Armored Warfare In A Long Forgotten Nutshell

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Source: SteelxWolf

I do not have any sort of referall code as of yet. I will be making a few videos on the game as I hear its pretty easy get a partnership with them. We will see.

War Thunder Live Profile:

FFSM mod (Currently for Aircraft only) Here:

Join The Discord!
I Have A War Thunder Squadron! SteelxWolfs The Wolfpack, =SxWYT= is the tag. Let us know in Discord what your in game name is so we can accept you into the squadron and give you the squadron member role. Look forward seeing faces!

Outro is the War Thunder Original Soundtrack – OST Track 13


  1. I love that first clip xD

  2. its a shame more people dont play this game

    it is actually very fun

  3. I remember hearing about this game from jingles. Played it for a little while but thought the devs just wanted a WOT clone and killed it attempting to chase that.

    • @J Wilt not to mention that My.Com was making more money but Obsidian took part of the profit so they kicked them off and went full WoT Clone until they realized they messed up the games potential and are not pulling it back to what Obsidian wanted

    • @SteelxWolf How unbelievably _sad._

    • @SteelxWolf So it’s essentially a promising tank rpg gone WoT clone ruined by another company chasing the easy buck not realizing that a WoT clone is not popular with people looking for alternatives to WoT?

    • @Warren H yessir

    • Their pricing did more damage. It was basically WoT with modern armored vehicles and their target base were WoT players. By the time this game came out I spent well over 3,000 dollars on WoT. Why would I leave that behind to go play this when you don’t offer nothing new but charge same prices if not more? I played it for a bit untill it stopped having enough players for pvp battles which happened fairly quick in North America.

  4. damn steel you gonna make me download this game I swear might actually do it

  5. Just got back into AW after nearly blowing my brains out in WT. It’s fun, but the low tier experience is kind of painful 😥

  6. 2:04 goodbye cruel world 😞

  7. 0:16

  8. so is this basically WoT but all modern and you can use your secondary?

  9. Merkava in WT: meh
    Merkava in AW: STEEL WALL

  10. Honestly everything HP based is not poggers in my books dawg

  11. Merkava’s just be out here eating cars for breakfast

  12. I forgot to mention for those who are interested in Armored Warfare that I made a BATTALION FOR IT!!!! Its the same as WT SxWYT is the tag. you should be able to find it easily. it works slightly different from WT but it should let me see ur application. If you join Discord I have a special role for the AW Battalion as well

  13. new tanks? i didnt know was still supporting this.

    • KMS Bismarck Drache191200

      @SteelxWolf when did they do thia huge overhaul?

    • @KMS Bismarck Drache191200 there was an account reset back in 2015 or 2016 I think. I thought the game was dead so I “regrettably” spent my global rep ( AW term for Free XP) on some tanks I didnt want. Now a lot of new interesting stuff is in the game I have to grind for so it makes coming back worthwhile. They seem to have a small team dedicated to it

    • KMS Bismarck Drache191200

      @SteelxWolf ooooh alright, but I meant more in terms of the Interface since I play Aw last time in 2018 and back they the Interface didn’t look this, well, modern and so different

    • Yah I don’t really remember when. I missed a lot of it too

    • KMS Bismarck Drache191200

      @SteelxWolf ah alrighty

  14. douglas is working only on good armored vehicles like mbts because he eat half of your camo so anything other just die in few seconds because nearly permaspoted

  15. This game looks pretty cool.

    • It was. But nobody played it. My Tier 10s will just sit unused forever.

    • @Dr. Froggle It isn’t dead as people say it is. People are coming back to it slowly, its just kinda rough if you play during NA hours. You will almost instantly find a game (PVE operations and such) when the EU and Russians are on. PvP is pretty hard to find games, but it exists.

  16. This looks fun but i have no idea how to start it out

  17. Can we get an F for the console version of AW that has been dead since 2019

  18. I tried playing every tank game but this game is the best one definitely

  19. I have never played modern warfare but it reminds me of like a modern world of tanks. Is it worth playing? God bless Steel!

  20. forgot the biggest thing AW does, every few days you just get free stuff as a reward for just logging on. Decals, gold, tank rolls that maybe dont have a chance of dropping the smiley face decal every single fucking time you roll for a tank case

  21. Recently got back into this game after a WT burnout. I’m mid tier in a few trees so fair bit of progress. Its well worth a go.

