Armored Warfare – Limited Alpha Test

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The Armored Warfare Limited Technical Test is over, the battlefield lies silent, the smoke has cleared. So. What was it like?

Armored Warfare


  1. First

  2. This is a WoT Clone…this is like WoT2:Modern Warfare…q

    • +Lazar Denis I read your comment like 5 minutes after you posted it – did
      they really delete it that fast? o.O

    • Tsing Shi Tao (The Nuke)

      The UI is practically identical. From the score counter at the top to
      artillery system. I’m surprised Wargaming aren’t up in arms.

  3. 4:00 Oh, no! Fuck you Armored Warfare!

  4. Ok, so here are what I am excited for when I get into the game (Subject to
    change) 😛
    MBT: The Israeli Merkiva MBT
    AFV: M2A1 Bradley
    TD: The Stryker (the US TD that I already forgot the name of :P)
    LT: I don’t actually know, the stingray so far
    SPG: The American M109A6 Paladin


    DC DGF When its out I will play it and WG can put their wot,wowp and wob in
    one place where sun do not shine…

  6. I potentially like what I saw and heard in this vid. While it most likely,
    wont replace WOT, 4 myself
    It well definitely replace WT. Which has definitely had the potential well
    and truly kicked out off it.

  7. also funny all the cherries & tomatoes in the comments section that ignored
    what Jingles said and repeated through the video…

  8. If i dont like arcade-like wot, should i be excited about Armored Warfare?
    It looks like a re-skin or mod for world of tanks?

  9. I watched the last mingles with jingles episode and he had said he cannot
    put up a video until obsidian ok’d the video. Soooo……there is a
    probability there was more to this video before Obsidian gave the thumbs up
    and trying to compare AW to anything else is too soon to complain about it.
    I’m sure Obsidian didn’t want any videos out yet and were probably
    hesitant to let this one out (maybe jingles can clear that one for me?).
    Also given Obsidian said SPG’s will be nothing like WoT I am very
    confidant they will be changing it as the game goes through all the beta
    testing, as well with everything else seeing as people are trying to
    bastardize this game ALREADY as a WoT copy paste job. Just my .02$

  10. Lol in the Wiesel l game on of thier players is names QuickyBaby

  11. NerdGasm!

  12. or is it too early to ask these questions?

  13. It kinda looks like a cartoon

  14. jingels your basically complaining about arty being bad, even though its
    the same as WoT where as in WoT you say its op

  15. Basically a modern, messy, and unfinished version of WOT;
    Nah, gonna stick with War thunder and WOT

  16. i want see tank dealers

  17. This game looks amazing so far! Keep up the good videos jingles!!

  18. I agree with you on artys doing the same damage as MBT’s and being accurate
    for reliable hits on stationary targets, however i think they should retain
    the aiming time and module damage. I feel arty should be a punishing
    factor, if someone stays out in the open after being told they’re being
    spotted and being told they’re being targeted by arty they can hardly
    complain about losing a few modules from a 20 second reload vehicle.

  19. This is literally WOT 2

  20. The shots look like lasers :s

  21. I hope it awesome because I can’t get World of Tanks due to a virus that
    keeps getting on my computer 

  22. don’t care about tanks, tell me about match making, thats gonna be the deal

  23. I have to give credit to Obsidian for making to module mapping in the
    bottom left hand corner of the UI mapped like the vehicle you’re driving.
    That feature in World of Tanks makes me upset as you’ll get only forwards
    placed turrets and pseudo turrets.

  24. I Know jingles was also running recording software but jesus an average of
    42fps on Jingles Rig is absolutely crazy, hope they get onto that

  25. The UI for this game looks startlingly similar to WoT, which isn’t
    necessarily a bad thing.

    I also really don’t like how “vapor-y” the shots are. The massive white
    trails that accompany the guns are really bad looking

  26. “WoT clone blah blah blah…”
    DId I just watch the same preview? Because this is FREAKING ALPHA TEST.
    Jesus people. do you judge a game by a TEST??? That’s like saying “This
    movie is bad and I only watched the trailer.” To be fair, some movies are
    bad and you can see it in the trailer-that’s beside the point.

    They’re planning to add stuff that will seperate AW from WoT (Lookin’ at
    you, co-op mode, crew development, weapon dealers, etc). Does World of
    Tanks have a co-op vs AI mode? A weapons dealer?

  27. love to see the Russian tanks ultramodern and fully kitted, most games
    feature them as rusted out last gen monkey models. I wonder if wot will do
    anything to remain the top tank mmo. that said haven’t played a fun modern
    tank game since armored fist series, i’m watching this closely. not sure if
    I’m sold on some of the mechanics like always knowing when you’re spotted.
    even the most arcade twitch fps’s don’t have anything like that. kind of
    makes stealth classes pointless.

  28. 0:08 holy shit, is that an M113.

  29. Jingles, the everyone knows when they have been spotted is not new. World
    of tanks blitz gives everyone sixth sense no matter what crew skill you

  30. Holy crap WOT clone

  31. Get RID of artillery.

  32. nice world of tanks video……..

  33. Praise the lord Jingles has been allowed to show us footage of Armored
    Warfare Obsidian Entertainment bless your soul and also not to be rude but
    its about damn time we need to know how the game works and what the game
    mechanics are like.

  34. cant wait for this game, its looking good so far and i really like the idea
    of the modern tank

  35. Better than Wot already? Well its personal opinion, but honestly… its
    basically a copy of wot.

  36. lmfao “greased monkey shit” LMFAO

  37. If they manage to rein in or completely remove arty this paying customer
    will be switching to armored warfare.

  38. Jingles.. @19:30 .. did you just shoot through that big rock?

  39. Money rules everything. No wonder that Obsidian want take a piece from cake
    that belongs to Wargaming., since there’s almost nothing to take from

  40. Was anyone else checking their phone every time the sound of an enemy being
    spotted came up?

  41. I like the idea of this game… but if you told me this was Wargaming’s
    next game i would have a hard time arguing

  42. One video 1000+ brain dead retards. 

  43. Looks like its going to end up being NASCAR with turrets and guns lol.
    Maybe fun. We’ll see

  44. The UI looks like a tarted up version on world of tanks UI…

  45. 13:56 hey look guys, QuickyBaby is playing AW too!

  46. I understand early alpha. But there are fundamental game design aspects
    here that make this game way too similar to World of Tanks. Unless they
    scrap everything about the interface and play style, it’s World of Tanks
    with modern vehicles and some small physics changes. At least for me,
    looking for more diversity in the armored vehicle gaming slot, this is

  47. I do think arty should do more damage than main battle tanks simply because
    tanks are more armored everywhere but the top of the tank, and that’s where
    arty hit more than anywhere else. I think damage should rely on what you
    hit on the tank.

  48. looks just like world of tanks not even going to bother playing it

  49. Man, all I ever really wanted was world of tanks with modern tanks. But if
    its more than that, hooray. Its a win/win for me.

  50. The turret shooting sound could really use some work… Doesn’t give me the
    feel of being in an armored tank.

  51. Until there are things introduced that differentiate this game from WOT. I
    have little interest in it.

  52. aside from the modern tanks and better graphics I am not feeling this game
    so far..

  53. Kibbled Bro (KibbledEggs)

    I still have a question about this games tanks, how do they know how much
    armor a tank has if some tanks have classified armor?

  54. Imagine Louis saying Peter with a B and that’s how Jingles says “Beta”….

  55. Please Note : War thunder isnt in anyway perfect but it has been here only
    for a year. So people who rightfully complain about DM, MM and BR should
    expect changes. Even I get pissed enough at these sometimes that I have the
    urge to bomb Gaijin :P.

  56. Looking at the arguments of people who swore that they will never give this
    game a chance because its barebone alpha build works like World of

    Even if they will really carry out their threats, I’d still say “good
    riddance”. Obsidian Entertainment is better off gradually implementing
    changes rather than rushing changes before they are ready just to
    immediately cater to people who are practically demanding to be rewarded
    for sitting idle in the open due to tunnel-vision (which I, too, am
    occasionally guilty of but at least wouldn’t blame other people for).

