in modern warfare.
    Modern, as in, everything can hurt you, you are never safe. Maybe “not
    many” is a bit harsh, but at least “not most”. I believe most WoT players
    are world war history buffs imo.

  287. What i like in this game is infinite garage slots, in wot i payed many
    money only for garage slots now i have about 190 tanks and about 200 garage
    slots, and i didnt have planed play more WoT, here you jsut buy what you
    want without any limitations, and you pay real money just for premium
    tanks, premium time and decals

  288. every thing is great in that game exept ….ROCKETS … and tin cans with
    ROCKETS ( cos thats what the FAV’s are ) …

  289. Jingles I found this vid very informative and think you should do a part 2
    and cover some more of the armored warfare stuff..

  290. how do you get new commanders i can’t find it anywhere

  291. Jingles, you got featured on Armored Warfare’s front page
    enjoy the free views :D

  292. AW is clearly better but grinding suck, but the reticle is broke atm, but
    lets give it some time to fix (dont bother with autoaim)

  293. Why does jingles laugh at things that are not funny. Humour is of course
    subjective however I find it extremely anoying that he laughs at certain
    points through his videos. whats so funny jingles? are you wearing a
    mankini and are you opening and closing your curtains onto the main street
    periodically while narrating?

  294. Those 2.5degrees of gun depression, is that not the maximum “depression”
    over the back end of the tank? Because the Leopard 1 sports far more than a
    mere 2.5degrees of elevation.

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