ARMORED WARFARE | LEOPARD 2AX | Rheinmetall Has Joined the Chat

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Armored Warfare [ Client – High]: WillfulTangent
World of Tanks [NA/EU Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
War Thunder [High Preset]: WillfulTangent
Xbox Live: WillfulTangent


  1. First! 😝

  2. second 👍

  3. I think the reason people leave this game not because this game is suck, Main reason is community… almost the same level as Warthunder.

    let’s about tank: Leo is kinda the same as Leo 2A5 but their turret armor just superior than almost every tank in the game, but you already get that turret at tier 8, The gameplay experience is the same so… i see no point to grind to T10 (but T9 Leo look very cool)

    Merkava is amazing and fit the gameplay meta very well. you should give it a try

    I mostly play Dragun 125 (i asked for review before) you may try it. Hidden Gem.

    • There is more than one reason people leave. I’d say the grind is number one. Two the community is toxic, I’ve muted my global chat years ago. Three, loot boxes for purchase, to win a chance at or a fraction of a tank. Four, there are some truly terrible players that crawl to tier 10 and still insist on parking their Chally ATDU behind everyone else. The cherry on top, they are the only MBT around, so they hide behind AFVs and TDs, Funny thing, if that same player is in a TD he will race to the front and explode and not know why.

    • @David Jones 1 and 3 are actually worse in games like WoT, WoWs and WT than in AW.

  4. hmm if only the leo2 would improve there gen 1 thermals and night vision

  5. The Leo 2A10 really is a difficult tank to master. I think the devs basically just took the 2A6 & slapped the extra armor & a heavier gun with out really upgrading the engine much & that makes this a really sluggish tank. It was my second T10 after the XM1A3. Even with all the extra weight dropped onto the XM, it might not have the acceleration(which got nerf-batted to the groin by the devs) it’s always been more “mobile” than the Leo 2A10. The gun is fantastic on the Leo, better than either gun on the XM(YMMV), but the XM has been more fun to play & I perform better in it than the Leo. It’s just a tough tank to make a niche for. The devs want it to be a flanking sniper, but that is difficult to do.

    • I slap the acceleration retrofit on the XM and i kinda like it mobility

    • @My Hentai Girl I agree. Even with the acceleration refit the Abrams acceleration is still a bit sluggish, but a definite improvement. The XM is still a very generalist machine, but it’s a very good generalist machine.

  6. My only question is, did this thing in this form exist in real life?

  7. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    Any plans of making a video showing infantry gameplay ?

  8. just a question: is there any way to get a type 10? or is it now not available anymore

  9. Damn it, why do you refuse to switch ammo? The 0.1s wait might be worth it to switch to heat when you are shooting at Kornets or Stingrays

  10. Will you play t14 armata pls my fav tank

  11. How do players do to have the 1hp survival thingy? I was searching for idk how much time and can’t find it? Is it competitive?

    • A premium commander named Ophelia. In my opinion a mechanic that should not exist in an Alpha vs Hit Point centric game.

    • @WillfulTangent i sometime watch Shadow and put her on most of his tanks. Seems quite OP to withstand a 1k dmg hit while on 2 hp yeah…

    • @Chaosdraken iirc she is from the past Battle Path prize, not fun facing any player using her as commander tbh… also note that dev wont erase that skill on her simply because it would rage all the -whale- players that have her sadly even though that specific skill are not fair to begin with…

    • @PRD so won’t be able to get her anytime soon?

    • @Chaosdraken past BP prize sometimes sold on limited bundle at shop, just keep an eye out but it will costly for sure

  12. Can you do a Tier 10 premium tanks review/competitivness top 10?
    I’d like to invest more into the game

  13. The mobility does feel like it’s been nerfed since the vehicle was released,

  14. nailed it. The mobility is the problem seems better for PVE where the movement isn’t as big.

  15. You deserve a like for the title alone.

  16. Yeah, it needs either an acceleration or uneven terrain buff (so it can drive better up a hill).

  17. I think you should trust the HEAT a bit more.
    Interestingly enough it is the only Leopard which gets HEAT Tandem instead of HEAT MP.
    Also, its AP round has the highest amount of AP penetration at 150m (I didn’t look at other ranges) of ANY gun in the game.

  18. yea the 2ax is my main tank, it’s def not the most armored, but it has plenty if you hull down pretty much. its also pretty :3 btw how far into the battlepath are ya? the cv90mk4 is insane

  19. This was my favorite tier 10 for a long time. For an MBT its very mobile and it’s HEAT round would rack up the fires for me. I run more HEAT less AP and look for engines and ammo. For mobility, I’d say the best trait is how fast it can reverse once you fire. A ramming beast for sure.

  20. Miryzen3 2200g Primerpc

    Cual es megor tanche para ese juego para empezar

  21. Man
    I play aw
    But they do not give enought free stuff for ppl to keep still playing

  22. Fraser Henderson

    Regarding Leo 2AX, whatever the perceived shortcomings, I have only 1 loss in 221 PvE hardcore missions where the exceptional turret strength can be a bonus for my style of close up punch ups. Turret turned a bit and gun down, always moving, it survives in-yer-face mayhem very well and mine has big view range bumps (Douglas) for effective scouting. I ignored it as a long ranger for a while then challenged myself to use it my way and it surprised me. I know the available cover and 2AX can use it very well. The closer your enemies gun is to your tank, the worse their ability to penetrate or even aim at your largely imaginary LFP. I think the incoming potential damage number is around 14,000 or more, not my highest but no wall flower.

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