  57. “and it goes like greased monkey shit” Jingles, 2015
    im totally going to use this, and cant wait to see my friends reaction.

  58. Jingles why no mention of physics and or graphics?

  59. Jamal Owens (Jamiyoh)

    Thanks for the heads up for this game Jingles. As mentioned, in its current
    state, it is a WOT clone. However, I do believe these guys will have
    content that will give a difference. Always nice to see more games with
    different styles coming out.

  60. What is your pc configuraiton?

  61. guys stop saying this is a WOT clone it’s a fucking tank game what do you
    want ponies rainbows…

  62. I’m actually sort of impressed as to how they managed to completely mimic
    the behavior of artillery in World of Tanks. Not only the aiming reticule,
    but the RNG-ness of it all. And with such accuracy!

    I like Obsidian Entertainment, I respect them as a developer. But I’m
    really rapidly losing interest for this title. It’s like if they’re not
    even trying to make anything intuitive, I understand that this might be new
    to them and that they would have to look at “successful” titles for

    Even the icons are identical for crying out loud, couldn’t they just have
    gone with NATO symbology – since you know, it’s a western game?

    But this is just outright absurd, it looks like it’s but a pumped up mod
    for World of Tanks. Yes, I watched the entire video, and I do like the fact
    they take modern armour and its characteristics into account.

    I just wish they had tried to be a bit more original, try to make something
    new than to give us what we already have.

    That said, I’ll probably end up testing it out, but I feel pretty confident
    that it’ll feel just like World of Tanks did.

    Shame :/

  63. World of tanks with a different skin job…. Did they just bought the WoT
    source code and made some 3D models, UI textures and call it a new game?!

  64. I don’t think that I will like this as much as world of tanks because it
    seems to me that there will be a lack of variation between classes, and
    between different tanks. The reason that I still play world of tanks when
    games like War thunder exist, is because one can spend hours upgrading and
    learning the ropes of an individual vehicle in world of tanks. World of
    tank’s era and its extensive use of prototype vehicles as well as its
    unrealistic but very in depth combat lead to immensely tactical gameplay,
    something witch the more realistic war thunder lacks. Armored Warfare seems
    like the developers tried to make it fair for every class of vehicle but
    ended up making the tanks to similar with one another, witch in my opinion
    will lead to the game having less of an ability to keep its players hooked.

  65. make the arti fire smart shells which guided by laser pointer on AFV. It’s
    MODERN arty anyways, most of them are capable of firing smart shell.
    AFV should carry 1 or 2 ATGMs, at least give them a fighting chance again
    MBT, I can already see that the role of AFV in this game is pretty weak.
    Or make 1 player controls a SPG platoon with 3 vehicles fire nothing but
    HE. That’s how you separate yourself from WOT.

    And YES, the damage of HE shell should be inconsistency, most of the time
    it done nothing on MBT but it should be 1 shot kill if HE hit the roof of
    any vehicle, that’s why T90 have REA on their roof, isn’t it? 

  66. It seems the developers have copied WG, just saying I’m very suprised that
    they can get away with just the sheer amount of aesthetics that are the
    same in wot….. 

  67. ThaMightyJangles-Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    +blue4600 he is probably as heavy as a tank

  68. +ThaMightyJangles_RIP_moot you’re an idiot.

  69. Jeez. Barely a month of alpha testing and people are already going around
    with names like “Kill Jingles”.

  70. It’s a shame that people can only seem to bitch and complain that the TECH
    ALPHA of AW looks like WoT instead of giving serious, and helpful feedback.
    Oh internet, you’re so fucking stupid.

  71. Romuel Covarrubias


    (P.s Im waiting for your fucking hate replies :D)

  72. Well Warthunder does have PVE…

  73. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    I rather play Battlefield Hardline than Armored Warfare

  74. 4 now this is world of tanks with make up nothing more

  75. I just hope that this game will be good enough that all retarded
    noobs(especially the ones on PLague) migrate to Armored Warfare and ruin it
    at least as much as they ruined World of Tanks. Siema must burn!

  76. my reaction: “hmm seems fun. cant wait to play it…. hold up, is jingles
    computer lagging?”
    if jingles lags in this game i wont be able to play it lol

  77. You retards, WoT is in Open-Beta, which is almost finished. This is in
    Alpha. Do the math.

    Also, artillery doesn’t have a place in tank battle games whatsoever.
    People who disagree are arty players. 

  78. What is that annoying AW logo right in the middle of the scouts screen?

  79. Was any one else anxious to see Jingles use the anti-tank rocket that never

  80. I didn’t click on a WoT video… or did i? Can’t see any difference…

  81. Looks like its a faster paced, better looking and (will hopefully) have a
    better artillery system than world of tanks. I will definitely have an
    interest just from this alpha gameplay, more competition for wargaming and
    this time one of these f2p tank games might fall in price! 

  82. MoRiS From Iluminati

    finely jingles THX you 

  83. I hope AW gets a better color filter or ENB.

  84. jingles how is the handling of the tanks how do the tanks drive,almost the
    same as world of tanks or as the tanks of warthunder.

  85. To me it looks like a blatant copy of WoT when I see things such as the
    arcade view, minimap, player panel, module panel, team score line, tank
    icons, health points, the way the damage numbers go up, base capture
    warning, etc.

  86. I like the weather when you where in the T90 it was pissing down with rain
    now that’s not in WOT. But as you said in the beginning its only an Alpha
    so people should not complain just yet. Hanging for Challenger 2 though
    best armoured tank in the world.

  87. Let’s stick some Abrams tanks in, some aircraft style battles and idiots,
    this game is war thunder plus wot mixed together with better graphics.

  88. The HUD, the arty view, the set up of what is the ammo top and I am
    assuming consumables of some kind it all pretty much looks identical to
    WOT………. it basically just looks like a world of tanks reskin.

    I was kinda hoping for its own style…. hopefully it really does develop
    down its own paths between now and release.

  89. So it’s basically going to be WoT with more modern machines. That alone
    will get a lot of people on board.

  90. Artillery in my opinion should work more like providing suppressing fire,
    crowd control (AOE). more of a support than a heavy hitter. maybe even give
    artillery the ability to call in Off board call-ins that does a small
    amount of damage but has a big AOE, while the player has the gun that is
    accurate, with high fire rate, but does little damage. that way the player
    can keep suppressing the enemy until it has to retreat still doing damage
    to it but not killing it with one shot.
    basically anything but a point and click.

  91. Looking at this game, looks A LOT like world of tanks.

    But again it’s alpha and it looks good!

  92. Artillery have a very horizontal arc at this stage? Then it’s WoT’s
    low-profile French artillery modernized. :V

    I do wish people would stop saying what will be a game-killer. People
    thought War Thunder Ground Forces would kill World of Tanks and look how
    that ended up. Commenters, remember that a prediction on a game in alpha
    doesn’t hold a lot of water.

  93. They better not make the British under powered nor Over powered. I hate
    games that ruin British vehicles. Yes im British


  95. Constantine Joseph

    I think Artillery should be rendered useless until commander can get a
    designated location from a tanker who can designate a target.

    And artillery in modern warfare is used in battery level firing. Never is
    artillery used solo in any army.

    Hence, please sort out the artillery in this game.

    Either make is 20 tanks + 4 arty in every game as a battery firing group or
    forget it totally. SO DAMN unrealistic and no experience in real life
    operations and exercises

  96. No one here should judge the game until its out and they’ve played it
    themselves…however I was a bit miffed about the UI.

  97. “Kill Jingles Vol. 1: Armoured Warfare”

  98. That interface.. It looks like WOT to a degree that is uncanny.

  99. I know, ‘early Alpha so shut your face’ etc…

    I’m a bit shocked that it looks this much like WoT. It’s not even just a
    few elements; the entire UI seems to have been straight lifted and
    reskinned, the spotting system seems to work just the same and the gameplay
    looks like a fast-paced WoT game. You even get the red outline when aiming
    at enemy tanks, and the arty gameplay was just like in WoT! This doesn’t
    have to mean the game can’t be good, or that it won’t distinguish itself in
    the future, but at the moment it looks more like a mod for WoT than
    anything and I didn’t expect that. I imagined it would be as diferent from
    WoT and WT as they are diferent from eachother.

