ARMORED WARFARE | Is it worth playing in 2021?

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Source: WillfulTangent

Today we will breakdown the whole game. Armored has gone through some extensive changes and has been greatly improved. Are the changes enough? Let’s see if its worth playin in 2021!

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  1. Can i do progression reset anymore?

    • No it was a one time offer when the game came out of Beta.

    • ​@WillfulTangent Thanks for the answer.
      Let me write about my opinion.

      I quite like this game after patch 0.33 but most majority of player don’t like it (or hate)
      I like it because it’s give some vehicle a breathing room make them useful or at least have a reason to play but some change doesn’t feel right to me example the ATGM buffs on some vehicle that is no need for (every Ramka, Terminator, T-15 etc etc)
      Speak about PVE gameplay is very repetitive, cutscenes, broken spawn mechanic (when 2-3 PL-01 or T-15 spawn on my butt i know the fun time is over)

      And real issue or i would say the real cancer in this game is.
      “Power Creep” the developer made a promise to us that they will fix this issue and yea… i see the same or now it’s even worse. and it’s happens on almost every tier. The prime example is the “shilka” I think this thing should be remove from the game as it remove so many new player from the game. I can’t tell how many broken vehicle this game has because it’s too many of them.

      “Player issue” i’m not experience much about toxic player but after dev merging server holy crap it’s a completely shit storm. let’s be honest here i’m not talking about newbie player or decent player who just want play the game. and this is the most tedious thing and there is nothing you can do.

  2. Good video, It is interesting to see that it hasn’t changed to much over the years, that is quite disappointing.

  3. the game became a shit show with 0.33 plus after they confirmed we wont get progression lines anymore, but only new prem tanks, it killed all my motivation to play. same with my battalion. there are so many cons to mention, and they are far more numerous than pros

    • And the reason we won’t get new progression lines?
      The progression reset+server merge
      Or in other words, their own damn fault.

    • @A Troll because people got shit ton of free xp and they said its not a good budget investment since people will use free xp to skip the grind and get the tank immediately. thats the official reason

  4. Didn’t know about Najlvin, am from Czechia too and have no idea what his name means or how it should be pronounced (like English ‘Nailwin’ is my best guess), so don’t worry.

    What I appreciate a lot about AW aside from the PvE, that I play nearly exclusively, is that the economy (as far as I can tell) is not bent towards less profit for playing tier 10s, like WoT is. Also no gold rounds, that cost arm and leg to fire and have crazy effect on your competitiveness.

    As I play mainly PvE, I think MBTs got buffed like crazy. The DPM on Merkava tanks is now awesome (8k+ on equipped Baz? :-O ), yes view ranges suck, but then you can just drive closer and some maps don’t really allow long range engagements anyway. I believe PvP is all about view range, so I understand hurt this brings, but then it is a team game, so let someone spot for you.

    Sure, some vehicles seem to have it all and some seem to got the short end of the stick (T-15 is still a beast while I feel like larger wheeled vehicles lack the ease of control and depression and are crazy tall, soft targets). And now, when I am riding my shiny new Obj. 195 at 80kph sliding around, I wonder why should I play something smaller :D.

    I agree that there is lack of focus on backlog issues and maybe too much pressure on new vehicles (but I bet it looks very different from the other side, when the worry is having enough money for another month of development) and the Hydra example is mindboggling as well as AI vehicles getting stuck and the team having to go around looking for them. On the other hand, the fact that AI does not attack the rocket in the last phase of Leviathan is the only reason the mission is playable :D.

    Thanks for the video and I hope you and your family are well.

  5. Almost every change made in Patch 0.33 was bad for the balance of the game.
    For one, releasing a rebalance for half of the tanks leads to severe difficulty for the people in T5/6 vehicles facing T7+ tanks, because the patch significantly buffed DPM/armor at T7+.
    The changes to missiles nerfed many AFVs, while buffing already strong tanks like the T-15.
    Currently, large-caliber HE rounds are broken, dealing extreme module damage, including oneshot kills on many vehicles without penetrating.
    MBTs in general got a massive buff to armor/DPM, while losing loads of spotting range. Mobility also went way up, which is nice for playing them, but is bad for balance.
    I have been playing since alpha, and this is easily the worst state balance has ever been in.
    Just about the only positive change was nerfing autocannons against MBTs, but the cost is just too high.

  6. I started playing AW basically just after the game went live, in January 2016 & WoWs about 6 months later before WoWs went full WG retard. Both games were enjoyable & a great distraction from IRL S”tuff”( to keep it clean) & I wasn’t afraid to spend what little money I had on EITHER game. AW kept “giving” me content of some kind, story driven missions, later daily log in bonuses, battle pass opportunities, a wider variety of distinct progression tanks that were easy to grind in a simpler game mode(PVE) & premium tanks that weren’t stupidly expensive, & so forth.