  22. Not good as war thunder

  23. tried this out a few years ago when it first released, but it had a lot of problems, then I heard that the game was basically dead a while later and never really heard much else about it, quite a shame really, the PvE was exceptional. But I never expected it was still up and playable, might have to give it another crack

  24. I wish I could play this game but the insanely high ping I get is just unbearable.

  25. I remember playing this long time ago, pretty fun game, had massive problems tho. I guess I should go back into it now that I have a new PC, should be fun to casually play from time to time, with few friends

  26. Mutant Lavalamp Derg

    This game actually almost fried my ps4 6 times, sony even blamed my console for it, after that the game just died as far as I know, it was a great alternative but….welp

  27. lol i tried playing it years ago but it was impossible to find a match

  28. I might go back to it I guess

  29. Is it worth to play it?

  30. is this game worth getting back into? i stopped playing because the player base fell off and queue times became insanely long but i really enjoyed this game

  31. I mainly play PVE on AW to have some fun and destress myself from other PVP tank games. Plus, PVE with friends is freakin amusing. I’m glad you gave AW another look, cause the new updates ain’t half bad. It’s not perfect, but it sure as hell fun

  32. Man it is interesting to have this vid come across my feed as a long time AW player who gave up WoT and WarThunder super long ago.

  33. Chibi xXxScrublordsxXx

    I was a CBT tester for AW when Obsidian was on the project. I haven’t been back since removed OE from developing the game and turned it into a clone. It was a series of bad decisions that killed the game in NA in a matter of days/weeks.
    Every time I see random AW vids pop up in my feed, I get nostalgic of the good old days of when AW was really something unique. And a direct competitor to WoT, filching WoT players and making WG take a serious look at their shitty business practices.
    But I digress. A good video, a subscribe from me.

  34. I actually have this game but can’t play it properly.

    Thing is, I’m from México and they only have EU servers, and I’m always with 200-300 ping all the time making the game unplayable for me.

    It’s a shame because I really wanted to play this game. I fell in love with it almost instantly.


    I tried this on PS4, one thing that REALLY bugged me is how quiet engines are and everything sounds dull and sameish. For games like these, sound is a big deal for me so I just stopped playing because it felt like it just missed the sounds.

    • When Obsidian left the project because My.Com wanted a wot clone they absolutely broke the game for them. Audio is so much worse than it used to be

  36. I remember I played this game during the open beta, back in 2013 or so.

    I started playing it again and to my surprise, I got like 5 premium vehicles and atleast a year of premium lol. Sadly the queue times for PVP are very long past afternoon in my time zone so I dropped out from the game again.

  37. главное в пвп не появляйтесь войны) Пока вы в пве такие как мы в безопасности;)

  38. I love this game to bits, but as a long time player ive seen the changes that its gone through and some of the changes they did to make it pvp friendly is really sad, biggest example is that now the ATGMs almost always do damage no matter how much armor you have or if you have ERA

  39. Its World of Tanks but with modern stuff like War ⚡

  40. I wanted to love this game more, but they just did too much dumb stuff. I wanted a cooperative shooter with tanks which is kind of what they
    started out building, and then they started more and more just being a competitor to other, more entrenched PVP tank games. They were literally the only company offering a fully developed coop experience, but they let the unique features rot in favor of trying to grow PVP, now it’s 5 years later and I immediately recognize the missions you’re playing because they just haven’t made any real progress in coop.

  41. Health based tank games are ass and you can’t convince me otherwise

  42. I’d play this game if they didn’t just abandon the PS4 version after Carribbean Crisis or whatever it was called

  43. I discovered your channel yesterday with a WT video talking about its problems from a variety of interesting issues that I enjoyed. I saw this today. I have played this game since 2013/14 at varying levels of intensity. I enjoy the game since WoT and WT were frustrating in different and the same ways. I enjoy this game more with the PvE. And the vehicles are for the most part fun. You got a sub from me. Hope you enjoy your time here and the game improves a bit.

  44. So tell me, whats happened with this game? I have heard many many things about it being a WoT clone, devs not caring, i know they swapped teams like how is it now? Actually worth playing?

    • Its a good change of pace from other games. My.Com was a Publisher for Obsidian who developed the game for a timeZ My.Com were not happy it wasn’t a WoT clone and that Obsidian took part of the profits. So they dropped Obsidian and tried to develop it themselves only for 99% of the community to just drop the game overnight. So they realized they fucked up and now a small dev team works on it

    • @SteelxWolf oh neat, ill have to give this a try again thanks man!

  45. The fact that wot console ended up copying this game is such amazing irony

  46. Might reinstall this…

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