    Seems strange that they would show the game looking like a WoT clone if it
    is going to be as diferent and unique as they claim down the line. Wouldn’t
    you want to show as many unique features as possible? Maybe I just had the
    wrong idea all along.

  100. Good thing you get early access to these games. This shite will certainly
    be on the deny list. I was hoping for a warthunder ground forces feel, but
    more refined. This is a tragedy !

  101. I wonder how painful the Sherridan is with its full load of ATGMs.

  102. Jingles, learn to lead your targets already, ffs!

  103. +Kono Reizei is fucktard. FACTS > his whining.

  104. Talking about bugs… Jingles in WT i shoot a enemy tiger and got a frendly
    kill. A Il2 crashed just Meters away from me seconds after my shot.
    If I submit the replay would you see it? If yes how do I sent the replay?

  105. WoW this game is world of tanks: modern tanks edition. I’m not sure how I
    feel about that. I’ll give it time and see if it means good or bad. Thnx
    for the vid Jingles

  106. Is this the Alpha jingles?

  107. Kai Brunstad Thompson

    “Greased monkeyshit”?!

  108. Kai Brunstad Thompson

    Cmon, guys artyisnt THAT irritating in wot. Shots like Jingles was
    explaining rarely happens. 

  109. Mäckel GizmoAgkrippa u.A.

    I’ll take the game that lets me derp around in a personnel carrier. That is
    the only thing I wanna do.

  110. how i can play this game

  111. 13:44 somebody on the enemy Team is Called quickybaby

  112. First impression… Feed Me Chechens!

  113. *Wants to avoid being compared to WoT… has an identical UI to it*

  114. the interfaces even look exactly like wot

  115. WG Asia will most likely lose a lot of players due to Armored Warfare,
    purely due to the anger in the community from consistent cheaters in
    campaigns, now the personal missions, and just the general use of illegal
    mods which other servers have banned but are thriving on the ASIA server
    due to the amalgamation of the smaller servers into it.

  116. For me it looks like a copy of WoT, until now I cant see any different
    between the two games….(Except the different timelinie)

  117. When does the beta start?

  118. Love how people are talking about pegging in chat… Good job they got into
    the closed alpha TEST lol

  119. to all of those dummies out there criticizing this game and calling it a
    knock-off of WoT, here.


  120. HP in a vehicular combat game is just plain stupid.War Thunder wins against

  121. AW first impression:
    -Beautiful graphic
    -Familiar and more interesting gameplay
    -Not consume hardware’s resource unreasonably as WoT
    -No or least Soviet-bias
    -Graphic: Grass is waving but leaf is not
    -Russia-bias maybe high

  122. 25k games in and I still don’t get why people are complaining about arty in

  123. 12:41 is that really QB?

  124. the t-90 has some sort of a bad on the gun near the turret can someone tell
    me what that is?

  125. pls open pls

  126. could EVERYONE play this “test” ? if so, i am going to play this the next
    time this is going up again!

  127. Arty looks like an exact copy of WOT

  128. this looks great so far

  129. I am sure some will switch over, I am going to play AW, but I am not giving
    up on WOT, the two years I have spent grinding things and the money I have
    invested with premium game play, gold, and premium vehicles I bought. My
    biggest thing with WOT lately has been the MM stuff going on. When I end up
    having to fight in a city, in a tier 8 heavy, and I am the only one on my
    team, and they have 5, yeah, sucks to be me. That crap should not happen.
    Since the last patch, its been pretty screwed up. You will always have
    those with their wild theories, like MM is going to screw you in matchups
    unless your win rate is so high, and so many stupid things I have heard. To
    me, its always been a slot machine, you pull the lever, and hope the
    players skill levels are balanced. But the vehicle matchups since Christmas
    have been a mess. I would rather sit in Q for 5 minutes waiting for a game,
    then have it just dump me into a 24% win chance game with total tank type
    mismatches, or 4 artillery on each team. Just my thoughts, like anyone will
    care :-)

  130. Armoured Warfare tweeted out a survey regarding the way artillery
    functions. Go and check out their twitter for it.

  131. Comparing this with a Wargaming or Gaijin product is beyond only as it has
    tanks in the game. I’m afraid all the frustrated whiney forum freaks will
    just demand changes for things another game has problems with. Therefore
    making the current product not cohere with the original design vision. Most
    of the time player feedback needs ignoring as its just negative feedback
    and demands.

    Giving people what they want before they have seen the full picture just
    spells disaster. I do hope Obsidian continue they’re vision and avoid
    taking on the tirade of negative comparisons to give in to changing a whole
    mechanic etc. Hopefully all goes well the whiners get a good shutting up
    when the game in its entirety is glorious. 

  132. Виталий Середа

    +Userext47 wargaming create, obsidian copy – feel the difference.

  133. To all those saying health bars are bad, I want to hear some alternatives
    to health bars.

    I know how War Thunders system works, but I really don’t think it would
    work in a faster paced game like this.

    Is there any alternative to having a health bar?

  134. Looking forward to trying this game out. WoT, for me, coukd feel so slow
    sometimes especially in the heavier heavy tanks and TDs in higher tiers.
    Looking forward to driving something with firepower, armor and speed. Also
    gotta me that td if i do play this game, one of the few Canadian made
    vehicles in games.

  135. Fucking straight copy of WoT!!! I hope this game will be crushed by
    copyrights and the makers will never make any money out of this. Fucking
    annoyed right now, so bad just WoT with like 1 mod.

  136. I will just stick to WT ground force…

  137. The vehicle type symbols are exactly the same as world of tanks

  138. so this is literally nothing more than a reskinned WoT, literally 0 new

    not interested, maybe if they actually risked and I dunno, tried actually
    introducing “realistic” ballistics so you have to actually aim instead of
    the usual windowlicker click and kill combat

  139. I just hope the full game doesn’t lean towards anyone nation, I’m sick of
    seeing Russian tanks getting all the OP stats. I want it have an extremely
    good balanced system. 

  140. is it just me or did the city map look a lot like himmelsdorf? it looked
    like the same lay out, big square in the middel a hill and 2 ways of going
    on it. Just looks very simular, and the T-90 looks a lot like one of those
    dwarf spider droid from star wars with those 2 red thingys on top (look it
    up if you don’t know what kind of droid i’m talking about)

  141. Retropaintball clips

    The biggest question is if the MM is better than WOT? If it is they have a
    great shot at taking WOT spot in the future :P

  142. Everyone was like “I’m leaving WoT for a game without skycancer”
    I don’t know why, but I knew it was gonna be identical to WoT. At least in
    the beginning.

  143. Health bars…..

  144. it looks to me that to save time they have pretty much entirely used wots
    hud, most likely will disappear in beta. 

  145. With armoured warfare being a 21st century style game I wonder if players
    will be able to call in things like fast air strikes and not just rely on
    players in artillery for support.

  146. wat is point them put arty in this game if its does same any other tank not
    wat arty was deisgn for but u cry about it either way they better of remove
    save all ur tears

  147. This video worries me, I feel like this game was a chance to change some
    fundamental mechanics in PvP tank combat and make a more interesting
    atmosphere, but it’s not doing it or it’s not doing it well enough. Still
    I’m hopeful! Won’t write it off yet, but I really hope the final game is
    drastically different from the alpha instead of only slight changes.

  148. WOT rip off

  149. Literally creamed my pants just seeing this on my wot section in Youtube.

  150. Игра не спизжена У КАРТОШКИ,арта это новое,интерфейс никому не
    знакомый,СИЛЬНАЯ ИГРА кароч

  151. I love world of tanks… but I’m not a big fan of pvp. I can’t play more
    than a handful of games before my desire to strangle the next human being I
    see rises within me. So you got me really interested in this game when you
    mentioned PVE.

  152. World of Tanks, War Thunder Ground Forces, Armored Warfare. With all of
    these armored titles out I’d say it’s time for a reboot of one of the best
    N64 series of all time, BattleTanx! EA I hope your paying attention!

