Armored Warfare – Leopard 2A5 Gameplay

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Source: The Shermanator

Some in the Leopard 2A5 in Armored Warfare’s gamemode! I love this tank and this game, it keeps getting better with each update, which brings us closer to the live, open version!

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  1. This tank looks sexy as fuck

  2. Leopard is my baby

  3. sexiest tank ever love the leo even the normal leo 2 is sexy as F

  4. Sherman, slavboos are always upset.


  5. do you play on the US server?

  6. Drive PL-01

  7. Drive The T90

  8. Bglt panzer! :D

  9. gameplay of xm8 vfm 5 and mbt 70

  10. PanzerHouse please

  11. The German Death Star

  12. What’s with the boss fight music from MGS4 doing here lol?!

  13. This is the sexiest tank i’ve ever seen 😀 i love it!

  14. Drive the m1

  15. +The Shermanator Sherman why dont people use HEATFS more than APFSDS???
    Isnt it better pen and damage?

  16. Do the Centauro please

  17. Is the leclerc in this ?

  18. Sherman next video go with the c1 ariete please :)

  19. where is abrams gameplay? :c
    sherman please!

  20. I’m still partial to the boxy and venerable A4 variant, but the A5 is still
    a beast. I can’t wait for the Challenger 2 and the overpriced Leclerc.

  21. Hi. great video. just a small question: how did you made it getting 90M
    free XP?

  22. Its German?

  23. The Leopard have a 120mm Glattrohr Canon

  24. Russia vehicle

  25. shit armour on that tank pref the challenger 2

  26. +the shermanator the m1128 striker mgcs or the centauro 120

  27. Wait you offended people with a tank?

  28. Can’t believe how good your English is! Better than some people at my
    school haha :D

  29. please no more PVE. i just left the video in a heartbeat.

  30. Yes they listened to me the PL-01 is there

  31. The Dutch have taken 16 Leopard 2A6s back into service and are planning to
    buy an additional number of A7s in the future.

  32. hey sherman, what about making a video with baron playing tier 8 tanks on
    armored warfare?

  33. Sherman u need to do the French tanks like a series for every country

  34. Will I be able to run this on E5400 2.7ghz dual core, 4GB ram, HD7730 1GB?

  35. I don’t understand why people enjoy tank games that have HP, tanks don’t
    have HP. They have components that you need t destroy and a crew that need
    to die.

    Oh your HP hit 0 you blow up now just isn’t fun.

  36. I hope there will be Swedish tanks like the strv 74 and the strv 103.

  37. Can s1 tell me pls when this game will be available for everybody (open
    beta), cuz i dont know if I should pay for early access now or not. Would
    be kind of annoying paying for a free-to-play game and then 2 days later
    its free. (I dont care about premium or exclusive content.)
    Thank you 😀

    PS: Are they going to add camos to the game? like desert camo or woodland

  38. i dont get why they made the tank model look so damn dark

  39. Leopard 2A5 onwards are gorgeous and holy shit that matchmaking you
    got…that poor bloody chieftain haha

  40. make a vídeo with the PL-01!!

  41. Seems like a very fun mode to me.

    I do enjoy PvP but sometimes you get a streak of bad runs and hoping on PvE
    and smashing some bots really helps vent some of the frustations.

  42. That Company which loves to Copy-paste game mechanics and “Improve”
    graphics and some annotations. pathetic

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