    WoWs got progressively more frustration to play, the grind didn’t get “progressively” harder, it got exponentially harder on each tier, game play & player interaction started to become more frustrating & toxic, & finally all the shifty/predatory business practices/monetization that I saw in WoT that made me NEVER want to play the game showed up along with the entire Puerto Rico cluster, & I said enough.

    When the devs went from a group of passionate group that would listen to the player base & at least TRY to implement an approximation of what the player base was looking for to a bunch of back alley shysters’ who made me, the player feel like I needed to take a shower after logging out because of how used I felt, made the game not worth the effort anymore.

    When AW had their “Puerto Rico” moment with the new tier 9 Chinese light tank & it blew up in their faces they owned up to it, admitted that they made a mistake & Actually TRIED to do better. WG/WoWs just side-stepped “responsibility” for their mistakes, piffled around the edges of the screw up & said “See We Fixed It” & proceeded to make the same mistakes over & over again, all while saying “Give Us More Money, Slacker”.

    AW STILL makes mistakes & figures out a way to “Shoot Themselves In The Foot”, I recently played a Hardcore match on Perseus & every time I respawned it was always in the same place, in the middle of 5 bots, & it didn’t matter that I was “Invulnerable” for 5 seconds, I was dead after 10 seconds anyway, & don’t even get me started on the proliferation of “Missile Spam” in PVE, it’s STILL insane, but is actually TRYING to do something about it, rather than just saying, “Deal With It”.

    AW is ACTIVLY trying to improve the player experience, WG is just trying to milk the cow for everything it’s worth before it dies.

  7. Daily simple contracts expect 10 battles to complete a daily contract, which takes up to 2hrs but only about 70 minutes of actual gameplay, what takes up 50 minutes that you’re not playing??? repetitive cutscenes that we don’t need, a useless 30 second countdown timer, and then of course all the queuing and loading… why not reduce the 30 second count down to 5 or 10 seconds? also, no new PVE maps or missions for how many years now? everyone is so bored of the same maps.

  8. I would like promote this game but problem is i cannot recommend game in this state full of bugs like graphical who is there many years or gameplay like vehicles physics reworked abramses who will stuck on 1milimeter invisible stone, or flashing textures from 0.33 release on some maps and more

  9. I think it’s worth it.

    It would be even more worthwhile if they remove T-15 from PvE.

  10. Hello there, I’ve been playing AW a lot. Not as much as WoT, but that’s because I’m not student anymore and to be honest I’m not planning to go back to the game. Why? Well, amount of grind to get some where, Batalion battles that are the same for years..and mainly i don’t have enough time to play more than 2 games and for the tank game I’m in WT. Even though WT can ruin my mood very quickly I’m not coming back to AW. Like your videos thou.. 😉

  11. Well it is good to see that the entire AW community has seen this video.

  12. Well done video Willfultangent. Is it still worth it, I think so. As a former content creator ( I missed resigning) I still create videos here on YouTube. There are kinks/glitches that still need to be worked out but you have kinks/glitches in all games. I’ve been playing Armored Warfare since January of 2016 and don’t see any reason to stop playing it. Keep up the great videos in promoting this game!

  13. It’s been 5-6 years since the development. To be honest, not much of change when I started playing this game, way back in 2017. It had so much potential to improve but it’s taking too much time that I have to stop playing it and move on to something better.

  14. What do you think is the expected amount of time it would take to get to tier 7? What should you recommend at that level?

    • That depends on what you like to play. The Merkava / Magach line has permanent 2x XP boost, so it will get you beyond Tier 6 prety fast, and it has no Tier 7 tank, so you go straight to Tier 8. I don’t know the amount of XP for each tier from the top of my head except that Tier 8 ->Tier 9 is around 1M. I think it is about half for each lower Tier.

      So you would need roughly 500k xp to get to T7. Lets say you will get around 600xp per battle on average (hopefully much more), which would result in somewhere around 850 battles needed, each battle takes around 15 minutes including wait times, that would be roughly 213 hours of gameplay to get to T7. But there are bonuses, as 2x xp for first victory, 4x for first spec ops win, boosters and reputation (free xp you get for every battle), so it will be less (150?) and if you go with Merkava/Magach, you can get to T8 in about half that time, so ~75 hours worst case?

      Very rough guesstimate though, and there are many bonuses that improve your xp gain, like vehicle ownership, premium account and events. On a good battle with combination of all of these, I am able to get 50k xp from ~1000 base xp on the first Spec Ops victory with my Tier 10 M48 GAU-8 to demonstrate the range.

