Armored Warfare – Last Patriot Battle Path Overview | The Best Battle Path so Far!!??

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Source: Primer7G

Have you been wondering about whether the Last Patriot BP worth your money or not? Or if it is doable with normal number of hours?
Well, answers for all that and more are in video, so it out!

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  1. I do agree this battle path is the best we have so far. 2 days in the event with minimal effort i can get to rank 10 quite easily (F2P with only the battle path access and no coins in reserve) and the reward seem to be really good. It is highly likely the CATTB will get an adjustment but haven’t got my hand on it yet outside practice range. Thank for the vid and the infos.

  2. Nice video, mate! I really appreciate the effort you put into this informative material. The community needs this kind of content. Thanks, and keep up the good work. See u on the battlefield!

  3. Thx Primer awesome job as always!!!

  4. Nice, thanks for the info

  5. Well done on video man!

  6. Not a big fan of the final commander’s missions. Any mission that relies on teammates to act in a certain way is nothing more than RNG.

  7. Are the last missions for Stone armor and heat bugged? I have had multiple games where I did most damage and got 15kills with a MBT shooting only heat.

    • No.
      You have to get 15 kills while doing the most damage to these 15 these kills (not the most damage in a match)

    • @Primer7G Ah ok, I was a bit confused about that part. Thank you for the response and the video was very helpful.

    • @OoGvDoO Those missions seem pretty tough in PvE. Anyone got any suggestions as to what tanks to use for them and in what map or mission? 15 kills, top damage and without necessarily going kill stealing. I’m trying it with a Merkava 3 Baz

    • @Paul C I managed it with the starship and playing spec ops. You will get alot of one shots. That’s how I completed these missions.

    • @OoGvDoO Awesome, thanks for the tip. I actually finished the Steel Eraser one off Stone Armor on Spec Ops with the Merkava 3 Baz last night mainly spamming heat, that’ll probably work out for Heat Eraser too (not there yet), but obviously since it’s not a 130mm gun, will have to use the Starship for Annihilator mission on Caliber.

  8. you are my favorite youtuber and i really hope from bottom of my heart thats you channal is growing fast…… your work is so professional and that’s clear to any viewer

  9. For HEAT king what do I have to do? I’ve dealt the top dmg and still no reward with Dragun 125

  10. bro, have u noticed: the REAPER” challenge and commander missions seem impossible to complete…..

    • Well… remember that you can always platoon with others to make things a bit easier and for challenges, you have the entire duration of BP to finish them.

  11. Nicely done, Primer! o7

  12. Hi Primer! I redirected from your community guide
    It’s an awesome commander guide, thanks for the efforts!
    There’s a new commander added recently – Vincent Girard, what would he be useful in?

  13. Your calculation is total wrong. 42 day, playing 2 hours a day, for all 50 ranks+4×6 mission? No skipping with gold? Your BP progression track have nu link to reality. Is total BLSH.

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