Armored Warfare K2 Black-Panther Hydraulic suspension

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Source: Shadow

K2 Black-Panther do not like to get shot in in the side and through the track´s becuase of the bad side armor. It has a low DPM for a stuck tanks comparison to Leclerc T-4. Hull treverse is bad also and acceleration, compariosn to Lecerc T-4


  1. Congratulation shadow nice game and beautiful tank

  2. GG! Agree with you that the T-4 looks to be better.

  3. AusTankie Gaming

    Well played m8 -Yep she’s a bit of a slug & bloody soft in the base configuration I’m hoping it improves with upgrades.

  4. Thats a pretty nice gameplay! Playing the K2 is a bit different and some cases painfull for me.
    Sure! the tank get way better in the later progress and i am pretty happy to had unlocked the APS wich is a little improvement.
    My problem is the K2 need a much different playstyle compare to other Tier-10 MBT´s and camping with a MBT is a bit awkward for me.
    The next upgrade wich i want to unlock is the mobility upgrade cause i want make the K2 mobile as possible i also use some retrofits aswell.
    About the guns i am playing the tank with the stock gun cause the DPM feels much better as with ready rack one. In some battles i am struggeling a bit with my damage but my highest one wich i did with the K2 was something with 21k. The reload upgrades are the next thing after i got the mobility upgrade done. Whats your personal tought with the K2?

    • I think that K2 is alright, it is a BEAST in hold down posistion on ridge line. The damage of the gun is little bit to low, But the new commander from the K2 unlock. He has some skills for roling highter damage. I think it is desent. Thanks WolleWolf95.

    • @Shadow I unlocked the commander and he got a pretty nice skill wich make the damage a bit higher. Also is there a way to playing with you together?

    • @WolleWolf95 Yes, you can join our battalion discord. But you can also add me ash a friend ingame nickname: ShadowComandPro.

    • @Shadow Cool! i send you friend reqeust my AW tag is ,,Weihnachtsklaus”

  5. General Saufenberg

    i use the standard gun on my k2. i have 6.550 dpm, and 5,4 seconds reload, and my commander is not fully trained. my leclerc has 7,130 dpm, but 7, 4 seconds reload, with the same modules and commander.
    so its not that bad at all.
    but yeah, it could use a bit more alpha damage.

  6. The damage yield is limited. Well played SHADOW Nice.

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