  153. I understand that all you people know its alpha and jingles repeated this,
    but i highly doubt AW will change the UI to a great extent at release. It
    may be in alpha, but you are testing a game that already exists and that is
    world of tanks. Alpha is meant to show you how the game will be different
    give you a taster and im afraid i have tasted this before. Here comes the

  154. What the hell whas that AW thing on the middle of the screen while driving
    the AFV?

  155. Looks bf3/bf4 tank gameplay, fast paced bullshit with guided missiles and
    reactive armor. No tanks WOT will still stay strong and soild.

  156. looks exactly like world of tanks 

  157. Павел Докудовский

    идея шикарная от которой вг отказались

  158. Doesn’t land in the same post code rofl.

  159. If I only saw the UI I’d think you had only reskinned WoT. I know. I know.
    Alpha test, yadda, yadda, but the game seems very similar to WoT in almost
    every aspect of gameplay. I do like the ATGM’s, especially admiring auto
    sixth-sense and overmatching. Despite this, it seems too similar to WoT to
    let me completely enjoy it.

  160. Is it just me, or does Armored Warfare’s website no longer feature Jingles’
    video on the News section? They still have his preview but not this video,
    and this video was on there this morning when I checked.

  161. ThePatriotic Chicken

    Lol from start to 2:16 (the view in which you look at the tank) reminds me
    a lot of wt)

  162. Jingles, did you realised, that a QuickyBaby was on the enemy team during
    the Wiesel match? Do you know if he has the Alpha test of AW? Fixes the
    iusse of platooning up with someone;)

    Thx for your AW-replays!

  163. They’re putting Canadian vehicles into this game to? Fucken eh! That’s
    right everyone Canada does manufacture and sell modern armoured vehicles to
    other countries even including America. I’ve been sick of W.O.T for a very
    long time and I haven’t spent any money on the game since 2013 because they
    just keep making one dick move after another with patch after patch. I
    only play using my free account now for stronghold battles because some of
    my friends are still on it. Basically I’m not going to pay Wargaming to
    nerf my accuracy in an attempt to remove skill as a factor from the game.
    All they’re doing is trying to make it more even for bad players by making
    hits and damage that much more random in the hopes that said bad players
    will spend money on the game. After all a bad player money is worth just
    as much to Wargaming as a good players.

  164. Хуан Диего Ромеро

    “Original Tenk Gaym 2015”
    (Time to make a new texture pack for WoT)

  165. And it goes like greased monkey shit

  166. In Jingles’ wiesel game, who else noticed QuickyBaby on the other team,

  167. the tank outlines the symbold the dots the hud literally everything is
    copied from WoT… not very innovative..its like the thousands of minecraft
    clones that excist nowadays one is a copy of the last one…

  168. I think one of the biggest things they can do is change the vehicle class
    symbols, they are the same kind that WoT uses and I want this game to try
    to separate itself as much as it can from WoT is order to be fairly
    reviewed as it’s own game. Like you said Jingles, comparisons to WoT are
    inevitable, but I feel like that takes away from this games fair review by
    a majority of players that come from playing WoT. It is a different game
    and I think it should be treated as a different game, and we should judge
    the quality of the game based on our own thoughts of it while attempting to
    withhold as many comparisons as possible. Is it a WoT clone? Maybe it is,
    but it might still be an enjoyable game in the end and I think that’s
    what’s important. 

  169. Hopefully I get into closed beta test. I want to try that game. Also hell
    yeah Canada makes some good TD’s 

  170. Don’t wish to burst anyone’s bubble but this type of simulated warfare was
    introduced by EA Games years ago in the Battlefield series, which in my
    opinion, trumps the new comers. The EA Battlefield series is far more
    advanced with game play as you can operate on your own, join a squad,
    become a Commander, and drive nearly every vehicle in the game. I am just
    stunned there is a whole number of players out there that seem to think all
    of this type of game play is new.

  171. Much room for improvement. Alpha like this? Lots of changes coming, but
    it DOES look like they tried on a WoT format to see how it fit. Hoping
    they dont settle on it. The RNG in WoT is stupid, as well as reducing the
    game to total RC arcade cars. Leave a skill element in it, like even in WT
    arcade. You actually have to point, aim, and shoot, then scoot. WoT
    leaves you with a built in RNG no matter what you do it how well, designed
    to keep you at around a 50% WR. 

    • +David Hynes
      At least on MM. I was right, they do work in exactly the same fashion as
      computer testing models.

    • +David Hynes The MM system is still in play, but I was also looking up some
      other stuff. Some other posters brought up penetration/damage variance,
      which is the RNG in pens I was talking about earlier. That is the chance
      factor in every shot we take or get hit by. But to me there are long
      stretches where your chance of penning seems to never exceed 30-50%, and
      where shots on you always go through. Just a couple days ago my 121 twice
      got fully frontally penned by HE rounds from a T49, on the front of the
      turret, the second shot killed me. That is supposed to be impossible by
      WoT rules, but it happened. Under no circumstances should the HE round
      have penned anywhere. Just my tinfoil hat thoughts on the matter, but it
      has also caused many excellent players I know to finally give up playing

      WoT for me for a game now. I like watching Jingles’ videos and always
      will, but WoT is the only game that makes me want to toss my PC out my
      window when it starts to consistently screw me over. I can also handle
      playing with teams of bads. It happens. But I hate getting teams like
      such and not being able to contribute anything because for long stretches I
      just cant get any significant damage in cause my pen rates are so low,
      regardless of the care I take in each shot. My HR always stays 70-90%.
      This +/-25% business says a lot, but its not the true extent I think given
      a lot of the situations I have been in.

      If you love the game, please keep at it. But I am pretty much at the end
      of my rope with WoT.

  172. While this game may be made by an American developer, it’s funded by a
    Russian giant, that is So keep that in mind as we watch the game
    develop. There better not be any bias between the nations, I would really
    love to see a balanced set of trees.
    This game has the potential to dislodge WoT if it balances artillery to be
    not so punishing. Giving everyone sixth sense and an additional warning
    that artillery is targetting you are huge steps in the right direction.
    While you may not be able to fight back against them directly, telling you
    something in advance is huge.

    The graphics look good but I can’t really say much about the sound quality
    and effects. It was a bit hard to make out much with the commentary. I
    mean no disrespect but mentioning it during the video and then giving no
    real chance to hear it is, well I’m sad. There is always next time though,
    so not too much worry there. 

  173. ahhhh i saw spunkify playing hahahaha 

  174. Jingles said the t 90 have a slower reload time then the other tank? Isn’t
    T 90 in real life have an autoloader system? Just asking, I know some tank
    with a trained loader can load faster than autoloader. :)

  175. Павел Змачинский

    Гавно игра!!!!!!!!!

  176. They stole everything from WoT…

  177. alpha is not an excuse for an exact copy

  178. The time stamp I put is Jingles saying that all the stuff that is going to
    be in the full release of the game that will set it apart from WoT has been
    left out of the alpha. So that’s why it’s an exact copy so far.

  179. TheGamingNinja NL-US

    Its a bit like WOT

  180. просто сперли игру у Wargaming

  181. i love this, iv been looking for somthing els then wot.. played it for
    years *20k battles*
    and geting abit boring but i love tank games, so im will be trying this out

  182. Razvan-Ionut Mocanu

    At this early alpha stage this looks like World of tanks with better
    graphics. Maybe this will push Wargaming on working harder on implementing
    that Havoc Engine in the game. Anyway, it’s a good thing that we will have
    a 3rd tank game.
    Also, I didn’t like the smoke trails of the shell (or whatever those were)
    they look like lasers. I don’t know anything about ballistics or stuff like
    that but, i don’t think shells or projectiles leave that much smoke or for
    that long, after leaving the barrel.

  183. Коршиков Владислав


  184. dylan kurrle (TitanFall Gaming)

    A lot of you guys wanted modern world of tanks so i think these guys are
    trying there best 

  185. Brainfuckinyourhead

    I can really just pray to god that this game is balanced when it comes out.
    No Russian bias, no hidden spaced armour on the side of russian tanks that
    gets removed on chinese machines that are based on the same hull.
    No 390 dmg gun on a Tier where tanks only have 450-600 health…. for
    christs sake if they would just make this game balanced it would be my game

  186. I hope they don’t keep the UI, it resembles WoT sooo much…

  187. was that actually quickbaby? Or a fan?

