Armored Warfare in 2022

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Welcome to WarGamesComedy. Today I dive into the of Armored Warfare PC and I tell you my experience as a brand new player starting game off in 2022.

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  1. The looks awesome! I would like to see you in action in a Siberian/arctic map!

  2. I agree, starting on PVE would be useful as the other games start in PVP. And PVE can still provide a decent challenge while you learn. More games should provide PVE battles until you reach a certain level

  3. Im kinda curious what PVE is. I might have to do some research. Still I get what you mean. I’m the same way with Plants vs Zombies BVN

  4. Looks great and nice look at this version

  5. Armored Warfare, is even better game than World of Tanks, in my opinion! The whole episode was amazing and exciting to watch, great tanks and shots there! Continue your entertaining work, buddy!

  6. How about the playability in the begenning of 2022? As I remember joining a PvP match took at least 3 min. to play mainly with Russians – have it gotten better and it’s easier to find a match now?

    • joining PVP is still about the same between a 2 to 3 minute wait during the late afternoon East Coast time. During the morning time and early afternoon between a 1 to 2 minute wait.

  7. I have played WoT and WoT Blitz for years, but recently I started to get bored. So I thought about reinstalling this game, and so far I think it was the correct choice. The PVE scenarios are fun, yet rewarding and the different weather types are something I wish WoT had. I get demolished in PvP, but well that was expected, don’t really have the map and tank knowledge yet. Only thing that is kinda weird is how the tanks respong to your movement commands. Sometimes it works without any problems, sometimes your tank just doesn’t want to turn/reverse at all (And I don’t mean while I have any broken modules). I guess thats because of a different physics engine, the controls are so similar that I forget that the game probably has slightly different game physics.

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