    • But if you try to rush just one line, you might get limited by credits more than XP eventually, as you will be spending them on upgrades and vehicles get more expansive coming up the Tiers.

  15. Main problem for me…. Insuficient PVP players on server, and im from Europe.
    The best best advertisers are us, players and youtubers! Good video

  16. A very well balanced view of the game. My experience with the game is a “copy & paste” with your journey. I was a dedicated WOT player, but when I saw a trailer for this game I decided to give it a GO. After the first few battles, I left my WOT life and dedicated my play time to AW. I liked what the previous publisher was doing with the “tank base” concept. I kept playing AW even when the rift happened. I was fine until one of the AW content creators I followed decided to quit AW. I stopped playing AW for a year. I switched to World of Warships for a spell.

    I stumbled upon your channel awhile back and decided to give AW another shot. A few things have changed, but it was like meeting an old friend again. No game is perfect, but I do like the fact that they do “listen” to the AW community. They also address comments or issues promptly. It has been a learning curve since I have been back, but your tutorials and videos helped me get back on track. For that I – Thank you. 😀 Please keep up the MOST EXCELLENT work, sir! Godspeed!

  17. Try playing the Xbox or PS4 version. There hasn’t been a patch or new anything for 2 to 3 years now! And even with regional servers merged, it’s a ghost town. PvP? Forget about it, nobody seems to be on, ever. And PvE? Long queues, and when you get on, it’s the same people who know by heart where all the AI bots appear, and I’m lucky if I even get 5 KILLS, but they have 10++ kills! And the AI bots keep doing the same spawns and movements over and over again – BORING!

  18. Is it worth playing in 2021?
    my reasons:
    1. I love Tanks
    2. AW has nice graphic for this kind of game (along with WoT)
    3. As a WoT stress reliever
    4. Nicer people a.k.a lesser salt
    5. Cheap (does not really matter if you are totally free to play player)
    6. Freebies

  19. The good cummunaty is probably a result of the what i like to call the fortnight effect, meaning that all the kids and toxic douches went there leaving the other games in peace

  20. Finally found a YouTube channel that has AW content. I’ve tried following a few, but they died off the game & moved on.
    I’ve played the game since the Alfa days. I’ve put too much money into the game. I too was a big WoT player, and had put too much money into that game also, but walked away a few years ago due to getting disillusioned with the game, with the power creep on older tanks, and too many muppets now playing the game on the server I was playing on (ASIA server). About 3 months ago I started playing WoT again on a diff server with some mates, and I’m having fun again. Though it has become more off a pay to play game more than ever. We just stick too tier 5 and have fun.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back into AW, I just got burnt out playing it almost every night with mates and needed a beak. I have too much money tied up in the game, and time and effort put into the game. There’s not many tech tree tanks I don’t have. I’ve played all Battle Paths accept the last one, I just couldn’t get into it, changes in work effected the ability also.
    I also played mainly PvE, with some PvP & GLOPs thrown in, but I’ve also found the game stagnating a bit, especially with PvE, and the lack of new maps. That map you show the game playing on, I can Blue Star every time, and there’s other maps I do it on also. The challenge has subsided somewhat.
    I also play War Thunder from time to time.
    I’ve subbed too your channel mate, and I’m going too go back and watch some of your older videos to catch up.
    Keep the great content coming.
    GenFUBAR. In Australia.
    1AR WoT.
    1AREG AW.

  21. Like WoT…AW gets boring fast!

  22. I haven’t played this game in a few years.

  23. well now that wargaming ruined World tanks on console with 6.0, i’d say yes. it has become the best arcade tank game on console. WT is run by a company that’s equally as incompetent and horrible as wargaming, which is actually somewhat of an achievement

  24. We appreciate your thoughts regarding this game. I love Armored warfare, been playing for 2 years. I love to play modern tanks and enjoy this game even with all its faults. Faults are normal, but with people like you and more players coming in, faults will be fixed. I have also noticed more and more players are coming to this game which is great! I do hope more will come, more advertising, share this with a lot of people, and be respectful with the feedback being sent to the developers to improve this game more.

  25. I returned to the game a bit before the previous battlepath
    I really like this game but at the same time i hate it.