  188. for tank to tank, sure. For other situations – (IFV vs Tank, infantry vs
    Tanks) etc – ATGMs can be very very useful.

  189. +IDFArmor kinda useless…. yeah right. More like they cannot build a
    missile that works.

  190. +Victor Katilis in the IDF we have the LAHAT missile that can be fired from
    all our MBT’s cannons, its just not used at all because there hasnt been a
    case where we’d prefer to fire it over a HEAT.

  191. I’mn very excited about this game. Where can I sign up for future tests? :O

  192. so wot copy and paste then lol

  193. Although it looks fun, I’m completely disappointed they did a copy/paste of
    WoT format. Everyone below is correct when they say it’s a clone. But at
    least we know what to expect. WoT with modern tanks.

  194. so far…, the cool and different stuff will come later, may I direct you
    to 10:30 in the vid…

  195. looks shit

  196. Yes that arty is a bit old. With MRSI capable arty and some rounds of
    SMart-155 tanks can die in large numbers at 15Km range.

  197. Actually, if a tank got hit by a modern artillery I’d expect nothing more
    than a giant hole in the ground to remain when the smoke has cleared…

  198. So funny, had me choking on my morning coffee, Arty in Modern Warfare is
    going to be nothing like WOT… up pops your coverage, EXACTLY like WOT,
    the interface the actual performance..identical… thanks Jingles for a
    good morning laugh..

  199. Paramedik_cz WOT - video

    Thanks you are great!

  200. So… War Thunder continues being better than anything?

    • +NeoMaddy Erm, I have to a littlebit change my comment about War Thunder
      because I think it was not that clear.
      The damage model and the repair system in War Thunder is more-or-less
      realistic (much more simulated than in WoT). But that’s it.

    • war shitter

  201. verdict off the bat: don’t like it, even its potential makes it seem like
    the tanks/lavs in BF#/4 at best. not a fan.

  202. No Russian Bias? Yeah, I’d buy this

  203. Too much like WoT. I don’t like it :/ thats disappointing. Hope they change
    the UI completely. 

  204. That “Full health T-90” had 1888hp.

    The damage that took away “all his health” was 430hp.

    Sorry Jingles, but 430hp isn’t enough to qualify as “utterly obliterating”
    an MBT.


  206. Personally, I don’t buy anything from EA anymore, so keep in mind I’m Bias.

    So far what we see looks exactly like what one would expect if Evil Arts
    was trying to displace World Of Tanks by making a crappy knock-off version
    that’s only real difference is being a “modern” tank game.

    Jingles is ridiculously naive here by assuming that anything will change
    about artillery. Nothing will change about artillery and nothing else will
    be shown that will make any of us think differently about what we see here.
    That’s my prediction, and yes I know it’s alpha! But what you forget is,
    it’s also EA.

    EA is the worst company since Ubisoft, and this game just proves EA has no
    new ideas and just steals good ideas from everyone else. Maybe I will
    change my mind in future videos of AW, but I HIGHLY doubt it.

  207. War Thunder wersion of modern tanks would be much better than this
    cartoonish arcade crap clone of WoT.

  208. if you mean you’ve been accepted into the closed beta test, its not
    released yet

  209. This game looks exactly like world of tanks. Especially the artillery. It
    just looks like all they have done is slap a few modern tanks and maps into
    the game and gave it a different name. They better put something into this
    game that turns it into its own, amazing game. If not, I hope wargaming
    sues the shit out of them for copying world of tanks because right now,
    that is the last thing this game genre needs. 

  210. If you are going to have a overhead view it should be a B&W satellite feed
    or drone feed. Other from those views you should get a special arty map
    that would show spotted targets and their facings if your feed gets

  211. Why is there still health bars in a new tank game? It should be more
    realistic, real tanks did not have health bars for God’s sake, normally
    kills are more unpredictable, meaning you can one shot a tank and not have
    to lower hit points. Should be more realistic like war thunder, not
    impressed with the similarities to world of tanks so far as well.

  212. This looks a lot like WoT, the health bar, kill count, enemie marker and
    such. All very similar…

  213. Has potential. Just needs the typical beta/finish polish with visual cues
    and effects. Now what I am concerned with is the rather “similar”
    attributes of the vehicles despite class. Also worried about how much
    content is available going a-la cart with the tanks with the weapons dealer
    thing. Not sure how much of a difference the commanders will make as well.
    But it’s a limited alpha so there’s that.

    This does seem to target WoT more than WT judging by current footage. This
    is very-very arcade like which is akin to WoT. WT is to me the better game
    because it can go arcade, and it can go realistic/sim which is the real
    reason to play it. But we’ll see in time how this pans out. Hope it turns
    out fun, and, hope I get into the test process so I can throw in my two

  214. nice cant wait to play it.

  215. This game just… It just is not speaking to me. It feels like they’re just
    trying to make Call of Tanks, which is boring.

  216. gentlemen seelochan

    Hey jingles you heared the news in war thunder? There going to add the maus

  217. cool game, but it seems like world of tanks, but if Wargaming held our
    hand with a ton of different alerts

  218. I’ll be using my Leopard, thanks

  219. most tanks are easier to kill from above then from a frontal shot

  220. i was interested in this game but when i saw arty, no chance in hell im
    going to play this game

  221. “And it goes like greased monkey shit”


  222. Today artillery has coordinates to aim on, but you cant expect that a
    artillery shoots on the Millimeter exact where you aimed.

  223. The TRUTH or is it???

    If and I say IF i were a cynical mistrustful person, I would say after
    watching this I can predict the future, Step I, sell a lot of people on a
    gigantic idea RPG elements in tank comanders, genre defining gameplay etc
    etc, Step 2, rip off the code of another company and slap a few new skins
    on it (cheap so good). Step 3, SELL early access, founders packs, pirate
    cave garages (nudge nudge) watch the dollars roll in….. Step 4 SELL more
    founders packs, super founders packs where you can be …wait for it
    LEGEN——–DARY, new spaceships for $100 each (dont exist but they
    will….nudge …wink), crap I ment to say tanks not spaceships..

  224. I HAVE AN IDEA TO BALANCE THE ARTY!!! Make the shell of the arty, very
    accurate, very damaging, but VERY slow!

  225. WoT clone

  226. Kyogre カイオーガ


  227. Ray and Arc The Dangerous Dou

    no… he cant see you because he blocked you

  228. Kyogre カイオーガ

    Same I blocked him too

  229. most of jingles videos piss me off because he says the same thing over and
    over he never use to do that but its getting stupid

  230. Was that Spunkify from MMOBomb at like 7:53

  231. Don’t know if its been mentioned already. But one thing that appealed to me
    was the realism of the maps, they’re not flat open fields with a few rocks
    and bushes, or slight undulations in the terrain. I hope that these maps
    aren’t small like WoT and you can get spotted from 3/4 of the map away.

  232. DarkReaper ZeGrandMaster

    Someone link or name the songs please… ._. Looking up whatever THAT is,
    on Youtube is impossible… Please and thank you, intro music is the one I
    seek. <3

  233. Just redesigned boring WoT in this stage. If they want it to be playable,
    they must change it a lot.

  234. +Ammar Ashoor I know i saw that. Artiller looks fun i wonder if both you
    can fire and shoot from long distance.

  235. +Matthew Adams I think that you’ll be able to shoot directly and I’ll give
    arty a try in AW 🙂

  236. +TheXtraMan they made it so that it isn’t a insta-kill on a direct hit, but
    they upped the accuracy, but lowered the damage… A LOT.

  237. What do you expect? It’s artillery. You can only implement it in one way.
    Especially MODERN ARTILLERY! The guns are bigger. Reload is faster and
    accuracy is so much better. 

  238. I’m not worried about arty at this point, or any other pat of he gameplay.
    I think the developers wanted to get something up and running and chose the
    easy way to do that. I’ll be more interested in seeing the features that
    Jingles mentioned that were not represented, as well as how existing
    systems will change before making up my mind. Anybody who says they’re
    going to pass on it at this point is being silly.

