Armored Warfare || I’m Back Baby!

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Lets go this…

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  1. i knew you would be back soon you cant let it be hahahahahahahaahahahahah

  2. It’s a pity that’s so long to launch a pvp game

  3. Honestly I kinda have to disagree with you that seems to care, in honest it feels more like they couldn’t give a rats ass.

  4. Zis is gut geim, ai laik it alot.

  5. What ? AW is still got online ? ?

  6. Armored Warfare Replays

    Thanx for coming back and hopefully soon we will have more your videos of Armored Warfare 🙂

  7. Muhd Nasruddin Bin Muhd Zahidi

    Finally your back

  8. The thing i hate about AW are the ATGMs… they still feel way to OP. If you can pen the frontal turret of a Challenger 2 ATDU with a VBR ATGM there is something wrong. I’m just sick of getting my modules (turret ring, gun and breach lock) knocked out (you can only repair it two times) and losing half of my hitpoints (or an entire MBT) to ATGMs.
    If they don’t fix this i won’t come back.

  9. the artillery is really good now its pretty much the same but does like 900 damage per shot, you can dish out about 3k damage in the Pzh-2000

  10. Good to see that your coming back to the game which doesn’t require hundreds of hours and money to play:P

  11. Only way I’d rejoin AW is if they’d mirror my NA account to the EU server. I mean it’s nice that I’ve got all my premiums there but seriously I’m not re-grinding.

  12. I generally like the game but i dont have a computer to play TT

  13. Honestly I’ve just been watching your videos because you’re the only one that covers this game. I think they got on the Mighty Jingles bad side….

    Anyways, if you say so I’ll jump back in. This game does have a place in my heart and I’d be more than happy to jump back in!

  14. been back playing pve myself nice to hear your playing too we need pve and pvp players will try eu but all my stuffs on NA

  15. play pvp and don’t care about arty, you are on the righteous path now. 😉

  16. Obsidian almost killed AW and fucked so much stuff when transferring stuff to team now its a lot better. The game still needs more love but it looks so promising now. We should get a major marketing campaign maybe even this year.

  17. Look I havent finished watching the video yet and I have to be clear I still love the game, but the last week in terms of paid content has really pissed me off. They already have gone back on their promises quite a few times. (Re-selling the normal termi/exp tank for example) And now they added another batch of reskiniums on top of that you cant pay for them with gold??? Like WTF you have this gold which i paid for with REAL money and they decide that basically my money I spent earlier is useless, cause they want more money, as I posted in the forum they have gone too far and unless I notice a change in business model I wont be back.

    What I dislike most of all is that they use the balance 2.0 “rewards” as a defence, we were very generous back then, so we can f*** you over now, im sorry it doesnt work that way. Sure you earn some credit, but not as much as I feel I need to keep giving them 🙁
    What I would like to see changed and restore some belief in their businessmodel is, good in-game specials like WOT has, Either EVERYTHING with real money or EVERYTHING with gold. (I dislike the system in WOT too, but at least there are a lot more in-game uses for gold there) And by far the most important make us want to spend money by making good/fun original premiums dont be like oh we grabbed this prem/regular tank and put a skin on it now its worth your money all over again we promise….
    And I feel they should tone down premium costs the tier 8 premiums are cheaper in WOT (Which IMO are already way too expensive, but have a LOT more use) than the m1134 fox on sale right now…

  18. I’ve also started playing again a couple weeks ago. Also putting up content! Ping me if you wanna platoon.

  19. they need to merge the servers, I hate how they’re splitting the population

  20. Play it if you like it.

    I still log in everyday to see what they are up to, still play a bit on NA, so a pve game or 3 a day. The atgm spam is ridiculous, cuss ru from time to time over it

    You might want to review the history of the break up of Obsidian and ru/ The lack of updates and love were not Obsidian’s fault. ru was drawing it out until they could dump Obsidian and pay as little as possible for the content. If you need to bad mouth anyone for screwing up the game, might want to look at ru. They were pulling the strings.

  21. I’ll say one thing with more players Armored Warfare is much better than ripoff WOT, I started playing Armored warfare from the beginning I believe Jingles announced it on his channel back then.

