Armored Warfare is Coming to Xbox One

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Source: Xbox

Warfare, the future of modern tank shooters, is coming to XBOX ONE!


  1. Hey can we get more people back to xbox 360.

  2. Where is my modern warfare 2

  3. WTF is this

  4. Who’s more excited for this than bo4 ?

  5. * cough * copied world of tanks * cough *

  6. Xbox finally get free games that are worth playing eh? (Other than Fortnite and WOT)

    • Mitchell Mackenzie yeah I can’t wait for war thunder

    • Mr.Spongy Games which nation your gonna choose because depending on which nation you use will tell the difficulty like for example what it to be easy go Russia or what it to be normal German and French if you wanna go to hell and back Britain US Japan is where it is

    • Alpha Wolf probably Germany

    • Mr.Spongy Games Germany is the easiest country in game, US and Russia are good allround nations. Britain is a good tree for defensive players and France and Japan are for experienced players

  7. Wow, first World of Tanks, then War Thunder, now Armored Warfare? Should be called Tankbox One.

  8. Yeah???thanks for the tanks xbox???

  9. Arms 3??????

  10. This game is free?

  11. Were is War World 3

  12. Free to play right??

  13. World of tanks will become dormant after this is release

  14. Michael Munguía T

    Me hace acordar a los tiempos en que jugaba a tank de la polystation

  15. Boring and generic just like the xbox one.

  16. Sequel to advance warfare? But prequel to infinite warfare? ???

  17. World of Tanks: Modern Warfare

  18. I’ll pass. I’m just waiting for Warface to drop in September.

  19. If anyone is looking for a release date it comes out August 2 2018 witch is next Thursday according to the Xbox store

  20. Plz make this better than world of tanks

  21. God bless!

  22. Did I mention the tank is a tank?

  23. Lmao xbox gettin some games

  24. Will it be on PC aswell?

  25. Hopefully this will do better than it did on pc.

  26. I thought it was a new call of duty :))

  27. The Best YouTube Chanel for Armored Warfare Console and PC Guides is “Die Bessertanker”.

    I love this Channel their Videos are so great.


  29. A musica não tem nada a ver com o jogo…

  30. Роман Сусликов

    Привет из России

  31. Wot 2 !!

  32. Another trashy game. SMH

  33. TheUltimateUber1

    Does this game include the Sprut tank? If so…I’m in.

  34. Law Abiding Citizen

    “Real”… lol

  35. *Coming Summer 2018… It’s already Summer 2018?*

  36. Yus!!!! Stryker and Abrams I’ll be waiting for you!! (Side note, that is amazing music playing in the back)

  37. Lieutenant Starbuck

    I hope its not like that other tank game thats charges you lots of money for tanks.

  38. We want, World War 3

  39. What’s the song in the Trailer? Anybody?

  40. Lol wot 2 bootleg edition

  41. What song is in this trailer

  42. Can I use mouse and keyboard

  43. Oh

    I don’t care

  44. It like WOT but better and different the skill you research like eagle eye sixth sense you already have it and there are differences to

  45. War Thunder? Thats enough…

  46. M1 Abrams already op

  47. да лааадно !

  48. Wish i could transfer my pc progress

  49. It’s a dead game

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