  239. Looks exactly like WoT, will probably pass

  240. WOT 2.0 in this stage.

  241. Greased monkey shit, i lost it lmao

  242. This looks like a clone, pixel for pixel. No unique design to it.

  243. I think they’ll get there, it’s differentiating the gameplay from WoT that
    seems to be the issue at the moment. I think it will certainly look
    excellent visually when all is said and done.

  244. I hope they put in the M1 Abrams into this game…I would love to see some
    gameplay of that sexy beast!

  245. this is like exactly WOT but different skins and name

  246. The STRYKER M1128 MGS is not a Tank Destroyer. It’s an Infantry support
    vehicle. Sure, can it kill a tank of course! The gun on the MGS is the 105
    of the old M1s with the revolver system. The Thermals in my opinion are
    worse then the M1A2SEP. To label it a TD though… These guys already
    showed they don’t know shit about American vehicles and I’m sure it’s going
    to cater to the arcade kiddies.

    As soon as I saw the preview for this game I saw the exact hub and display
    as WoT. So to assume this game will be anything but WoT with arcade modern
    tanks is no surprise. Sure it’s alpha, but I know they will follow in step
    with WoT and WT arcade fun lovers and have no simulation worth it’s two

  247. I find a lot of these comments to be ridiculous, way too much negativity.
    You all need to chill out.

    Obviously AW copied some a bunch of things from WoT. Game developers having
    been shamelessly copying, stealing, using ideas from other games for the
    last 30 years. The final version of AW will be nothing like WoT so quit
    bickering about it. If you have a better idea for a UI than submit your
    ideas to AW developers through the forums.

    I could careless if this game looks like WoT. So long as Obsidian correct
    the issues that WarGaming refuses to fix with their own game. So far this
    game is way too early in development for anyone to make any claims about if
    it’ll be successful or not. None of you can say AW is bad until the final
    product is released so just sit back and relax.

    I personally don’t care for WarThunder but do I seriously let that bother
    me? Course not. Like I said just relax and play what ever games you play
    and just wait for open beta.

    And if you don’t like any of the online tanks games available there are a
    multitude of tank games out there. I admit a lot of them are older but they
    are fun none the less some of them free to download. Here is a small list
    of tank games you can look into.

    Desert Thunder
    iron warriors T-72 tank command
    T-72 Balkans On Fire!
    M1 Tank Platoon II
    codename panzers
    Combat Mission Afrika Korps
    panzer elite action dunes of war
    steel fury

  248. will little (LittleWillie)

    if you can run world of tanks would you be able to run this, halp!

  249. I have faith in this game and I think it looks great but man those artys…

  250. Not allowed to pick a name i want, thanks Google

    7:30 Jingles you fail, the bounce and 0 damage-hit in the tracks were with
    HEAT ammunition, haha

  251. yo uare a clown. you jsut famous cuz you put a bunch of a lot of
    videos…3/4 of what you say is shit. stupid squarehead

  252. This game is WoT with new tanks and better graphics. That’s it. Even the
    hud and tank class simbols are the same.

  253. This game is WoT v2.0 Same RNG, almost same hud, same bullshit…

  254. I’ve played WOT for probably over a year now. I’ve never resented
    artillery. If they get me, it’s because I wasn’t paying attention. If I
    have to complain about that, then I also have to complain about stealthy
    TDs shooting me from bushes that I didn’t think of.

    As far as indirect hits doing lots of damage, that might have something to
    do with the fact that tanks are very lightly armored from the top, and that
    hits from above (and below) tanks tend to be highly effective.

    Meh on knowing people are seeing you… if anything WoT should just take
    Sixth Sense out of the game, since it’s practically a necessity and takes
    forever to get for normal people.

    The tank models look awesome. I’m surprised at how much the UI looks like
    WoT, but I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise as it’s no secret who Obsidian
    is competing with.

  255. Too shiny. 

  256. Seems like the comment section is filled with WoT players who stay still a

  257. at 6:40 the tank hit didnt lose all its hitpoints but only 400

  258. This is a WoT clone, with modern skin… So I playing Ground War: Tanks,
    which is a WoT clone too, but no arty!!!! That’s why much better than WoT
    or this shit… Try, if you like heavy tanks!:)

  259. nice use of ctr+c and ctr+v

  260. What the hell?! Artillery in real life absolutely wrecks anything and HITS
    at max 2 meters/6 feet from the GPS guidedtarget location -_- aaaaannnndd
    thats from the range of 40 kilometers and I saw that documentary 5 years
    ago on discovery, the episode had to have at least 1 year, so
    obsidian, please read a book or at least wikipedia…

  261. I’m glad so many people are complaining about how it looks similar to WoT;
    I don’t want you scrubs ruining AW too.

  262. Good things: 1) Considering that this is an apha test and the game is not
    even near how it is going to be it seems to be a very PC friendly game, and
    by that I mean that even PC that are not on drugs can run it. I just hope
    it stays that way and does not end end up like Warframe, I game I could run
    no problem in beta and now it is unplayable for me.
    And here is where the good stuff ends for me.
    1) I do hope they gonna change the HUD because atm its like a frikin wot
    2) The sound is just awful. Its boring, weak and uninpresive. 35% of a game
    is the sound. Even more when we are talking about fucking tank guns. You
    need to make those powerful and impresive or the game is going to feel lame.
    3) I don’t like the fact that it seems to be more arcade than WOT. Wot has
    the perfect ballance of realism and arcade to stay on planet Earth and
    still be fun.
    4) Arty and how inacurate is. Arty today can hit a target at 30km with a
    error of 4m. At this range it should be able not to just hit a tank, but
    frikin be able to aim at the nuts from its tracks.
    5) That fucking “Now you see the tank now you don’t” spoting system !!!!
    God Hell No!!!

  263. they must make different artillery aiming system not that arcadish wot more
    like coordinating system of some kind 

  264. when do you think this game will be released ?? 

  265. Alexander Bakker (Alex)

    I know this is alpha footage and all that. But it has to be somewhat
    representative of the final product.

    And to be honest here, first impressions it looks like a copy of WoT with
    modern tanks.

    The graphics are pretty mediocre. I know graphics isnt everything. But
    comon, this is a modern game about modern tanks. It looks like bland
    Same (bullshit) artillery. Sure they are slightly different. But at the end
    of the day, it works pretty much like WoT arty with a modern (unrealistic)
    And the fact that Armoured warfare is so arcade kinda ruins it for me too.
    I mean a T-90 that needs to stop and wait for a full 3 seconds to be able
    to hit anything..? These are modern tanks with stabelizers for crying out
    loud. They dont need to stop and aim.

    I wasnt expecting full on hardcore realistic tankwarfare. But I was
    expecting somewhat of a mix of warthunders damage models(NO HEALTHBARS)
    combined with slightly more arcade WoT gameplay. They model reactive
    armour. But leave out so much else thats on the modern battlefield.

    I was expecting something like Wargame series just in first person tank
    driving with WoT battle system(tiers and what not). But the game we got…
    I am honnestly not hyped about. Probably gonna stay away from it. A shame

  266. “World of Armored Warfare”

  267. Only for Alpha tester

  268. I think they need to approach artillery like you see in the movie Fury,
    like you can hear it coming, there should be a button down option to try
    and defend agaisnt it.
    Also the area should get a warning that there’s artillery is coming, like
    through radio chatter.

  269. If they scrapped arty, this WOULD be a WOT killer. 

  270. just to let you know Jingles the M1128 is a U.S Army Stryker not an USMC
    LAV. LAVs were never fitted with a 105mm gun only guided missiles 

  271. I have to say I’m impressed that WG hasn’t filed a complaint yet…

  272. why does this game look exactly like world of tanks? map position, chat
    position, tank status position, artillery aiming reticle, team numbers,
    team list layout, top scoreboard, enemy health bars, ammo and supplies.
    its the EXACT SAME THING.

