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  1. Do you play on NA or EU and how are the NA community?

  2. Use them HEAT shells godverdomme 😉
    All prem tanks are 100% upgraded

  3. Gorki the Spacepig

    That tank looks so amazing. I also keep being amazed by how good Obsidian
    does everything. Have fun with it :)

  4. As you said below, there just aren’t that many people playing on the NA
    server. Been a subber and love the vid content. I didn’t know you were even
    doing AW until a few weeks ago when I saw it listed on your channel. Glad
    to see you here Bolt. I noticed Raptor was into AW lately too lol. I’m
    happy to hear that they are still making improvements despite the low
    population. Any ideas on what would help to re-pop the NA server or why
    it’s so low? Personally, I’d love to see some period battles between the
    Pact Forces and NATO with the low tiers. Any good advice for “Lords of

  5. T-64AV and T-64BM have been in AW screenshots since alpha.

    They make the Hunter and only release it on Russian server as an event tank
    and the west gets it as a press vehicle… where the hell are these tanks
    in the tree if it’s a functional vehicle?

    Not to be negative about your gift though Bolt: The Hunter premium, fancy
    camo, premium bonus as an exclusive gift vehicle? Awesome, you should be
    happy with it, and they could keep it exclusive. But the game is so bare
    bones in tank variety it could really use some meat and at least release
    the T-64BM at tier 6 or 7.

  6. I really think they shot themselves in the foot by going arcade vs
    simulation with a game like this. As other Tubers have said, its still
    feels to much like WoT just with newer tanks.

  7. Sorry men but you should show Sb else replays because you completly suck in
    that game. you chause wrong updates and you made Just a charge like the
    most of the noobs, Kids and tomatoes.

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