Armored Warfare in 2022 PvP Gameplay #armoredwarfare

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Source: WarGamesComedy

Welcome to Wargamescomedy. Today i get into some PVP action in ArmoredWarfare PC. I take the Russian BMP-1 the British chieftain MK2 out to battle.
Gameplay with commentary Ep.1

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  1. 10:09 I was just waiting for you to hit that shot and finish him off that was a CLEAN SHOT my boy
    Keep up with the amazing content 🙂

  2. I see you really like Tanks!!! Ahaha 🤣 nice video again bro keep it up 😉

  3. From 1200 down to 200hp 😮 Those BMD’s are real thorns to the side

  4. You’re being very cautious on the battlefield. Thats funny, but smart.

  5. You’re good at this! Shooting through fences looks dangerous lol. Good job! You made it look easy!

  6. Im so very impressed men u can snipe them as a tank u such a pro men

  7. Dark Pixie Gaming

    Looks like a tough map. 10:11 good hit! He had a good position there.

  8. Armored Warfare! Now this is a game i really did like! Nice tanks in this one for sure! They dont make enough tank games these days..

  9. Руслан Карм

    Привет! Ты играешь в режим столкновение в Армате? Если нет, то попробуй, очень интересно, затягивает!

  10. Awesome 😀😀

  11. In this game a hesh with 4000mm of pen fired to the front of an m48 from 50 meters does nothing, very realistic indeed

  12. now only war thunder and armored warfare tanks are fun to play unlike the WoT that goes until post WW2 tanks only. Aready at tier X and its still boring AF

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