  273. Well shit there are modern scumbags 

  274. ok i rarely dislike you vids but holy shyt stop your fucking bitching it
    doesn’t have this it doesn’t have that it doesn’t have this and it what
    they need to be testing SHUT UP my god i was on the bloody game and yes its
    extremely limited but hell ya didn’t point out many good things you kept on
    bitching and whining be grateful they even had a sever test and a limited
    beta next time point out the good shyt instead of trying to point all the
    faults they know they are there its still a work in progress but what do
    you care more than likely this is gonna have about a hundred idiots telling
    me to get a life or to fuck off but next time they do a closed beta test
    point out the good and bad but don’t bitch about it the whole time

  275. this game will win me over from wot

  276. World of Tanks riped off Armored Warfare!

  277. Wow, I didn’t realise this was just a re-skinned WoT. Surely this is
    bordering on plagiarism? Was looking forward to seeing a fresh take on this
    genre but I guess I won’t find it here!

  278. Looks like a WoT Mod skin, WoT lawyers get ready to rumble

  279. Why do all these game´s UIs look the same?!

  280. if i keep getting screwed by RNG and MM i would take the game in serious
    consideration,cause i think it looks and seams like a shit hot game,but do
    i want to leave a 3 year account and some good times and some very funny
    moments and noobs behind,I don’t know

  281. 12:00 Quicky Baby on the enemy team?

  282. this game with warthunder mechanics would of been better instead of HP,
    detection system and all that other dumb stuff

  283. Cant wait to finally play in a Abrams tank

  284. Wow that looks identical top to bottom to WoT. Interesting choice by

  285. ew they still make games like these?

  286. Anything got to be better than warblunder ground corpses. To many abusing
    low graphics advantage

  287. And someone still blind thinking this is not a copy of WoT.
    Hope WG file a lawsuit and force this game to shutdown soon. Let see how
    fair US justice system is.

    and no… Beta will not change anything. It still be a copy, shameful *****
    Alpha to Beta is a bug fix, not a game redesign.
    You can’t cite “Alpha” as a excuse for this disgrace.

  288. another shitty arcade game where you can see enemy tanks through a forest
    when it is lit up and where tanks have health bars… come on.. arty system
    is EXACTLY the same as in WoT now, the HUD is exactly the same… it is
    Alpha yes but you can clearly see the developer’s intention here… and
    that sucks

  289. Dear Armored Warfare team … are u trying to make the game more real ?
    then … you could make a thing with the mechanics … i think it will be
    awsome if you will develop tanks with less armor and more damage also
    damage to the crue this is even more real than world of tanks
    mechanics.Thank you.

  290. Mashinata Von Lemmingburg

    Lets just hope they will make it less WoT like.. 

  291. remove_arty_from_the_game

  292. ABSOLUTE COPY OF THE WORLD OF TANKS!!!! LOL developers other than wargaming
    don’t have brains anymore. This is World of Modern Tanks!

  293. Should have wrote them COME OUT TO PLAAAAY COME OUT TO PLAAAAY.

  294. Nathan Randall (RanKizama)

    Wow, this game looks terrible so far. Even more arcadey than WoT. Esh. Hope
    it’s get better through more testing.

  295. I originally thought this game would be good, but having seen how much it
    is like WoT, I’m not gonna try it. Unless they do some SERIOUS reworking,
    it’s just a modern WoT clone and I certainly won’t play it. Now is your
    time to act Obsidian.

  296. WoT will have to add more tiers maybe a MBTs

  297. that rng sure likes its goats.

  298. Looks like a boring WoT clone……lets hope WoWs closed/open beta will
    start soon :)

  299. Thanks for a look at the game Jingles. Will have to keep this on my to play
    list. I am so done with WoT

  300. health bars on tank’s games make jesus cry

  301. Long Range FPV Quadcopter .TBS Discovery

    HP bars i hate games like that.

  302. Long Range FPV Quadcopter .TBS Discovery

    WoT deleted it its absolute shit, Warthunder getting bored with it the
    gameplay in Warthunder is shit Armoured Warfare needs to stop trying to
    copy Warthunder and definately not copy world of tanks.

  303. during that Wiesel footage you had QuickyBaby playing arty in the other

  304. Long Range FPV Quadcopter .TBS Discovery

    I hoped for more from Armoured Warfare but im not impressed at all western

  305. Has nobody noticed the fact that you fired *through* the rocks @ 19:28? 

  306. I support the PvE idea and I hope for T72 being present in this game,
    especially in East German colors. ’nuff said.

  307. Владимир Константинов

    так незьзя целиться на арте. это просто кощунство

  308. can you automatically aim at the enemy?

  309. oh btw jingles i actually noticed at 8 minutes 10 seconds or so you fire 2
    artillery shots at that MBT and they didnt hit, thats mainly due to the
    fact the shots were taken before the aiming reticle had a chance to fully
    zoom in hence them not being as accurate as they would if you waited a
    little longer. besides that however you do make some valid points regarding
    the RnG here.

  310. Honestly why the fuck did they make this game if they were going to make
    the game exactly like WOT. I mean there is almost zero innovation at all
    and just because its an alpha is no excuse really. I do not see really
    anyone that plays WOT or WT to play this complete copy of something already

  311. good video, the artillery in this test looks like a copy and paste of WOT
    but i’m an arty & MBT player so i dont bitch or have a problem with arty in
    both games.

  312. Nobody knows ;-;
    But stay tuned!

  313. Арта. Арта никогда не меняется.

  314. Soo, what is the RNG variation in AW? + -25%? Did they pretty much clone
    WoT in that regard? 

  315. hmm i dislike the HP bar…but damn it looks fun.

    hmm all those warnings…maybe not that cool of a tank game…there should
    be a lil bit of skill needed.

  316. This is a WoT clone. It’s not obsidian’s fault, but the people financing
    the game, They’re one of those groups which makes exact clones of
    games to try cash in on the success. This is just another version of it.
    They already made a previous clone of WoT Called “Ground War: Tanks” which
    never took off. Google it.

  317. usualy arty shoot 155mm, right more powerful than an 120mm cannon that most
    modern tanks have. them is you hit that tank on the top where the armor is
    about 20-30mm i thing is normal that arty does more damage than a mbt. if a
    remember right the newest t90 has in excess of 1000mm of frontal armor. i’m
    not an ARTILERY player.

  318. Artillery shouldnt even exist, not in wot, not in this game or any other!
    It is a concept so ridiculously implemented it makes me wanna cry!!!

  319. Something that bugs me about this game is that the stats of alot of these
    modern vehicles are more or less made up by the devs since alot of
    information about them is classified. This goes double for their
    representations of the armour values, it just sort of ruins the immersion
    for me personally.

  320. “Greased monkey shit” I had to pause your video so I could laugh my ass
    off for a few seconds.

  321. The truth is that when you get a penetrating shot of any…. You are dead
    or out of action. There is nothing to it. Especially artillery. 

  322. 7:51 that IS fun, for me. It is also why i prefer War Thunder to World of
    Tanks, because of the unpredictable (and highly accurate) nature of the
    damage modelling. Sometimes you hit a sweetspot and get a perfect bounce
    inside the tank, sometimes you dont.
    Especially with something as long range as artillery, you cant expect to
    score perfect ammo rack hits every shot, even if your gameplay crosshair is
    aimed at it, theres always gonna be deviation from the trajectory, and
    varied angles depending on where it hits.

    In my opinion it makes for a far better game, than having simple “1 shot
    always does 500 damage” calculations.
    That is NOT fun for me. I enjoy the unpredictability of more realistic
    damage modelling.
    Doesnt matter how high caliber armor piercing rounds you shoot, if it
    happens to penetrate just next to the crew, ammo and engine, it wont do any
    damage other than punching a hole through the hull.

  323. Since modern artillery I believe has a long effective range, really the
    maps should be bigger so the closer the artillery’s effective range it’s
    operating at, it’s ballistic arc is obviously going to be higher, unless
    game balancing comes in preventing this. 

  324. and yeah, what people hate about Arty is it’s One hit kill power. If it
    doesnt do One hit kill damage it will be ok. Cuz really, in MMOs, whats
    more annoying then anything? Yeah, mobs that just one hit kill you over
    and over….

    One hit kills are fucking annoying and make thegame boring, both when you
    do them and when they happen to you.

