Armored Warfare is it Still relevant in 2020?

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so i decided to this off the cuff in regards to scripting as id rather do it spontaneously. If you’re looking for a fun that is less frustrating than World of Tanks and to play for the fun of it. then Armored warfare is the game for you, however while it has a low player count it offers a partial story mode to play with friends and strangers, PVP lacks players however it does shrink games and maps in skirmishes if they cant gain enough players to fill a full game. there also third mode called global ops that encourages gameplay and teamwork as the objectives do reward you for capturing them. the game does offer a unique with modern MBTS that isn’t pay to win and relays on how to you recognize tanks and the ammo type you use. its an interesting that is free to play that is worth a chance though suffers from low player counts.

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  1. The main reason I dropped out was that in PvE the bots not only could spawn right on top of you, but also they always were pre-aiming at the players and the moment someone got spotted it usually ment eating at least a few shells if you weren’t behind cover.
    It does seem they updated the UI, sound and graphics a bit.

  2. Dont play pve go and play pvp you fucking bots

  3. Still play this game regardless of the player base

  4. Actually this game has begun to shine few months ago, when I re-took this game.
    I find a match easier than some years ago where to wait for a match (either PvE) you have to wait more than 3 minutes averagely…
    Now for PvE you wait few seconds, and for PvP you wait 1 minute averagely…

  5. Been thinking about trying this game as I have world of tanks burnout been playing it for years and it more stressful than fun this game look interesting and a bit more casual

  6. The only actual problem is the new Russian ownership. They turned into pay to win as soon as they put their dirty hands on it. Pay to access ”battle path” events where you can grind out cheater commanders or ridiculously overpowered event vehicles combined with a market. However, this is the most improved tank game. Graphics, the global server, and changes in different game modes are incredible. Nothing changed this much! Not the World of Tanks or War Thunder. Less bug in damage model maybe… best matchmaker with the less constant up tier. Slowly became my absolute favorite. I raging significantly less here than in War Thunder.

  7. On PC maybe but on console we haven’t gotten anything in 2 years so I’d be bold enough to say it’s dead

  8. i didn’t even know that this game exists (and i did play lots and LoTS of warthunder and world of tank).

  9. Just a sidenote, the coax machine gun isn’t useless. It can damage thin skinned vehicles likes Swingfires and Wiesels, but most importantly you can use it to take out infantry squads and aerial units that appear in Special Operations.

    • It’s nice to know that as admittingly I just thought it was added as a unique feature, tho never used it in pvp, I’ll have to give it a try, thanks for the tip 🙂

  10. love the game it is fun

  11. AW relevant in 2020? Well, yeah, because its the only WOTish tank game with a dedicated PVE system.

    • PrinceOfParthia74

      so if wot make pve AW should bury itself right?

    • @PrinceOfParthia74 Except I have literally 0 worry about that ever happening.

      WoT and its community see PVE as a ‘noob mode’ or ‘training mode’, just look at WOWS, its an underpaid, side show that no one wants to see taken seriously. THey have the Operations or w/e, but those are limited in scope and tier and only 1 is available every 20 minutes per ship. Sooooo, yeah, I have no worries about WG making a worth while PVE mode in their games.

      Maybe if WG made a WOT that was purely PVE, maybe, but even then, I dont see that happening.

  12. Let not really compare this to WOT, since this is dedicated for Modern Warfare… and the infantry feature makes it a bit challenging.

  13. lol you braindead PVE MBT players

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