Armored Warfare in 2018? Its coming to XBox one? Pc gameplay

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Source: TroopperFoFo

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So armored warfare. A game I was heavily involved with when it was first announced.
Obsidian Entertainment was making this game on Cryengine.


  1. Things that have improved.
    Amounts of vehicles
    Your vehicle doesn’t get stuck on map border.

    Things that have stayed the same.
    No controller support
    Bad map designs.

    Things that got worse
    The player base.

  2. Spring Branch 713 Kelvin N

    It will be much more alive on Xbox , people are much more tired of wot on Xbox cause we had it much longer

  3. I started playing it on xbox and it constantly keeps disconnecting me

  4. Ṩᾧὄʀḋ ዐቻ ℓïɠɧŧ

    why are camo soooooooo expensive ?

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