Armored Warfare K2 Black Panther Best Build for DPM and Mobility (Hybrid Engine)

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Source: Shadow

K2 Black fully upgrad is like Leclerc T4, K2 has all it armor in the front, and bad sidearmor. Leclerc T4 has good sidearmor and front armor.


  1. Well played. I see that you use only AP, better for ammo racking, but less damaging then HEAT, I am not sure that it is the wisest choice in PvE, but you had a good result doing it, even if i suspect that even without that beautiful ammo rack on the Merkava in the second cap you would have done probably more overall damage.
    The front armor is good as long you are able to cover the LFP that is quite easy to pen, PL01 and K21 seem to don’t have any problem doing it, and surely you can not angle as you expose the side.
    As usual I learned a couple of trick also watching this video as often happens when I watch you play. Thank you!

  2. Cool 😎

  3. Excellent match I really like the camel on the black panther

  4. Everyone shot a hit. Well played shadow.

  5. Nicely done mate – I see you went for fast reload on the two shot gun & added the extra ammo.
    I like that as it has all 3 loaded when reload is done not like the other (3 shot) as it loads single shots when the first 3 are done unless you have time to wait for 3 more.

  6. Good game and set up!

  7. This game is boring

  8. Well played Shadow, nice load out and great positioning around the map

  9. Bora Miray Çelikbaş

    How did you unlock the hybrid engine its 2m exp

    • I just play Global Operation, Nearly everytime I got 100k xp for the tank, and also use it in Heroic Runs with times 10.

  10. Very well played, but were do you get your damage counters for incoming and outgoing?

    • It is under the settings, then UI, Then look for Incoming Damage and Outgoing damage. Then press on for both of them. Thanks Job Steffeaar.

  11. Great Job Shadow. Blue Star is nice + nice damage spotting kills

  12. Shadow, which tank do U think is best on 10lvl? I mean Abrams, Merkava, Leopard, K2, T14, Lec. 4, Type 99 or Challenger?

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