Armored Warfare || Let’s Play: Leopard 2A5

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Source: Kage

Very good tank, very good…


  1. Although I am struggling somewhat with the stock 2A5. But again, stock
    tanks. I almost always run a resupply kit, given how aggressively I play
    PVE, I almost always find myself in a situation where I need more health or
    more ammo, if not both.

  2. For an m8 thunderbolt your whole tank is a weak spot in pve :/

  3. sorta skipped this one got my T9 ticket via the BMP3M went for the 2A6

  4. I think that on Balance 2.0, with the retrofit changes they have announced,
    most people will concentrate on just 1 or 2 lines of vehicles.

  5. I’m almost always using HEAT (~2/3 of my ammo is HEAT) even in Hightier
    PvE… just aim properly and you’ll be fine.

  6. that is my favorite pve mission

  7. A lot of players dont know how to counteract the wiggeling ive found and
    you can rip apart T-90s and T-90MSs beacuse of your accuracy even while
    your wiggeling

  8. the last patch made the atgms do roughly the same amount of damage that the
    ap shells do and reload about the same as well. the atgms are really only
    good against challengers and/or firing on the move as they have decent
    overall accuracy that should stay the same regardless of range

  9. Very good is a bit of an understatement, in glops and pvp it is
    unquestionably the best tank at tier 8.
    Best maneuverability of MBTs, best armor, and average gun at tier 8.

  10. you can olso pen the rear radiator with auto cannon he

  11. A5 is good in tier 8 & lower but I found A5 to be a disappointment. i think
    it kind’a sucks as does the Leo 2 but Leo’s A6 & A7 are wonderful armored

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