    It could be SO FUCKING BRUTALLY GOOD but the shear fact that its being led by a team that doesnt really care that much makes it already less good.
    So, the server meld even though necessary is an annoying thing because russian players are super non cooperative, but then again 99% of gemrnas playing this game cant speak a schmich of english either
    the average chat in a GLOPS match (I mainly play GLOPS) is either “CYKA BLYAT IDI NAHUI DEBIL” or “IDIOTEEEEN” “IDIOOOTEEEEEEN”
    its like they cant even write idiot thats how fucking inbred they are…

    So if this game starts waking up from its coma again i would love to see a seperate EU server (with US support) being established again
    Then theres the fact that GLOPS is being neglected like hell, they keep adding new content for either ranom battle or pve which is really not fair
    They just added Al dabbah which would’ve easily been added to GLOPS as well, i mean for fucks sakke theres smaller maps in GLOPS already
    and then theres the fact that GLOPS has outdated really in need of fixing problems like certain repair points being just in dumb positions or the fact that you cant get assist kills from assist capping wildcards which just further pushes people into getting pissed and shooting you so your cap priority switches to them

    The other thing that bothers me is Ophelia, fucking dumbest decision they ever made, might as well add gold ammo to the game then
    Then theres the still retarded battlepath missions like “use 3-6 tier MBT” like yeah thank you i cant even complete this in GLOPS now because theres never any games for those tiers
    or the jarringly grindy “net experience” missions which take up to 3 times longer to complete than the kills and damage missions

    the list goes on and on but im not going to throw all the garbage out here

    EDIT: oh and yeah speaking of discord server, it has really toxic moderators
    i got perma banned because i told a mod to get ahold of themselves after playing the complete fanboy that they are
    its like, poiting out problems in the game is a no-go apparently
    and i know at least a hanful of others who have been perma banned from the discord for similar situations
    one of my clan members has been banned just recently for saying that the last update caused performance issues

    its shit like this that really makes me want this game to be replaced by a fresh new installment maybe by obsidian again but this time without them being bind to a rusky publisher

  26. Is it even worth playing anything combat vehicle related when there’s war thunder?

  27. I think the game is very good, I’ve been playing for 2 years now, and it was very pleasant, since when I met AW it was because he was escaping from Wot, I was very frustrated and horrified by the number of Cheats and Hackers players that every time , are more and more with the famous “pay hacks”. I acknowledge that like all “free to play” video games it has acceptable bugs. Actually I was looking for an alternative to the PvP that WG offered and which brought me annoyed. I really fell in love at first sight as I came across modern, current, real and many active duty tanks, I am passionate about the game and I have dedicated a lot of time to it. At the moment I am not going to abandon him for nothing, and without any shame I recognize myself as a player addicted to PvE mode, since it was what saved me from the frustration with which I came from his competition. Thanks a lot.

  28. Without a doubt I am also convinced that the AW team would have better financial solvency, if they lowered the costs of premium items to a significant extent, I am well aware that not all players can afford to spend money on paid items , whose prices are from another planet, but hey … As an adult and worker, it is my only “escape” and personal fun that I like and I dedicate a small part of my earnings. If they lowered the costs of these items, they would undoubtedly be more affordable for all types and purchasing power of players. At least it’s my very humble opinion.

  29. I also defend these people from AW and I recognize that the “gifts” they have given us to the community, in general events and “special national days” have been GREAT and I am very grateful for them, since the competition (Wot) never made decent gifts, they always “give away” smoke. Sorry to WillfulTangent for the time and space I took up in your comment box.

  30. As a former player of this game way back in open beta, I have returned and find that I do enjoy this game. Coming from playing WOT hardcore for several years and achieving semi-pro status, playing this game brings back the fun feeling I remember having back when I first got into this genre. Interestingly, I seem to have acquired some premium vehicles since leaving. Thanks for this video, I really appreciated this breakdown. Maybe I’m here to stay.

  31. Yo, found your video while looking for tips on AW! I just got into the game like 3 days ago! Okay, bye!

  32. I used to play this a lot back in 2015. better times.

  33. It is not worth it, better spend your time on another activity / game

  34. can you make a video on the Kurganetz?
    personally i kind of feel it wasnt worth the grind because i thought its armor would be half decent, but its not.
    The fucking Hunter AFV has more armor than this thing AND THAT ONE IS A DAMN AFV

    • I’ll be 100% honest with you. I have no plans on making any effort outside of free to play grinding to get it via parts shop. If they can get it I’ll be happy to make it but if I don’t I’m not going to be purchasing coin to make it possible. This isn’t a shot at you it simply my mindset when I read up on it and saw initial footage of it back when it first started. Again if I get I’d be happy too.

