[Armored Warfare] Leopard 2A6 Review And Gameplay

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Source: nemetepst

Okay, I know that this review is not very well made, altough I hope that you at least found the gameplay entertaining.

Also I do realise that a lot of you are not interested in Armored Warfare and that is fine – nobody is forcing you watch these , so please keep your negative comments for yourself.

Please, your suggestions about how I should do the next episodes and which tanks you would like to see me take out next.

I will get a microphone soon, so the sound quality will be much better, but until then, bear with me please.

Armored Warfare is a free game, you can sign up here:


  1. +Nem pleass no I dont like Modern warfare please go and play the Test
    server is just came out!!

  2. well then..

  3. nice video

  4. nem I’m a huge fan

  5. Nice video but on one o clock ?!?! ?

  6. and I love that game too

  7. can we play together one day

  8. Really funny ?

  9. lol that no

  10. wait nem do you got wot blitz

  11. Pan hard vbl

  12. Looks like u have new micro, and found the push to talk button :D

  13. Dragoon 300 90. Lightning fast and nice gun.

  14. Hey nemetepst! Did you used to play wot blitz?

  15. You should fix the sound, because it was silent. Unfortunately, the ending
    wasn’t silent….ouch. Oh, and that hissing sound in background was a bit
    annoying, but as you are getting new mic, I can live with that for a while.
    “So, what’s my playstyle?” ummm, that would be “yolo”, i’d say 😀
    But, this was good, I usually don’t watch AW videos, now I did [don’t make
    me start to play it, you bič, haha].
    Comentary was good, I approve 😛 But WoT is better anyways.

  16. Lone__Wolf__ 4ever___

    +nemetepst next can you play with the M1A2 Abrams pls

  17. WhatTheHECKamIdoing1

    drinking contest for ums?

  18. when you do more reviews,the commentary should be better. And for for next
    review pls the challenger 2 :D

  19. Nemetepst you should get Freja Hojbjerg from the M109 as your MBT
    commander. I want to see you play a AFV next, don’t care which one. Or the
    Crab, yes play the Crab.

    Need to watch out for people driving in front of you. 🙂
    Also you should turn on your incoming and outgoing damage panels.

  20. I dont have A good english level but A love watch youre vidéo And training
    my english level ^^ (French viewer)

  21. 如何用中文

  22. nice to see that rng remains the same … your WOT videos have been
    funnier, but this was nice too

  23. PvP_ “EmpireEyE” PotionEmpire

    You stop world of tank ?

  24. coward kind of playing, for a game , in real life it is ok

  25. look like world of tank 2016 ! morden tank ! ;)

  26. Kirito Kun [Kazuto Kirigaya]

    AW is sheet

  27. i would love those tanks in WoT like tier 11 or 12… with those new
    physics that are comming in 9.14 update :)

  28. my boyfriend will work in this Tank in real life in 3 months

  29. Armored Warfare not like wot

  30. nemetepst pls the M1A2 Abrams pls :P

  31. finnish army use leopard 2A6

  32. make a vid between t-90ms and challenger2

  33. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    Prob the only youtuber that will show himself ATGMing a friendly?

  34. lol hillarious.

  35. play more gta 5

  36. they made a mistake , u are so suck , sory

  37. maybe you better start playing the lowtiers first, before you screw up the
    high-tier games since you arent realy experienced at the game yet…

  38. Mic is low.

  39. Could you please try PL-01? (if you have it of course)

  40. nice language ;D

  41. hahah gg dude xD

  42. hey man can you turn your microphone up next time thx luv the vids

  43. its great if u do dis on WOT. But why armor warefar.

  44. Type 59? Don’t really know how to play it :/

  45. How did you get every tanks???

  46. Лалкович Лолов

    tupo daun

  47. What do you think Nemetepst, is AW better than WOT?

  48. Evo pa maš še enga suscriberja sam prosm še mal igrej gta online al pa wot

  49. could you do a T-90 review please

  50. The Germans are the best tank builders :D.

  51. Do all pro mission on Pay Day 2

  52. Why is the front up-armoured on this model? This is how the front of a
    stock A6 looks.


  53. i am not french so i don’t speak very good english but i love your video
    and the music in the video

  54. why Holzklau? Its not good for MBT`s!

  55. i had an error (0xc000007b) pls tell me how to fix it :((

  56. much fail much wow xD

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