  325. They should have just gone with the War Thunder approach to artillery. And
    with modern arty, it’d have far more interesting game mechanics than just
    being a sniper on the far side of the map. Think of what you could do with
    things like FASCAM and DPICM in a game like this.

  326. i dont get why people hate artilery in wot , they are inaccurate but hit
    good when they do , its part of the fear of the game

  327. when i can download the game?

  328. Paul .B (BoltAxion)

    So just WoT with modern tanks

  329. магомед ашурбеков

    говно игра

  330. Ну и говно))) клон WoT

  331. Im gonna be honest I don’t like it all right now, sound effects are shit,
    interface is copy and paste, this may because the complete lack of players
    but matchmaking is god awful and the graphics are cheesy af.

  332. World of Tanks 2. I hope it makes Wargaming feel a need to update their
    engine and game massively.

    Note: I am not saying this game is a cheap copy. I am saying it’s an
    EXPENSIVE copy that will replace the original if it reaches the potential
    shown very easily.

  333. 19:25 Did you just spot, aim and fire through a rock there?! o,o

  334. It just looks like world of tanks with new skins. I think obsidian was not
    so creative this time. I am avoiding this game.

  335. Tbh i was hoping for a more war thunder copy than wot copy…

  336. Jingles… that vladimir got hit for 430 not anywhere near all his
    health… (1459/1888 after hit) You actually hit the next tank for 2 more
    damage than that…
    On an unrelated note have you check your glasses prescription lately?

  337. how they didn`t fuckup by wargaming?

  338. What about tandem shaped charge against t90 ??

  339. More than being surprised by the similarities to arty in WoT, I am
    surprised that they including arty in AW

  340. you hate the arty doing damage? well this whole video was jingles bitching
    on how the arty should suck dick because its arty basically. arty should do
    loads of damage because they cant take any hits and rely on teammates
    spotting and doing their job. the fact that the game tells you when you are
    being targeted is enough to counter balance the high damage. dont like
    realistic arty? dont play the fucking game

  341. This isn’t what I wanted but oh well. What I wanted was a true tank sim
    similar to War Thunder but with no 3rd person and a similar UI to red
    orchestra where you need to talk to your crew and command them. 

  342. What is the tank at 0:06 ?

  343. Kırlangıç Akıl Tanrıçası

    I might switch from WoT to this… only because I’m hoping that the
    graphics compatibility on AW might be better than what WoT is now.

    There is no way I can get 15-30 on WoT’s enhanced graphics(medium), when
    Battlefield 3 runs a fine 30-60 fps.

  344. The_Wildfish_101 01

    for the arty, I think that arty should do slightly more damage than a main
    battle tank but I agree with jingles on the fact that armoured warfare on
    the artillery front is that the random crap you get with firing arty at
    tanks and the complete random nature of the shell

  345. +AFGuidesHD Minecraft?
    The concept remains the same, but the looks and possiblities and especially
    the available content has increased drastically over the years.

  346. this game looks like WoT smashed into Tank Domination smashed intió Tank

  347. This game is made by the original WOT Devs, why does it have the same RNG
    as WOT? lol…

  348. Christ… this is a pure Ripoff, everything basically looks the same :/ i
    was hoping different UI

  349. This looks like WoT, just much MUCH worse graphically. Poor texture
    quality, pop in, ugly explosions and firing effects.

  350. I can already see the next call of duty game:

    Call Of Duty: Armored Warfare 

  351. it’s just an arcade version of WOT.

  352. realy unbeatable


  353. Hey,
    are there more videos on this test coming?

  354. Its like you have no idea of ballistics. . . at all. Two shells will not
    land on the same spot given enough distance due to slight variations in
    position, power, barrel pressure, wind etc. The game WOULD be retarded if u
    always hit ur marker perfectly and regardless which side or part of enemy
    vehicle u strike you are guaranteed lets say 300dmg. That would be Quake 1
    level of damage sophistication.

    Secondly, more and more WoT and WoWP people leave for warthunder due to
    better design, more features, more sophisticated component damage, less
    paid elements (free aircraft trails, free local skins, free stickers) less
    annoying vehicle unlocking, better gfx, terrain deformation, steam
    integration, . . .and most importantly multiple vehicles per match so its
    not just “10 minute queue, then 1hit death, then 10 minute queue to next
    Armored warfare instead have this retarded idea of “health points”, if u
    shoot a tank in the wheel long enough his hit points will eventually go to
    0 and it will explode. . .regardless of actual damage, which can not
    physically happen in warthunder. 

  355. jingles will this game be able to be played with controler???

  356. They copied everything from WOT . They should come up with their own

  357. Александр Тёмный


  358. How can a Wiesel attack a MBT?

  359. Empereur De RedShire

    world of tank ctrl C –> ctrl V

  360. Anybody got any AFW footage?

  361. ses world of tank mais avec des tank guerre froide Vietnam et Afghanistan !

  362. So did anyone else notice Oxide in the Wiesel gameplay?

  363. 13K games on WoT… But I like the way this is going… Judgement Reserved,
    at this time… Let’s see… Hmmm ?? How’s their Match Making going to
    work??? For one .. I’m fed up with being the top of a Defeated Team … any

  364. плагиат

  365. Fractal Shard (and Gamefreakcc)

    well jingles you must understand that in the arty shot impact point matters
    as well, and the fact that a blast could do so much damage, is because
    shrapnel would actually hit the underside of the tank itself, or the
    shrapnel would hit a shell trap spot on the tank (such as the bottom of a
    t-90’s turret) and pen through the top of the armor

  366. The Target must be hit if is is inside the blue reticle circle. Cause these
    are not just small missiles that comes from a regular thank these are like
    mortars bombs. If it dont hit then i becomes just like World Of Tanks (If
    you like it or not) and with the same problems again and again. This game
    will certainly not go in a good direction if it follows the same mistakes
    (BS) as World of Tanks. When is Armored Warfare coming out? I got my
    commander allready and i am still waiting to go to Battle ? I want and i
    think many wants to know of a specific date?

  367. It’s just like world of tanks with modern tanks :D

  368. I have to dis agree with the trolls…..ill delete WoT the second i have
    this game downloaded. WoT have become a game based on getting every penny
    you own and not the game experience.Looking forward to a fresh game that
    has not been patched and nerfed to death

  369. Lol so basically wot with different tanks. Shame.

  370. Just purchased the Founder’s park in order to get early access to the
    game. I must say, I was expecting the graphics to be a lot better. I have
    everything running on Ultra, but the graphics look like they’re from 2010.
    Was hoping for more Warthunder tanks level of detail. On the plus side,
    the maps are great. Just not digging the graphics or the arcadey HUD on
    this game.

  371. +Captain Hero From what i heard, its going to use prototype versions of
    tanks as well, so if the Armata is added with its as of unknown armor, they
    will simply put the 140MM gun armed Abrams and Leopard to counter it,.

  372. +Captain Hero The gun the Armata has is the same old gun the T72 was built
    with so many ages ago, i am only saying that the 140MM gun armed Nato tanks
    will come into play if they don’t balance the Armata’s armor right.

  373. Ten který se vždy rád podívá na dobrého youtubera

    It is WoT with modern tanks?

  374. Event no hem first stay you had push v, I don’t know where you got that
    it’s automatic.

  375. My only reason to play this is the leopard 2 … such a beautyfull tank.

  376. Robert Mroziewicz

    all this haters.If u dont like the game dont play it.I been playing WoT for
    over 3 years now got most tierX tanks and the game play is still same so
    this game will be a nice thing to get a rest from WoT when u get a bad run
    thanks to RNG or noob teams with players that have over 40k games but WN8
    of 400.

  377. Yes! Ive always wanted a WoT style modern game. Ive also always wanted LAVs
    in the game but there isnt. Cant wait for full release. 

  378. Jean-Christophe Beauvais

    I have been playing the AW beta version for 3 days and I am really
    It’s more demanding than WoT in term of performance (not that much, to be
    honest, if you take into account the last WoT updates), and the game brings
    nothing new under the sun.
    WoT is a keeper, AW is not, without a doubt…

  379. Indeed, this game looks interesting..!

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