Armored Warfare – Lilac and Steel Trailer

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are excited introduce the Lilac and Steel event, available until May 29.

The celebrations of an anniversary of the end of the Second World War are fast approaching and, for the occasion, ’ve prepared a special event, in which you can win exciting prizes, including the SU-152 Taran Tier 5 Premium Tank Destroyer. The theme of the event is the 1945 liberation from Nazism and the prizes were designed match with the Lilac flower and armor being the main symbols. You can read more about that topic in our article dedicated to the Liberator skin.


What is Armored Warfare?

are proud present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a --play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a -to-compete experience!


  1. Presenting a 1960s Soviet vehicle plus a “Liberator” skin as part of an event with references to Prague?
    As Palpy would say: Ironic!

  2. Can you make the game more stable pls?
    On paper i was able to run it on recommended settings,but when i play i was getting hard fps drops even with minimal settings.
    Pls fix it,it’all be very uncomfortable to grind these events like that 😒

    • Alex the Electrician

      ha ha sry i never laughed so hard. Well i am palying the game since early access and as far as i can say they need to do more than fix stuff.

      1. swap the engine or get some help of crytech, boost the game overall qiute hard ,because i can play any of the actual games on good to ultra. ( 39Gb of Ram, 8 GB graphics card. stady ping of 20 ms ) but AW is Ripping my PC apart ( 80 % Power in the Garage WTF) also the poor server stability is pain in the ass.

      2. New Maps, five years still the same maps over and over. they recycle all the old maps before releasing new ones which are in need .

      3. No new content because old players like me have enough credits and free exp to Research any new tech tree tanks instant but thats a problemm made by the devs.

      No content means farming credits and exp= unlock instant all new content.

      4. The only new content we get are two BP per year with the main price a tier 10 mbt because most of the players cant play the game. “Premium Tanks Alarm”.

      5. This game is living of premium tanks. They said the “obj 640 Black Eagle is the ONLY tier 10 Premium Tank” ,how much tier 9 and Tier 10 premiums we have: i lost counting after 23 tier 9-10 premium tanks in my garage. YES I HAVE EVERY VEHICLE IN THE GAME UP TO FOUR TIMES ( RE-skins).

      6. I am waiting for the german IFV´s and swedih tanks since release 2015.

    • @Alex the Electrician I’m gonna be real with you, idk how you managed to get 39GB’s of ram lol
      they only sell ram in 4’s, 8’s & 16’s
      also I’m surprised you’re still playing the game, I gave up last year, it’s just not worth my time anymore there are much better games to play nowadays so why waste your time playing a dying game, most of the dedicated players have left the game because they couldn’t keep the players interested, all they care about is selling battlepasses and premium tanks, they don’t really care about adding anymore maps because it doesn’t give them money which I find funny because new maps keep the players interested. They drove their game to the ground tbh, not only that but most if not all their other game IP’s are utter failures aswell, idk man I would just stop while you’re at it and move to actual games with playerbases, I also don’t recommend War Thunder or WoT, stay away from those aswell. All tank games are pretty much grindfests with little to be desired.

    • Alex the Electrician

      @Hikari Sakai LOL, well sry I meant 36 GB of Ram.

      I left the game two years ago I only come back for for events like the Su 152, five daily kills isn’t a big deal when it comes to BP I use the skip button to complete them ^^.

      It’s sad the Game gets treated like that because I played WoT since release and got bored after 3 years.
      Then 2014 came the trailer for the Game which blow me away.

      Yes U are right there are more games out there worth playing than AW.

  3. Not even able to get in a PvE server. Let us play single player against bots

  4. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    Isn’t this game dead?

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