  22. Evil Popcorn Generator

    I really want to get back into pvp and GLOPS. Too bad NA server won’t let me.

  23. @devient hey buddy if you wanna earn money in war thunder, just do planes arcade, its simple and fast… you get fk all for tanks, 1 plane kill and you get the same as a full tank match nearly, its utterly broken

  24. I disagree. I think much of this “caring” is the pressure from War Thunder progressing into modern tanks. The other thing that bothers me, is I am one of those players that migrated from World of Tanks with the idea that AW would be something different. That saying, I have not been happy with this pivot of the game becoming nothing more than a WoT mod.

    I still have fingers crossed that War Thunder does a hard break and splits ground forces into two games. (split modern tanks off)

    I would suggest not giving too much time and effort into this game compared to some of the other content you offer.

  25. I actually wanted to try this game again, but with behind it I have no motivation to even waste the 2h of download time for the HD client. They are a horrible publisher and the games they touch tend to turn to shit quickly. Which is too bad because I was actually really looking forward to it when it first appeared. That said, stating that the grind is horrible, the game is expensive and you’ll have to schedule when you’re going to play doesn’t really sell me on giving it another go either.

  26. The problem I had with your comments about Obsidian is that game developers can dance in other genres and be successful, the problem with Obsidian is that they had to lay of staff in the past 6 years coming before starting on AW and in this circumstance should have known this and tried to recruit more staff or use developers for the game in tandem with Obsidian developers.

  27. Glad to see you back playing AW dude.
    Just getting back into it myself after my PC died & just getting another one.
    All my clan mates have now moved across the the EU server, Which leaves me behind now. On the NA server & had 3 tier 10’s & 5 tier 9’s, Heaps of credits & Rep, and around 5k Gold. Plus around 5 highier tier Prem tanks. On the EU server I have 1 tier 7 light, 1 tier 6 light & 3 tier 5 heavies, Not so much Credits or Rep or Gold, and bugger all Prem tanks, So I’m lagging behind.
    I’ve played a few PvP games, but mainly doing PvE at the moment so that I can tier up a bit quicker. I’m doing it this way because I find I’m earning more with PvE than PvP at the moment.
    Keep the great vids coming dude, And hopefully I come across you on the EU server, Pref on my team, once I get myself back up in the higher tiers.


  28. why do i have a blind white garage i dont have a garage on AW with new update normal?.

  29. Been playing Armored Warfare for almost two years now. Yeah, there are problems with it but then aren’t there problems with all games? No game is perfect. Not everyone is happy. Glad to see you playing AW again Devient Kage. And yes, love this game.

  30. Does anyone have a solution for the fps stuttering this game has? i have a i7-6700hq and a gtx 1060 6GB and no matter the graphical settings i get these random 1-2 second 2-5 fps stutters almost like its trying to load in massive assets but it happens at least 2-3 times a minute if not more, I already tried v-sync and it fixed the problem on some maps but not on others, is there like a graphical setting to turn off or anything?

  31. I’ve been instantly thrown into 3v3 pvp matches on EU…not saying it happens all the time but the population is not great

  32. 10:27 Give it another go? There’s barely been ANY progress since MailRU took over development, it’s FAR too early to get back into AW for those that got fed up with the game.

  33. Neaah….NA server still baaad,got 6 tier 10 tanks ,I don’t want to start allover on EU server…some time ago I send question to tech support about moving my tanks from NA to EU server..they respond was that they don’t do that kind of service. So that was the moment when they lost me forever.All money spend on premium account,tanks ,packages are lost(no bigy for me)but just a fact that they screwed-up NA customers make me little pissed off.So now I’m stick to War Thunder especially now when they are introducing modern time tanks what are why much better than AW cartoonish looking machines.

  34. Arties are fun played as KV-2 😀

  35. hey if anyone is interested in buying an account I have one I want to sell 50,254 gold / 372,891,467 million credits/ 2,681,435 global rep with nearly all (i’d say 90%) the tanks purchased and maxed out, and all crews and commanders maxed as well. pretty much if you want the game with everything maxed and don’t want to grind let me know. I’ll send screenshots if you want.

  36. what is peak hours for population on which servers?

  37. is the NA server alive yet? i want to go back too

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