    • @WillfulTangent no worries man, for real, too many thin skinned cunts out there that take everything to heart and see it as a personal attack

      yeah i got it trough the battle coin shop myself
      cost me at least 30k to grind it out if not more
      i tried it in the trst range before starting the grind but the test range doesnt really test youtr sirvivalbility, and once i used it on the battlefield i realised how flimsy it is

      if you face down the GAU or t15 you might as well not do anything because youre just dead at that point

    • @WillWhiskey I agree on the survivability cold shower here. Especially after recent inclusion of Hunter into AI PvP pool I recognize how sturdy that one is. What I found more disappointing is the view range, that is nothing special (again compared to Hunter that has crazy good view range).

      But the firepower, oh yes, that I like. The small HE/TB missiles are really fun, the 57mm autocannon is imo overpowered (too big damage and pen and too good accuracy for how short it is, I mean look at what Bglt.57 has and how it performs in comparison) and then you get the standard ATGMs and infantry.

      Yes, it is fragile, but it is not the only fragile TD (ADATS is about the same, but has no APS, if I recall correctly). So while I understand your frustration, I quite like it.

    • @Václav Tomala yeah but ADATS was practically free

      But you do bring up good points, especiall the cannon and beglt. pz remark, never even thought about this one

      nontheless, all i want is either better mobility overall (acceleration, top speed, hull traverse) OR at the very least decent upper plate armor (so the hood basically)
      thats all, it can have that big exposed belly but at least i can angle myself on a hill or something, idk…

      basically i was disappointed because although its a tier 9 i thought it would be like a lower tier T15 but it really isnt

    • @WillWhiskey Yeah, was my first reaction too. Pocket Armata and boy was I wrong :D.

      And I feel you. I was pleasantly surprised with Marder 2 and it’s ability to bounce some autocannons because it has some armor (also is heavier than Type-10, so.. it better).

      But then, that is the root of all disappointment. Expectations 🙂

  35. i unistall WoT, and install A.W. in 2021. and yes A.W. is still better game!, that i will play from now on.. i am from Eu (“server.)” WoT is only pay to win clan wars focused game.., this is real gaming experience

  36. I’m sorry for not being active in the comments for the past months, I’m currently very busy with work, so I don’t have a lot of time to game at all. I really hope this game will do well, not just because I’ve invested an ungodly amount of time (and money, too, I suppose) into this game, but also bc I really enjoy the community. I.e. Gringo and I’ve become quite familiar with each other in Global chat and SarkyMarky and I go back to the closed beta days. I love the concept this game is trying to realize, but I think one necessary step is to quicken the grind for tier VIII-X and slow the grind a little bit from Tier I-VI. VII is in a good place in my opinion.

  37. i gave it a try a month ago or so, was bored after a week or so due to friends playing higher teirs 90% of the time.

  38. Quick note from the mod and community team, we’ve all watched this and quite enjoyed it^^ famous points +1 😛

    From me personally? Ive found it more and more difficult to actually enjoy playing AW PvP, having to deal with the incredible buff that MBTs were given in terms of dpm,dps, reload,speed and armor changes has made a scout main’s life (myself) extremely taxing, missiles being nerfed to the ground with the chip damage as compenstation for the aps,smoke and agility nerfs is basically insulting.

    Broken builds and commanders, Ophelia with a 70% acceleration boost with speedy MBTs can actually cover ground as fast as wheels can which makes TDs basically irrelvant, at this point i have a handbook of three to four non MBTs per tier which are actually viable in the PvP ground to carry games.

    Anyway, tagnet.
    Good video and keep at the work, if you’re ever intrested in doing PvP with someone, i’ll be glad to help 🙂

    • You are always welcome here Spitfire_!

    • id also suggest starting a new account and seeing how the game is for newbies, going through the ATGM and autopen apocyaplse at low tiers is hell for PvE and for PvP you have to contend with tier1 modules (or none at all) while being massacred by seal clubbers in tier3 and 4

    • @WillfulTangent bold words, you sure about that? 😀

    • @Spitfire_ And pretty long wait times on lower tiers. I was thinking about dipping into PvP a little and wanted to try a lower tier, that I used to play years back, when I started and the Unknown wait time changed my mind immediately.

  39. Thanks for the video, I was a long time player but quit a few years back and was looking to get back in to the game. What tanks do you think are the top T10 “meta” tanks right now? Would love to see a video on the best tanks in the game. I like your videos on all the tanks and found it useful, but am trying to figure out which ones are the best.

  40. Okay, will give it a try…been trying to play this game for a while but seeing the mixed review on steam make me hold back a little…but after seeing this vid..I will give it a try…installing the game as we speak right not. hope to see you on the battlefield soon.

  41. Discord was good thing for this game but not for me when i complained about Abrams Hull and turret changes got banned from there because it and asked for reason for it haven’t heard from then since 23.10.2020
    otherwise great game

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