ARMORED Warfare – M1 Abrams 3rd Gen MBT (Armored Warfare PS4 Release)

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Armored Warfare on PS4 – Check the game out for free –

About Armored Warfare- Use steel giants to wipe the enemy from the face of the earth! Operate the most powerful tools of destruction invented by mankind: heavily armed tanks and artillery.In Armored Warfare you will be able to drive and do battle in the mightiest armored vehicles from dozens of countries around the world.


  1. Much love for the support on these videos fellas. Even though this is sponsored ya’ll are here to support ya boi <3

  2. MindlessLittleGalaxies

    Why does PS4 get the better garage

  3. I am not a wt fanboy but this looks so plastic bombastic to me:)

  4. sadly its only windows and ps4
    not mac

  5. More Armored Warfare please!!

  6. It has a 105mm cannon, they later were updated to a 120mm cannon with the M1a1.

  7. Why not play it on PC instead of PS4?

  8. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Phly. Pro tip. Midday 2-5. On european server (est) pvp is very full

  9. But the game is dead tho

  10. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    With the abrams you want to hide behind something to protect your lower glacis. Or angle it. It’s your weakest part. But the m1a1. Has no such issue

  11. Post a shooting range video of you IRL

  12. At least someone is getting something from Armored Wasteland. I just hope you don’t get sold up the river like the whole NA PC community: streamers community managers and players alike.

  13. This games looks really fun. I would play it if it doesn’t use rhe hit point system

  14. Nice ghem

  15. Hey look the vehicle I drive except it’s the M1a2 lol

  16. Game is junk, error after error that causes me being booted from a match then having to completely restart the game, then if not error then it’s “you have been disconnected from server for sending too many messages in a short period” I DON’T SEND MESSAGES! ! C’mon armored warfare get it figured out or you’re going to lose a lot of people, because it’s not just me having these issues !

  17. Its that dead game again

  18. I tought this game is dead

  19. Tanks with health bars is so 1996… didn’t they learn anyhing from War Thunder?

  20. Wow, it looks so much worse compared to PC.

  21. Ah talking about my baby right there.

    I was on A1s but anywho! Things to remember. Both the armor and gun are very much american and manufactured here.

    Our version of the L44 is known as the m256a1. It differs in that the recoil system is spring instead of.hydraulic. It also has a different MRS mounting. With a higher EFC count, eaiser maintenance hours and different overall mounting you can’t swap this gun between the Leo and M1.

    As for the armor that’s an interesting story I could easily fill this block with, I’ll keep it brief though. The British shared documentation with us and we took the knowledge and made the armor our own way. Chobham is a generic term for the style of armor. The name of the actual armor itself for both the Abrams and Challenger has never released. The only thing we can go off of is that the M1s armor development was named project Starflower and the challengers was Burlington.

    Oh and it wasn’t until the HA and HC when we started incorporating DU plates.

  22. YouTube is being A-holes to content providers so Phly has to turn in to SponsorDaily to make a living.

  23. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    This WoT clone is still alive?

  24. There’s a so called cockpit view in the game now. Can you please show me that Phlydaily?

  25. In case anyone was wondering, being *that* guy. The Russian bomber was a Backfire from the profile, smaller than the Blackjack (White swan).

  26. This game is free and it’s sick

  27. more ps4 vids on this game!! i love it

  28. 120mm i think are for M1A1 or M1a2

  29. I was looking this game up before downloading it and I’m glad I did because it’s another damn world of tanks rip off

  30. m1 Abrams tanks appeared in War Thunder !!!

  31. Acceptable arrangement suspicion ghost outside civic compare mud vessel statement.

  32. My tank I love

  33. I’m really late, anyway pls
    Do the M6A1 with only 37mm

  34. is this wot

  35. Why does the hangar look so ugly on PS4, also that model of Abrams utilizes standard RHA and a 105mm M68 cannon. Armored Warfare will tell you all of these things in the vehicle info or ugrade menus.

  36. Ewww why are you playing this game

  37. if you have steam, you can get it there

  38. Is there any reason why anyone would play this over war thunder?

  39. the maps in this game are so much better then WT

  40. Is this a pay to win game ?! HELP

  41. {the ps4 version has shity graphics}

  42. calm down, The Gun is made in Germany and the whole concept was made in Germany, dont forget Kampfpanzer 70

  43. This game has almost no high tier players. Your only get is to play 1 through 4 for while..

  44. So this is basically world of tanks copyca.

  45. really? this game?

  46. Leopard 2 is better tho.

  47. this game has worse graphics than world of tanks lmfao…

  48. tbh looks better than the mess of this game in pc

  49. that feel when u see old abrams review and right next to it is T-14 Armata meh

  50. Nice skin pack for WOT

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