Armored Warfare – Is the Game Dead???

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Source: FlimsyLunchTray

Hey FLT here! Back with Armored Warfare to discuss a question that several of you raised was “Is the game dead?” So lets jump into it shall we? 👍

As always I appreciate your as I seek to improve the channel and community here with you! Thanks

0:00 Is the game dead?
:13 Outro

Armored Warfare – Official News

Armored Warfare – Two Worlds

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Music: Your Suggestions by Unicorn Heads

Set Up
PC: Apex Platinum – i5-9600K / GTX 1660 Ti / 32GB DDR4-3200MHz
Monitor: ASUS VG248QE Monitor 24″
Microphone: HyperX Quadcast
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Chair: Secret Lab Titan Black 2020


  1. Its always had a low player count

  2. Ahmet Latif Karaca

    I can say as a player of AW: The game is still alive.If you join the game you can see that game is not dead.Everday especially every afternoon and every night you can find matches,battles that you can play.Servers of game is working full there is no problem.If the game get more players it will be better.

    • For sure, several people had asked me/thought the game was dead, but definitely still active in my opinion. Some of these people were not actively playing the game. As you say if there were more players it would help the que times for certain times of the day. I played for 2 hours this evening (EU Region) and don’t think I ever waited more than 15 seconds in PVE for a match to start loading up.

      Best Regards,

    • @FlimsyLunchTray Thanks for you answered me dude.
      I agree you absolutely.

  3. Thanks for the work on this update. I was just playing last night for a bit! I think there is a player counter (similar to WOWS) on the server in the game so you could have checked something like that too in reference to the Steam number. That might give you some idea of and estimate on total players (given that most probably don’t play more than say 2-4 hours a day?). I definitely enjoy the PVE and it’s why I began playing the game early on.

    Keep up the great content!

    • No problem and thanks o7 Yeah I could look a bit more, but I didn’t see anything or at least noticed an ingame player count number 🤔

      Best Regards,

  4. Have they added any new tech tree tanks? Last I played the latest was the k2 line, but that was very long ago

  5. dont waste your money in this game or your time

  6. Less than 400 players peak and less than 200 average means that yes, it’s fuckin dead. Or a zombie if you like. It’s dead but still going for whatever reason. It should be dead though because it’s a more retarded version of WoT.

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