Armored Warfare – K1A1 Review | The Most Expensive Tier 7 MBT!

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Source: Primer7G

My full review of the newly-introduced South-Korean K1A1 Premium MBT is finally here!
Fully pimped out, it’s arguably the most expensive in the entire game! But is it worth the price tag?



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  1. To Bad that the game is dead on ps4 ?

  2. When t-84 oplot review Will come?

  3. Thanks for the review. It’s the right stuff at the right length. Also Good Shooting!
    I have spent far too much on loot crates. Early on, the crates delivered a storm of premium vehicles including the Awful Neon M60/2000. I received 11other premium vehicles, among them Challenger 1 Wolf, a Killer and AGDS, a disappointment. There was plentiful premium time, gold, credits, boosts and a great bounty of insignia (well over 10,000 gold insignia). As the promotion matured, the real satisfaction tapered off rather quickly with all of the aforementioned crate contents being reduced in volume and value and vehicles and premium time almost vanishing. Then we started being offered parts of vehicles, then parts of crates. I just don’t have the conviction that I will be satisfied anymore. I have a litter of useless parts of crates.
    I don’t call it a scam as many do. It’s marketing and I hope they will see some real financial returns as anything to help the game is a good thing.
    The K1A1 looks like a gas but I have not desire to send that much money away without immediate certain results. If it were for sale in complete form for an excessive amount of actual cash, I would consider buying but in this scheme, it isn’t on my horizon.
    I wish you much enjoyment of yours and admit to a small envy.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience as I greatly appreciate such comments 🙂
      At the end of the day, it’s my job – as a Community Contributor- to bring you all contents about the game and to present you with the facts, so you can make an educated decision about a purchase!
      Some things are good while others are bad, but I still have to try and be subjective in my contents!
      As far as the K1A1 itself, you can get that for less than what you might think (I got the tank itself on my 68th crate) however, getting it fully upgraded is the issue (or the gold sink in that case).

  4. Very nice vid, thx.

  5. Great review primer

  6. Loved the spreadsheet you used for the comparison; the time you put in to making that is appreciated.

  7. its like leopard

  8. after the mother company took over AW was screwd.. played it, grinded it all for 8months got all vehicles.. and Done with it.

  9. This tank is pretty much like the Type 90 and all the lootbox tank. It’s basically telling your own dignity to eat a manure and die while you’re supporting a borderline-gambling business model conducted by even though this same business model literally ruined EA.

  10. Something Something

    is ther gonna be a K2 Black Panther?

  11. i have like 6 pieces of every part i need and i had no idea you need 100 of each… so yeah fuck this shit it’ll take me forever to build this thing

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