Armored Warfare – It-1 Tank Destroyer – 3rd Anniversary Reward Vehicle

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Source: CMDR_Strayn

Lets take a little look at the IT-1 Tier 5 Premium Reward

Roughneck Map, 4880 damage, 1 Kills, and 1975 Base Reputation

For more details, please see the AW portal:

I am always looking for some PVP, PVP (Ranked) and GLOPS games to feature on this channel, so if you have something great and want the Cmdr Strayn treatment, email me the replay along with the results pages to

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  1. New stuff yey!

  2. Thanks much!!!

  3. Strayn, 2 min intro is a bit too much 😀

  4. Good a PvP tank review 🙂

  5. Martynas Bieliauskas

    No way EU server gets something for free 😀

  6. omg this looks creepy, dunno a some kind of creepy genetic error. Good video!!

  7. Very diplomatic regarding the PvP population. Good video as usual

  8. holy **** did you see they announced global SERVER ???? Ps. I love your videos man they are awesome and interesting to watch !!!

  9. Nice to see you playing AW again 🙂

  10. Gotta agree Intro far to long – but other than that your presentation & balanced opinion is refreshing as usual m8 ?? – “Global Server” announced hmmm

    • yes I know it was too long, just wanted to highlight how the game has changed from when it went into open beta. ) Global server will be good for some and for others not so good. Only time will tell.

  11. I was considering downloading this again,s ee if anything improved, maybe grab the free aniversary tank. The game client tripped my anti-virus. one of the Dll files is bad. I’ve officially had it with mycom at this point.

    • I just dloaded client from US and logged into EU server and no problems or virus. Windows 10 Asus Strix.

    • Welcome back Byron

    • Any idea if PS4 will eventually get included? really prefer controller over wasd. plus i have both EU and US PS4 tanks/accounts.

    • As far as i am aware the console versions have a separate dev team on top of the devs, and have been told it works on a totally different time span to the PC version, so I am not sure but will post the question to the community team.

    • thx, they really need to combine all servers and platforms ala WT. Would make the game a serious contender to WoT

  12. Base building has been long since removed, how old is that intro?

  13. Play one battle is the requirement on at least the NA server. It doesn’t always get delivered right off though it took me a day to actually get it.

    • Indeed, but even though the CC’s knew the vehicle was coming noting at the time of recording was set for this ) Thx for your comment )

  14. Id like to see them add a animation to the Russia MBTs where after firing the little door on the back of the turret or side with the T-14 Armata flies open to kick out the charge pan before reloading the gun.

  15. wait like wt they have partnership? also gg and i hope they add that free part to ps4 i have it for pc need to redownload though I did play either the beta or just after

  16. i have a few battles in mine tho i use mine solely in pve matches. i’ve found that it is a good vehicle. especially for being a “free” vehicle.

  17. btw anybody know who did the song in that intro?

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